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  1. it would but i doubt that's gonna happen,
  2. in 10 days i was bussy with A REAL LIFE outside of this forum, some of us does have a life lol, and why would i bother with a stan of Siri lmfao, ill just keep enjoying watching Mandy's projects on tv and films while u will keep pretending Britney really sings her songs, when we all know that Myah or whatever her name is, is the one singing her songs while Brit pretends to dance while lipsynch another's songs lmfao
  3. this one can be ur first one tho
  4. hahahahahahaha if that makes u feel better and sleep at nite
  5. @H.O.N.E.Y @Aleco @GlenCoco @Lucas Abate @Music Meister @Dennis Reynolds @Liz Lemon @FrederickPayne new film in August, i hope yall watch it in the theater, dont le it flop
  6. I really need Gaga to deliver next album cuz rn im on the edge of becoming a hater jj4

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    2. frankgutz

      wasnt she not long ago was eating with that country producer? alvnalsnvls   and DJWS unfollowed her ass?, this doesnt seem right, goodbye Gagz, i hope u stay irrelevant for good so u can rethink ur career

    3. SWINΞ

      DJWS unfollowed everyone jj4

    4. frankgutz

      King of unfollows DJWS yas2

  7. who cares about sales tho? go check my last.fm and see if i give a shit about sales Wild Hope and Amanda Leigh gave her some credibility that Britney ever have lmao, sis i was i stan of her and Britney was always a joke lmfao, even the VMAS used to use her for ratings but snubbe her everytime lmao still a Golden Globe nominee, poor Britney welp, this lol, itll be 2060 and they will keep bragging about the same since they're fave cant achieve nothing anymore and doesnt have the talent to bring something to the table welp, i didnt know
  8. as vs v.s hahahahahaha bitch
  9. welp, april fools
  10. i like her voice, and some of her songs are bops, Run away with me >>> careers
  11. so i had it correct at first, interesting
  12. wig, the only receipts that has been used since 2001, too bad we are already in 2018 lmfao
  13. lol, why would you hit a nerve when the rest of her peers are living FULLY HEALTHY lives, while ur fave has to be medicated 24/7 looking like an outsider mummy lmfao Mandy Moore has been already nominated for a GOLDEN GLOBE something Brit will never have or accomplish in her life lmfao, had a hit summer movie last year with 47 mts down, its in one of the most succesful shows in US rn with THIS IS US and her last 3 folk albums were receive better by critics than your faves attemps of lypsync over Myah's voice AND ONLY METHNEY FANS CALL HER PEERS "BRITNEY CLONES" yall delusional af This is from her 2001 second album Mandy Moore (not counting IWBWY cuz its basically a re-release of her debut album): AllMusic was very positive in its review, stating, "Mandy Moore manages to pack more hooks, melody, beats, clever production flourishes, and fun into its 13 tracks than nearly all of its peers – remarkably, it's a stronger album, through and through, than either of Britney's first two albums or Christina's record...immaculately crafted, precisely polished, & exactly what a teen pop album should be."[17] Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B−, saying that Moore "tries out new sounds -- Eastern rhythms, jangly percussives -- that help separate her from the pack. Best of all, she spares us 'Look at Me!' vocal gyrations in favor of a breathy Natalie Imbruglia vibe. Slant Magazine noted that "Mandy Moore is a refreshingly modest pop/rock excursion that gives Moore the opportunity to differentiate herself from the competition and further solidifies a promising musical future." It was given an honorable mention in the magazine's top music picks of 2001. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandy_Moore_(album)#Critical_reception From her 2006 album Wild Hope: To date, critics have been generally positive on the album. Jane Magazine said that "Moore has turned into a sophisticated songwriter whose new sound fits cozily alongside that of Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple and Sarah McLachlan rather than all the pop tarts she used to be compared to." Billboard stated that "Wild Hope is the gratifying sound of a singer finally finding her comfort zone. Gone is the sugary pop of Moore's early career, replaced instead by thoughtful musings on love and life...an album full of subtle, but undeniable hooks."[3]
  14. sis wyd, i edited the post ages ago lmao
  15. LMFAO, i know right? kiiiii it does