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  1. speak for yourself + best sets and all the other awards
  2. i can’t believe taylor swift wrote a song to her first album


    1. Madonna

      This sounds awful. I know exactly why I hate this bitch. lmfao2 

  3. oH my fucking gOd so yesterday i invited my best friend over right and as usual we’re really open around each other (we don’t care if we’re naked etc!!) and sometimes we like to take showers together (just fun right). so i invite her into the shower like usual and we’re making bubbles and she accidentally gets soap in her mouth and it’s the funniest fuckin’ shit ever and we’re laughing so damn hard right... but i turn around to get the shower head in her mouth and accidentally touch her dick and??? it was so?? awkward for a second like we just looked at each other like what the fuck?? LMAO then she just looked me dead in my eyes and proceeded to touch my coochie (it was kinda awkward as a guy at first but i got used to it) and ?? i sksk don’t wanna go into mOre detail but i think!! she got me pregnant and i’m so fucking scared to tell my mom cause it would mean that she’s getting sent back to the french morocco !! and it took her so long cause we’ve been internet friends since 2012... sksk rant oVeR

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    2. Gravity

      Still nothing makes sense in this jj4

    3. Edu

      Alvin sis I didn’t know losing Troye to Mary would cause this much damage on you

  4. Chapman

    woo fuck me!
  5. Chapman

    geez ok lol
  6. Chapman

    oh wow how dare me on literally my first day on this site i like for him now (maybe i didn’t at that time? akfkskdk) but a majority of songs on BN have aged like milk don’t you think?
  7. wow shitty numbers for cardi
  8. king of experimental bodies of work
  9. can we PLEASE move on to the second single
  10. Chapman

    i've been trying to find an opening to take a shower and literally the same thing is happening but i can't get away he's so happy and their set is cute! idk why the boring ballad songs are winning tho
  11. Chapman

    omg this is my first time watching and this is so extra and awkward at points i love it i'm rooting for australia bc the fucking swinging and elsa costume is genius and then italy and czech republic cus their songs are good
  12. Chapman


    more people should listen to this, ugh. my most hyped release this year so far, and based on first listen it's pretty damn good. it started off slow but second half was brilliant, songs like sympathy and flower moon were such pleasant surprises. the amazing singles sound even better in context. still MVOTC and debut are too good to be topped, which really says a lot about their flawless discog
  13. Chapman


    lol this is pretty fun so it’s a black male artist who has a famous parent, makes alternative music and had an album out recently with trees in the background? do we have more clues there’s some pretty chill songs on flower boy, foreword / boredom / 911?