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  1. listened to 0.5 of your 3 albums, i should prob listen to the black panther soundtrack as a whole bc the singles were sooo good
  2. wOW I wonder what album would be #1! still excited for this! I'm much more into sophie's production work for other artists idk why, when she's on the frontline herself that signature PC music genre gets a bit too intense, but yes faceshopping a bop
  3. well with this you might as well pretend that it's revealed!
  4. i thought at #15 you said you’ll start saying good things about the albums then at #14 you drag the shit out of joyride
  5. Chapman

    why did my head instantly read this out in a medoner accent
  6. concept - a kendrick and sza collab album

  7. surely not attending the grammys would just be a massive fuck you to her singing career that got her a movie role in the first place
  8. Chapman

    if they snubbed kendrick of aoty since the start of his career only to finally give it to him for a SOUNDTRACK i honestly wont know what to say
  9. Chapman

    General News

    what the FUCK is that best pop duo category kinda know how hilarious the nominations will be already, but i’m still laughing at the fact that they’d rather give brandi carlile(????) two out of the big four than feed one to ariana
  10. that's one of the best songs of 2018!! i don't really love tootime and i don't suppose many people do ahhh i'm glad you agree! be my mistake took my breath away the first time, it's just a simple ballad but i think everything before that track was a lil bit too intense and it's like a breath of fresh air. yeah i get the heaven is a place on earth feeling, and ICBMIL is straight out of like a high school prom night in 1986 but your death it won't happen to you, it happens to your family and friends
  11. Chapman

    you’re getting me jealous 👏😂😂😂😂
  12. Chapman

    i thought this is a great surprise at the end of year - the mv is great and she looks great as well. i’d say a spot below TUN worldwide on itunes and 8m in two days is great? hope it gets even bigger! let the aoty lists do the job