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  1. does she have a profile pic with me? wow didn't know didnt realise I just exposed her to the whole fotp community the internet is scary
  2. I'm trying to be on my best behaviour okay one of my kind got knocked out and dragged off the plane when he tried it
  3. shit I just boarded couldn't download them I'll listen afterwards! to everybody else, your boy is on flight and I already hate the person next to me! I'll listen to all the songs and I'll make a ranking or give reviews or something idk, stay tuned! and I see somebody have saved the playlist to their own as well, by all means!
  4. I don't think I got any edit: mess I do now
  5. let's see them hopefully they're not all azealia banks PURE talent!
  6. did you forget to open your eyes again?
  7. sure! why not I trust your tastes papi done and done!
  8. hi beloved cal players I want new music to listen to so do put some of your fave songs / albums down on this thread to recommend for lil bored me here thank u
  9. cba to quote everybody but I've added everything that I upvoted (at least the ones that popped up on Spotify @H.O.N.E.Y!) keep them coming though
  10. @Hannah tells you to submit your fave rates nominations