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  1. this was fucking awesome. and she didn't even have to bust out the upbeat songs. remind me why she wasn't told to do the halftime this year again?
  2. you must be fun at parties!!
  3. Chapman

    well it's time
  4. Chapman

    someone whip up a conspiracy theory i want to see twitter explode from katy and shawn fans
  5. don’t wanna be that guy but how can the album already be platinum when it’s only sold 360k
  6. in terms of quality ntltc > giaw > tun > breathin > 7 rings > buwygf in terms of how she fucking EXECUTED that shit from the mvs to generally destroying the world with it giaw > 7 rings > ntltc > tun > buwygf > breathin
  7. she should influence dua to go leftfield and serve us a dark alternative pop masterpiece for DL2
  8. LWYMMD feat St Vincent Call It What You Want feat Dua Lipa these two are basically all i think about now after that performance
  9. there’s like a 5% chance of this happening but i fucking want it
  10. Chapman


    kii no worries! I was trying to see what the upvote limit is then gave up after three pages
  11. Chapman


    YOU taught me love YOU taught me patience btw
  12. i'm so mindfucked by this what does it mean surely that's just the equivalent of streaming a music video or watching a concert stream didn't lily allen do a concert once on second life or something
  13. Chapman

    gonna head to bed soon but gonna root for kendrick and sza for roty, dirty computer for album, shallow for song. honestly though i’d be laughing equally if they fuck over album like they do every time, imagining black panther getting it isn’t even that hard
  14. this bitch bails on the awards show calls out the committee and exposes being mistreated and STILL gets their love i-