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  1. Pearl


    She really thought it was okay to just come and snatch the few hairs that have grown back like that after Gaga left me bleeding with The Cure It's so euphoric and amazing, wooo
  2. Pearl here

    Allie X took my money and did that. Wig status: Lost, nowhere to be found. oprah4

  3. Pearl


    THEY BROKE UP WHAT he was such a daddy ____ Just ordered Rhythm of Love (Scandinavia ) and Let's Get To It (Europe) on discogs, ROL is said to be in "Mint" condition and I couldn't believe my eyes I had to ask the seller about it to make sure
  4. Pearl


    I hope someone uploads it somewhere soon cuz I wanna watch it
  5. Pearl


    Truly a disaster. Almost all the songs are top 50 Parlophone era material.
  6. Pearl


    what the...it's among her best? Everyone can hear that it's a career highlight ...
  7. Pearl


    Oh my, poor soul
  8. Pearl


    when will the pop girls Yes bookmark it! These stans trying to come for KMO but stanning Light Years, no thanks That would also make a good gif, but isn't it universally known that Body Bible is better than Shite Years anyways?
  9. Pearl


    i have no life so i made this + happy birthday to the goddess of pop! I've been a fan since Timebomb which means it's 4 years since my journey began
  10. Pearl here

    I saw Adam Lambert live last night and good lord I was scalped yas2 the vocals...when will any pop girl tbh

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    2. Pearl

      His albums are amazing and he's so talented, he deserves more success tbh oprah1  he seems to have a really strong fanbase at least!

    3. ChooseyLover

      That's true. When I started to listen to his music I discovered he has a very loyal fanbase cry6

    4. Pearl

      I haven't talked with too many "glamberts" but like the crowd at his show was so diverse and it was pretty packed tho he barely had a hit with Ghost Town here so they're definitely very supportive! antm1

  11. Pearl here

    I feel the power of the ocean, connecting with the deepest part of me, sirenix underwater motion, suddenly im soaring through the sea yas2yas2 ive barely been on here lately oops

  12. Pearl

    She's trying to make some sort of European accent right
  13. Pearl here

    but waiTT @ Work From Home iggy1

  14. Pearl


    The vocoder makes it more interesting to me. Listen to this though
  15. Pearl


    I think they might do Impossible Princess too, the demand for it is huge! BUT it's 20 years anniversary for it next year, so maybe they plan to release it then? Kiss Me Once is one of my favourite Kylie albums. It's much more cohesive than X and Aphrodite #tea but sis Beautiful >> I Was Gonna Cancel My Career Kylie deserves my coins