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  2. idk lights that well that's why I didn't pick - I'd go for Halcyon the title track though!
  3. I honestly feel offended in alt j's sake saying this but Ellie's version is better
  4. AN ACCEPTABLE ELLIE GOULDING TRINITY - FIGURE 8, TESSELATE (although it's not her song), LOST AND FOUND the only song they're known for? I really liked felix snoww's lies
  5. well I picked songs from you guys, so you guys slay!
  6. gonna love competing against you next season!
  7. omg thank you guys love yall too
  8. jk I was actually getting you guys for some talk and also show you guys my create-my-own trinity. It's very unpolished but I thought it's a cool idea - D I S C O V E R a love trinity, reimagined The best thing about life is discovery. New places, ambition, in this case music, and discovery leads to this wonderful sense of emotion called love. Not just romantic love but the love for the things that we do and enjoy, the artists that we all love so much that we gather on this online space to talk about them, and this passion is what drives us to live every day. To en
  9. okay everyone get back in and praise me again I missed the festivities come on @Infrared @Kuba @TattooedHeart @#VaccinesMakeKidsAutistic
  10. i'm embarrassed I'm really sorry
  11. oh wow, thank you for the noms! now I feel bad for not submitting ballots
  12. your entries bar the eliminated one was 💯💯💯 though that's the important bit #quicksave
  13. Lily's commentary has a certain style to it, plus her layouts are always the yt video -> 1. Song title blah blah blah
  14. in your defense near half of the players is to be perfectly and brutally honest I couldn't care less about the poetry I thoroughly dislike having to dissect them! #yourimpact
  15. infrared's entry being similar to parker's? is this what people mean?
  16. self confidence is a great quality
  17. well I just had to add a .1 to fix some tiebreakers! #ChapmanSPILLS: I gave 3 above8s this time around, including two 9s
  18. it's absolutely golden when we spotted it one day a while ago, he himself forgot what he did he might've been a racist homophobic sexist trump supporter for all he knows
  19. as a judge can I say I'm so impressed with how well thought out these entries are? give a big cheesy round of applause for yourselves because you guys deserve it
  20. oh cool. you have the @SWINΞ and @derin_chad situation then
  21. I love random drama happening so something festive happens as hyun' wifi catches up
  22. wait I swear Kevin joined a lot earlier than 2015? or he acts like he did
  23. if you would stahp being such a downer that'd be great thanksss!