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  1. Chapman

    i've been trying to find an opening to take a shower and literally the same thing is happening but i can't get away he's so happy and their set is cute! idk why the boring ballad songs are winning tho
  2. Chapman

    omg this is my first time watching and this is so extra and awkward at points i love it i'm rooting for australia bc the fucking swinging and elsa costume is genius and then italy and czech republic cus their songs are good
  3. Chapman


    more people should listen to this, ugh. my most hyped release this year so far, and based on first listen it's pretty damn good. it started off slow but second half was brilliant, songs like sympathy and flower moon were such pleasant surprises. the amazing singles sound even better in context. still MVOTC and debut are too good to be topped, which really says a lot about their flawless discog
  4. Chapman


    lol this is pretty fun so it’s a black male artist who has a famous parent, makes alternative music and had an album out recently with trees in the background? do we have more clues there’s some pretty chill songs on flower boy, foreword / boredom / 911?
  5. Chapman

    Celeb News

    this looks great. hyped
  6. are these new celebs paying buzzfeed to get put in these quizzes what are these random ass results You got: KJ Apa You should attend Coachella with KJ! You're looking forward to spending the festival with someone that has attended but also performed at Coachella! You want to have a weekend you won't be forgetting anytime soon, and KJ is the perfect person to spend it with.
  7. hopefully something that is enjoyable out of context from the show like black panther
  8. Chapman


    i’ve seen so much praise of it on aoty, gonna give Movies a listen before i see if i should get stuck in with the album
  9. Chapman


    basic but gotye’s song was the shit
  10. Chapman

    i mean would you rather have drake pick a couple more singles from scorpion with his eyes closed and have a couple lazy viral videos to go with it?
  11. Chapman


    was just thinking about her like a week ago. super excited!
  12. Chapman

    well it shifted the speed and the key, most pop songs have similar chord progressions and what pop song doesn’t have the same structure nowadays, i think you can do this with many artists but ig anything to prove that ava max is shit!
  13. Chapman


    songs that will remain in the bottom of her discog till the end of time
  14. Chapman

    poor op being destroyed by praising a well-reviewed electropop staple, probably a tiny bit too much but still what are some of its best songs? ik dancing on my own and it’s pretty great but that’s it
  15. Chapman


    i wanna say that's a mood but is it EDIT: actually yeah rush is pretty sick i understand the metaphor