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  1. my fave ariana tracks 1. knew better / forever boy 2. pete davidson 3. pete davidson 4. pete 5. pete davidson
  2. 2 looks good omg i love panic at the disco their best song is their bohemian rhapsody cover
  3. points that I'm going to stand by!
  4. relistening and rewatching self-titled, she still did THAT on the visuals. and of course the album is top-notch quality, can't believe it didn't get aoty ST > Lemonade !!
  5. IDSB can be accepted as top 5 material along with Delicate, Getaway Car, TIWWCHNT and CIWYW yes! and yes tell the less fortunate how Dress is one of the highlights
  6. there are features in the record that i know i hate from first listen but choose to ignore because stan loyalty, like the stupid quick hi-hats that exist in the back of nearly every chorus (rfi, tiwwchnt, ciwyw)... really small things that annoy the hell out of me the top 5s and 10/10s are still 10/10s though don’t put Dress in a same post with ********
  7. delicate is #52 (-1) this week, ready for it is trash, reputation aged like milk, arguing is pointless at the moment !

    1. Nihilego


      what asians in the industry  oprah14

    2. Chapman
  9. 30 minutes into the beyonce performance, does anyone feel like the song transitions are a bit too much? kinda like a DJ going a bit overboard? everything else is great but there hasn't been one complete song yet sia5 

    1. Chapman


      35 minutes in I repent I'm kind of dying

  10. are you ever gonna listen to that fetty wap album though?
  11. dad discovered this song called never be the same today, says the girl singer sounds like a bee 🤔

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    2. Anna-wa
    3. Chapman


      i thought that was a typo until i spotted that you’ve done something that can never be undone

    4. Anna-wa


      Buzz buzz yes 

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  12. Chapman

    Artist Lorde

    i love the bare piano production it's so intimate and relatable and beautiful. anyway sotc is not worth arguing over it's beyond itself but ribs is muy bonito as well
  13. Chapman

    Artist Lorde

    i’m talking about the original song of the century what are you talking about 😰
  14. after the storm is the perfect soundtrack to that situation isn’t it, a storm of dense thick concentrated fart gas
  15. can someone help me discover some hardcore electronic bops so i can finally get over replaying my my my and pop 2, anything along the veins of them please scream2 

  16. well I just discovered my mum doesn't know who aiwfciw is today

  17. does anybody have some good comfort shows that I can watch like for leisure? I'm tired of rewatching master of none episodes but I haven't found anything better for this purpose wendy4 

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    2. Sylk


      @mint it turned lame and gay in it's 3rd season but 4th wig flew 

      @chapman it's in it's 8th season i believe anyways yes it's gets messy how about american gods? sia1 


    3. SeekingThrill


      If you are into horror/fantasy, then you should watch Penny Dreadful and Salem oprah2 

      GCB was also cute. Only one season. It was funny IMO. jj3 

      If you like British comedy shows, watch Miranda. 

    4. Chapman


      oh what I'm on the 3rd season first half of 1st season was gay

      isnt that a second copy of shameless and also why have I not heard of any of these shows you guys recommend I'm uncultured dead7 

      nah I'm not into horror/fantasy, I'm just looking for some funny and mildly interesting comedy that I can watch without using my brain - kinda not into sitcoms tho

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  18. counting down my 15 favourite albums of 2017 starting now. join in kids!