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  1. twitter promotion only goes this far
  2. but best pop album 2018 full of bangers coming your way who needs top 40 peaks even with guest spots on snl?
  3. fuckkk what a shout @ryjapo DO IT
  4. Album

    and only happens in nightmares not realities
  5. 1 million for reviews for troye and 300k from rose to troye for an encore spot, which i’ll update in a while thankyouuuu an upvote to cheer you up maybe ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
  6. Discussion

    irl things that’s why
  7. the song sounded nicer again to be honest, all I need now is a 10/10 to start stanning!
  8. Performance

    ahh welcome back! ofc you are lemme add you
  9. OH that thing isn't human
  10. Charts

    the one with EW+F’s september fits perfectly as well
  11. here


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    2. fuck

      im good after finishing my last exam before a five day break and finding out backstreet boys is alive how are you

    3. Jae

      I hope u did well xx. My finals are coming next week :/ 

      btw I’m liking this image change. Is this your stripped 

    4. fuck

      you’ll nail them i’m sure of it🤑

      quite the contrary this is bc of real life reasons