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  1. Why are y'all acting like short blonde hair was invented by Miley cyrus... people have been doing it for decades, and seeings as this is a dance record short hair is great because a lot of dance musicians like Robyn have pixie cuts. It's kinda fitting.
  2. Honestly y'all fail to realize that a song garnering popularity at first is a bad thing because it means it's moving strictly on fans. Songs take a bit to get the general public on board and Katy is rising slowly. Katy has a radio deal, a Grammy performance, and streams + iTunes on her side. She'll chart well don't be delusional.
  3. I was confirming bc u seemed rly unsure about it lmao sorry!! It sounded like u were like "maybe but idk!!!" so yeah agreeing basically
  4. @QUINN i'm 2 lazy 2 quote all of ur posts but the songs should be out somewhere between 8 - 9 ur time.. Katy has never released a song during the middle of the day. Technically speaking Rise was released on the 15th but because iTunes updates an hour early 2 Eastern time it came out @ 11 on the 14th. The only exception to this is when iTunes decided 2 break and Katy made ppl wait like 4 - 5 hours later than it was supposed to be for Dark Horse asdkgmasdgdsg
  5. What do y'all expect!!!!! The 80s inspired minimalistic photo shoots are literally the biggest aesthetic right now. This is AUTHENTICALLY Katy. She's always loved quirky things she's not just doing it for the hell of it... She's obviously done darker aesthetics... what do y'all expect??? She's literally done goth looks and your still coming for her image. She's not going to come out with an era looking like this I am sorry also not sure if the Grammys comment was serious but yikes!!! If y'all want a dark era so badly go listen to Katy's pre-OOTB stuf
  6. Why does she look like she just got done going to goodwill with Macklemore The hair is cute tho!!
  7. Y'all need to stop basing your opinions on a song by literally a 30 second LQ snippet. It's her LEAD single her lead is ALWAYS the poppiest... Look @ IKAG, Cali Girls, and ROAR... ROAR doesn't even sound like it belongs on PRISM TBH we have no clue what this album is like but she needs to come back with a pop song that will catch the general masses attention. If y'all wanted more experimental music you should have supported Rise more and got it to radio. She knows what she's doing though, and the lyricism for this song you can already tell has social commentary into it. It's not j
  8. idk why you're so set on a dark album... this most likely will be a serious song... this song is a lot darker than you think it is... It's literally mocking the culture of liking songs just because they're bops + using distractions in the world to obstruct from the world. The song literally parodies itself it's meant to be ironic... she can't come back with mid tempo ballad like Rise it'd flop....
  9. Probably way off but it's probably dance.... she posted this track from him Friday Very plausible for her tbh and with a song that's "Chained To The Rhythm" it's probably very upbeat and dancey but watch me be wrong
  10. ripppp @QUINN is right it wasn't Johnny's but I can't find the picture anymore... someone posted it on twitter but it's long gone now for me to remember who it was...
  11. I am DELETING that is strikingly similar to One Directions font it's ugly and i want it DELETED or I am UNSTANNING
  12. Not sure if anyone cares but this photoshoot is what she was shooting in mid january like 2 or 3 weeks ago. Johnny Wujek posted a picture of this jacket along with other pastel clothing on Instagram
  13. Idk if this is real????? @QUINN told me someone said it was clown themed and I believe her no but really I feel like this is about an aesthetic not a sound unless it's electronic disco, in that case I would HOPE it sounds like this or a daft punk track
  14. Honestly I find it kinda unbelievable that she would have multiple sets of boots in general... when you have 12 minutes to perform a show on stage you don't have time to sit down and casually change your boots lmao Not that these boots don't have a possibility of being those boots, but I find it weird that she's wearing these particular boots with multiple outfits unless she's changing she's not changing which is even more unlikely.
  15. I could be wrong but I'd say Quarter 2 release of a single would be the least likely. That'd put the album in quarter 3 and quarter 3 is typically a time reserved for smaller artists as it's the dead center of summer and typically Katy would want a single out before summer so she has a chance for song of the summer. (unless she releases a single late Q2 and album late Q3 but I still find it kinda unlikely.)
  16. Honestly if she's doing this I expect her to perform at the Grammys. I really just don't see her debuting the song live @ an awards show that's highly disregarded by the general public of America. If she does the Grammys, Brits, and IHeart she hits multiple audiences and demographics. That's the safest bet if this is true tbh
  17. She has 2 master all 4 elements and defeat the fire nation b4 releasing and honestly who knows if she can do that b4 the grammys
  18. stop lying we both know it's a vagina!!! satanist Perry has struck again we have been over this
  19. I'm not 100% solid with my answer on this because I really want to believe she'll drop the single before Grammys and had the suspicion myself but I'm not getting my hopes up. If it does indeed drop the latest it would drop is the 10th with an announcement within the next week or so, (but honestly I feel like Gaga fans will come for her for trying to upstage gaga's superbowl if she announces next week.) My guess is if she doesn't make the Grammys and she plans on a release this spring IHeart Awards are next. March 5th. Obviously that's the award show people don't care about as much
  20. Lowkey mad that Betty isn't in it when she could use the promo with her upcoming album but o well it's still really well shot and overall a solid video
  21. Honestly not 2 ruin ur mood bc I'm rly happy 4 u and I'm sure they're both ready to serve but don't get your hopes up too high because if the music is terrible you're not going to be let down by one of your favorite artists but two Honestly I'm kinda going into KP4 with optimism and trying to still stay a little negative about it because it's getting way too overhyped and at this rate I'm going to hate it when I hear it if I believe what ppl say and it's not one of the best albums ever
  22. Tbh I've been thinking this for months. If she worked with him once it'd be a a couple sessions and done type of thing. But it's been shown hes been in the studio with her A LOT. And it's odd that she really hasn't shown anyone else that she's working with besides one max Martin tweet. So I have a fealing jack has a large hand in making this record and that's also why they're so friendly with each other lately.
  23. They won't load all I see is a box that gets bigger and smaller reputatively and I want 2 scream I can't help u but Id trust @QUINN on this one if they really are that generic This Is Quite Good In Terms of tone and pitch! Although just some friendly advice, i would work on your pronunciation especially with the beginning of words and vowels. Other than that it was nice!
  24. If it's the photo I think you're talking about its a traditional performing arts show called Shen Yun. I've never seen it but I've seen pamphlets for it a lot lately and it came to mind lmao. Thanks I meant to answer that and forgot so u reminded me
  25. If she knows the concept to the first single and or has it done the album is near finished if not already. She's probably taking one last vacation before having to do promo. My problem with this is the fact that I low key think she's hinting at an exercise themed video with the hamster and if she is I'm going to be annoyed bc I can think of 4 Vids like that from the last year off the top of my head