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  1. Discussion How is Reputation aging for you?

    like a nice bottle of merlot, I even warmed up to dress and so it goes
  2. 2017 FOTP Faves Album Megarate

    did I participate last year at last? I half-promise I will this year
  3. Charts OSC: #1 Havana, #2 Anywhere, #17 Wolves, #25 New Rules

    legends always win
  4. Achievement HDD: reputation Debuts With 1.29M

    she deserves it!
  5. Best selling female albums of 2017

    who mentioned her? I just thought the receipts might need to be updated every couple of days, that'll be hard work for you
  6. Best selling female albums of 2017

    this would need to be updated around a couple days later wouldn't it
  7. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    please don't ever become a stranger whose laugh I can recognise anywhere
  8. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    shouldn't this be the opposite, I LOVE the chorus
  9. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    should be a 20/10 :/
  10. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    thank you. most overrated song of reputation yes?
  11. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    I agree divide is not pretty but do not slander his other works! lbr the only reason you dislike end game is because she collabed with two males you don't particularly like but it's a good song

    you bitch
  13. The difference between Godele and Hitlor...

    I was summoned what's up
  14. Single Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran & Future | End Game | 17th November 2017

    @Chris Morlock found dead
  15. Rumor Reputation: Platinum Edition might be released

    why so quickly? what is that site anyway it looks like a knockoff Instagram EDIT: oh lmao it's her app