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  1. don't think id describe this one as light-hearted seeing it's that depressing song on the record imo
  2. Achievement

    omg I can't wait to listen to unbreakable smile
  3. Achievement

    it's all fixed now it's GOOD
  4. Achievement

    I want to see it and review it 10/10 on popfection
  5. Achievement

    couldn't have wished for a better one <3
  6. Achievement

    brushing my teeth and watching the emoji movie trailer
  7. Achievement

    I hate that stupid old vibrator you never let me use
  8. Achievement

    noah fense but 1989 is like the floppest faddest era any pop girl's had lmao
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    we're listening to a country album by a 16 year old calm it you two
  10. Achievement

    she was global for a bit in Fearless, then on Speak Allah she was local again which was a shame!
  11. Achievement

    from this statement I can confirm ts6 is going to be a rap album
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    poor you being a host when everyone else is talking about sex toys and loosely trailer related stuff
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    my mind is blank
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    so when the bass drops it starts vibrating?
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    what even does our song sound like