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  1. girl i-        


    who is that on ur dp?imready1

    1. frankgutz

      welp, sorry haven been here since ages BUT, he's some guy from IG, just search him as:   dsanta1988

  2. I just noticed something happening with pop acts that gets good metacritic scores, it seems like suddenly Ari and critics love Sweetener just because it jumped on the urban trend, and that made it to have a higher score on MT for the sole reason it had an urban sound and not pop, just like it happened with ANTI, ST AND LEMONADE, all of them getting a high score just because it had an urban sound and not pop regardless of the quality of the songs, critics are so transparent rn Tbh I bet if Demi or Halsey release a full record of them farts with urban instrumentals it would get a 90+ score and stans would be sucking/loving the album. Because i have read that suddenly, Beyonce, Rihanna and Ari became some how "alt" girls and/or "less basic" when them albums have literally the same basic urban sound that's been trending in the last years + were made by camps/urban producers and have 0 input by them, and yet, even all of that, it seems like those 3 are the critics darlings everyone should aspire to be mumble rap and hip hop are killing the pop stars tbh And to think really good albums like Stripped or BTW have lower scores than those shitty trendy records, i...
  3. frankgutz


    omg hi
  4. Adore Delano is a Nicki Minaj stan and endorse that shit so.... he can chocke
  5. lmfao, Nicki really losted it, im crying


  6. frankgutz

    Trash!! Velvet + All for You were her peak
  7. frankgutz

    General News

    Im so fucking hype about this, im such a big DC stan, im already watching Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, Legends & Gotham welp, so.... now that Gotham will be done with season 5, im ready for Teen Titans and Watchmen, yas
  8. lmfao, Sweetener is SOOO BAD ny6 

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Her stans deserve it tbh rih3


      But ngl some of the 'experimental' songs ppl hate in the beginning portion of the album will probably become favs of mine and I'm not here for the other basic but decent tracks she made. rav2

    2. frankgutz

       i wont touch that shit ever again ngl  gaga11

    3. Dancing Queen

      Sis, NTLTK still slays gaga11 

  9. frankgutz


    Want You Back, Love You For Always, Love Shot, I Like It & Everythin My Heart Desires are bops tbh, fave bops
  10. frankgutz


    indie tbh, she working with Mike Viola from AL and the snippet sounds like that + rn that seals are in the pits i doubt she has the time to go full promo with a major laber, so i bet is gonna be from a small label or she will use pledge like Sophie Bextor and other artists lol Still a bop tbh i still bop to it sometimes she better be
  11. frankgutz


    F ashion! R etro, Dance, Freank A ura N exxx Dreams K ancing in the Dark G U.Y. U enus T he Edge of Glory Z wine already iconic!! BOPS!!
  12. frankgutz


    lol i know, she deserve better tbh
  13. frankgutz


    we are NOT ready Dont jinx it sis