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  1. omg, justice 4 SDL
  2. For me its: 1) Introducing Joss Stone 2) Mind Body & Soul 3) Soul Sessions Pt 1 4) Colour me Free / LP1 5) Water For Your Soul 6) Soul Sessions Pt. 2 tho i need to give it more listens to WFYS, when it came out i was listening other shit and never gave it the time it deserved tbh
  3. hahahaha i think is because i overplayed that song, gimme time and ill love it again
  4. the video is cute, i just dont like the song mess
  5. yas, i love all of them, omg the slayage, wheres Super Duper Love tho?
  6. shhh, my bae can call it band if he wants
  7. Brendon Urie says new Panic! At The Disco album is recorded Panic! At The Disco CEO Brendon Urie says the band's sixth album is almost finished. On friday night, Urie went live on Instagram, and when asked about the new album by a fan, he said it was recorded and in the mixing stages. When a fan asked to hear something from the upcoming album, Urie began to explain that as much as he would love to do that it might get him into a little trouble with the powers that be. Then, being the rebel that he is, Urie decided that letting fans hear one note couldn't hurt. Right? He proceeded to play about two seconds of a new song featuring him hitting a high A to B. @Chris Morlock @Hector
  8. omg, that one and Revolution i always lowkey hated them
  9. well, at least there's more hope on her going to USA than Mexico alnsvldanlvnalvn my poor flop country
  10. hello bby. how tf do we post statuses on this bitch? <3 

    1. frankgutz

      hi sis, its in the lil box from the main page

    2. JupiterRising

      that shit is not showing up. mf. >:[

  11. OMFG!! This is like the fucking best new ever, omg, omg, omg, omg, its literally in my TOP3 with MUW and TMH
  12. OMFG!! Ur sig with kween Joss iconic, i loved it
  13. wig, agree with 1 and 3, i know Madge has 2 fucking Masterpieces, ROL & M and Bey is super talented but some of them fans are messy af and makes me dont wanna know anything about them
  14. now that my vacations are over and im no longer on my parents home, im again at my house with my fucking shitty internet rip1 smh

  15. omg yes, i love it