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  1. baby u so luhluhluhluhluhkii 😩

  2. @RihannaRTT your thread's locked!

    1. RihannaRTT


      Ok I'ma wait for Sean to wake up rip4 

    2. RihannaRTT


      In the meantime, I've moved to thread to The Lounge so y'all can post now rip3 (I hope)

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  3. @Jony what a legend lmfao1 


    1. Mando


      this bich empty dead4

  4. bopping to I Got It knowing perfectly well it sounds identical to trash rappers on the radio

    1. Chapman


      third instant grat off of mixtape of the year POP2

  5. idk I have pretty fucking high standards for anything carly these days but she will come through charli has just lowkey had such a huge year I actually stan now, roll with me, ily2, boys, babygirl
  6. oh yeah. I see what he means now I'm dumb but anyway, yes POP2 needs to end 2017 with a bang bang.mp3!
  7. is it out? or do you just have your sources
  8. revealing my top 10 favourite songs of the year, anyone who has half an hour or so to spare feel free to stop by!


  9. #20 to #16 out if anyone's interested :P 


  10. ordering a chicken selects meal with fries and medium Coke from daddy mcd as we speak
  11. #30-26 and #25-#21 of my list of best 2017 songs are released here if anyone would like to check them out so I'm not talking to myself.mp3!


    1. Brightflower


      King of promotion

  12. happy december, starting to reveal my best of 2017 lists today jj2 

    1. Jae


      I'm an album called Selena Gomez is a fat flop 

    2. Chris
    3. Chapman


      oh don't remind me of that, another year of being here jesus christ dead7 

      havent heard of that one I like her song Obese Cunt though

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  13. looking at my year-end lists for the previous year and wow... was this year's music significantly better or my taste in music just turn 180? dead2 

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    2. Chapman


      wow perched

    3. Jony


      Posted rav3 It's just a list tho with no descriptions so dont get your hopes up fall2 

    4. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      probably a mix of both? 2016 was a pretty mediocre year for music overall and my taste was somewhat questionable as well

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  14. when you die and revive more times than your username himself it's a sign the series should end, so to speak

  15. the sad thing is even with complete limbs I will never be as ready as her


    1. Chapman


      I think we ALL hate pomegranates 

      maybe some class activity of throwing pomegranates around to piss her off? from personal experience lmfao1 

    2. Madonna


      Pomegrenates are amazing, especially the tangy, dark red ones.

    3. Chris


      omg i saw this yesterday kii1 

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  17. Hey! Wanted to see if you're interested in signing up for the Set Swap that I'm hosting, basically an event where you get paired up with a partner and you make each other some deranged weird set for festivities in Halloween cloud1 I have an odd number right now and well you're a legend and a husband so I feel the need to persuade you, lmk if you're up for it!

    1. Kylie


      I would love to join sweetie, but I'm terrible in photoshop skills :( I love to keep my husbands happy, but I don'tt hink I'm actually a winner to your game tbh! :(

    2. Chapman


      there is no winner we're just having a laugh, but doesn't matter I've got my last player anyway :( 

  18. wait omg talent

    1. Chapman


      or should I say omW

  19. if I knew the lyrics to it id post it now
  20. sook also give me money I send reputation cds back