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  1. Rumor

    god the 1975's music for cars is gonna wreck me, chances are the 1st june date is either a single or sth matt healy randomly tweeted out though
  2. @Lucky17 george you fucking legend. I hope you're a hypocrite just like everyone else that typed up sobfests and quitted then came back after two weeks max! but if not good luck with everything in the future, and most importantly never lose the energy and sense of humour that you possess and show through your work, your lyrics, your posts and your jokes in chatrooms.
  3. but kbfb is only on 37 million plays? congrats on her second best nonsingle nonetheless!
  4. https://twitter.com/CAL_TroyeSivan/status/965734987449491459 is this embedding? i hate my life
  5. so do we legend and queen of earth and the universe in existence, so do we
  6. Discussion

    you sure it’s not cus of paul walker?
  7. thankyou<3
  8. @Ronlop troye's twitter followers, is it a typo on the net worth leaderboard or did I actually go from 22 million to 500,000 from inactivity?
  9. are you ever gonna listen to that fetty wap album though?
  10. dad discovered this song called never be the same today, says the girl singer sounds like a bee 🤔

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    2. Anna-wa


    3. Chapman.

      i thought that was a typo until i spotted that you’ve done something that can never be undone

    4. Anna-wa

      Buzz buzz yes 

  11. Game

    Taylor Swift - 25 Fearless - 90 Speak Now - 130 Red - 145 1989 - 120 Reputation - 90
  12. i love the bare piano production it's so intimate and relatable and beautiful. anyway sotc is not worth arguing over it's beyond itself but ribs is muy bonito as well
  13. i’m talking about the original song of the century what are you talking about 😰
  14. Discussion

    speak now is the best album, but she'll be remembered for 1989 through the ages!