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  1. Mandy Moore

    HAHAHAHA that was soooo cute, i love ha so much ugh, i loved IT
  2. Rumor LG6 confirmed for 2018 release

    its not fake news sis, he works with Gagz, and she already posted on IG pics of her working with DJWS vnalsnvlandlan 2018 its gonna be exciting
  3. Other Gaga confirms there was never "any plans" for a The Cure music video

    Cant believe UK were stanning her so hard, it honestly deserved better
  4. Rumor LG6 confirmed for 2018 release

    AP sis but yas, im fucking ready, cant believe well have 2 records, LG6 & ASIB soundtrack, alvnñvslslñ
  5. Rumor LG6 confirmed for 2018 release

    Everyone is hyping so much LG6 OMG, it feels like ARTPOP once again, i havent been this hyped since then, Joanne who
  6. Rumor LG6 confirmed for 2018 release

    Thank you @ladygaga for literally being the strongest force of a human I've ever worked with. More than a singer, more than an artist- you're a movement. And we're working on so much amazing new music! Next year will crush this year without a doubt. #2018RadioIsOurs
  7. MOOD:


    hahahahaha i love Pink so much rn, such a shady bitch lmao

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    2. frankgutz

      same, i just watched the perfomrmance of Gaga in Youtube and search for that one after i saw the gif lmao, all the streaming links werent working, i only could watch Hunty Mendes in one link, after that none worked for me mess

    3. KingOfTheClouds

      that curl in his hair made me want to DIC bey5

    4. Urbi

      Pink was applauding her don't reach for the stars um2

  8. Other Gaga confirms there was never "any plans" for a The Cure music video

    and i think it must be hard singin the song knowin Sonja isnt there anymore tbh
  9. Other Gaga confirms there was never "any plans" for a The Cure music video

    lol i thught it was lowkey obvious since she never said anything and yes, it deserved the video The fact those lyrics were writter for her already dead friend Sonja gets me emotional tbh, the lyric is really beautiful tbh, the line Ill fix u with my love, ugh, breaks my heart tbh
  10. Performance Lady Gaga | The Cure @ AMAS 2017

    btw, all the "news" came from twitter accounts, we all know should know by now what happens when we believe rumors coming from insiders of Twitter lol, specially when its about Gaga and monsters spread this rumors lol
  11. Performance Lady Gaga | The Cure @ AMAS 2017

    Keep promoting the tour, her brand + Spotify/streaming Theres no point of releasing something new rn since the xmas freeze is coming, so radios wont be playing non xmas songs, it would tank and wouldnt be a smart idea, this way she keeps the hype on her for LG6 and ASIB soundtrack, so yeah im ok with that, its not like shes nowhere of the public eye Aaaaaaand the song is really beautiful, im glad she did it
  12. Achievement Gaga wins "Favorite Female - Pop/Rock" at the AMA's

    omg, our kween, she deserve it tbh
  13. lmao, GGD its been crashing a lot today

    1. ajp



    2. frankgutz

      welp, i forgot everyone here hated that site uups hahaha