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  1. here

    Where are you sis oprah4 

  2. Sales estimation (iTunes US) by Kworb for this year so far, from 2017/01/01 to 2017/03/02 Pure sales Lady Gaga - Million Reasons 400,000 (total: 710,000) Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion 30,000 (total: 250,000)
  3. Discussion

    shut up sis, its not like we can choose HG or DH or SP You got: “A-YO” You like to have fun, you don’t care what people say about you, and you’re the life of the party!
  4. POP 24 22 LADY GAGA Million Reasons 3953 3096 857 22.899 +137 Spins +24 Bullet +1.488 Audience HAC 17 16 LADY GAGA Million Reasons 2462 2084 378 15.995 +44 Spins +12 Bullet +0.462 Audience POP 14 13 KATY PERRY Chained To The Rhyth... 8281 7439 842 51.909 +150 Spins +40 Bullet +0.410 Audience HAC 10 10 KATY PERRY Chained To The Rhyth... 3702 3238 464 22.421 -9 Spins -81 Bullet -0.015 Audience
  5. awwww u know i love you sis, it was really funny while it lasted tbh and thx to the game i made good friends like @SANDCASTLES @QUINN & you, so it was a good game sis, bringing ppls together
  6. MumRah
  7. i will sistren
  8. kiiiiiiiiiiii ñnvlanv lanlav fossils are pressed
  9. me playing BIRDS by IZII ft The Powder Room giphy.gif

  10. Game

    oh well, then i would change LoveGame as single with Summerboy or Again Again and BoysBoysBoys would never make it to the tracklist,
  11. Game

    pibianevlknvalnvlaaopnvaoghao wut? didnt read that part sorry #ARTPOPStanForever #JusticeForSlayPop
  12. HEY GIRL needs to happen as 3rd single clap1  bye

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. frankgutz

      Watch Gaga choose A-No as single dead2   i hope it grows on me like MR & Sinner's Prayer did

    3. SWINΞ

      That's when you move onto Diamond Heart not this disappointing collab giveup1

    4. frankgutz

      I love DH, so im ok with that after HG demi1

  13. Game

    OMG, i would fix so much the ARTPOP era i would never have that R.Kelly ft in the first time, since the damage was done, i would released a cute homemade video for it with X, then i would push for Gypsy as 3rd single to fix the mess, then i would keep pushing the era with X Dreams, i would make ha to perfomr DWUW instead of DOPE at the youtube awards and make Fashion! or other cute track as 5th single
  14. Game

    bitch, why did u snubbed me u in danger