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  1. we got the alberm anyway so let the era flop!
  2. not no promises just debutinggggg
  3. I still hate the fact that Julia wrote hymns for almost everybody and yet the song she gets famous for is one of her worst. but yes we love a new pop girl!
  4. Discussion

    the trinity would be chained to the rhythm, Malibu and humble
  5. I think this is my favourite award turnout of all time
  6. Review

    fuck me she looks so good
  7. Malibu > Sign Of The Times > Crying In The Club > Bad Liar
  8. Review

    a justified score
  9. lmao delusional fadga stans. look at the charts and it's clear to see the cure isn't even a hit honey come back to reality! madonna when she releases her lead at the end of the year bookmark me
  10. Music Video

    at least if it's not this Friday then high chances are it will be July 21 confirmed because metacritic gets sources from sites that stans go on anyway, plus the fact that one of the albums on that upcoming list had two release dates lmao
  11. Music Video

    btw Metacritic says LFL is coming May 26?
  12. *never forget you comes on*

    Friend: oh my god I love this song! can't wait for her album to come out this summer! 😍

  13. Rumor

    Slumber Party feat Quavo (The Chainsmokers remake)