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  1. do i get to have her make art angels pt 2 or will i not have majority of the shares so i can’t get final say
  2. i’m happy for someone to take it off me
  3. i don’t think my brain would ever recover from the genius of this
  4. 2010: Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill 2011: Bon Iver - Holocene 2012: Taylor Swift - All Too Well 2013: The 1975 - Robbers 2014: Taylor Swift - Blank Space 2015: Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better 2016: Frank Ocean - Self Control 2017: Lorde - Perfect Places 2018: Ariana Grande - no tears left to cry 2019: Tyler the Creator - IGOR’S THEME
  5. i appreciate the blatant expose i’ll do it
  6. the new silhouette poses on this cover is making me nervous lol does that mean there's 2 newer songs on the album? the order is different too like this way more than DHL btw
  7. are these singles leading up to an album?
  8. the irony of this sharing an album title with one of the most innovative and unique albums released this decade
  9. gonna preface this by saying i’m biased bc i’ve been hooked on her show, but these examples don’t seem that bad? she corrected the interviewer for calling her an inspiration to black women bc she’s not black herself, and any representation for any minority in popular media is great. of course the ig video incident is bad, but it feels more like a one-off to me than a long history of being anti-black? is there sth i’m missing
  10. the fact that IGOR doesn't take up 12 out of 50 spots is blasphemous i get that you want to keep it at one song per artist though, don't worry we know what the real list looks like 😔
  11. i can’t believe taylor swift wrote a song to her first album


    1. Grams


      This sounds awful. I know exactly why I hate this bitch. lmfao2 

  12. oH my fucking gOd so yesterday i invited my best friend over right and as usual we’re really open around each other (we don’t care if we’re naked etc!!) and sometimes we like to take showers together (just fun right). so i invite her into the shower like usual and we’re making bubbles and she accidentally gets soap in her mouth and it’s the funniest fuckin’ shit ever and we’re laughing so damn hard right... but i turn around to get the shower head in her mouth and accidentally touch her dick and??? it was so?? awkward for a second like we just looked at each other like what the fuck?? LMAO then she just looked me dead in my eyes and proceeded to touch my coochie (it was kinda awkward as a guy at first but i got used to it) and ?? i sksk don’t wanna go into mOre detail but i think!! she got me pregnant and i’m so fucking scared to tell my mom cause it would mean that she’s getting sent back to the french morocco !! and it took her so long cause we’ve been internet friends since 2012... sksk rant oVeR

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    2. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      Still nothing makes sense in this jj4

    3. Edu


      Alvin sis I didn’t know losing Troye to Mary would cause this much damage on you

    4. Chris Morlock