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  1. fuck

    i was gone for one second how did everyone let h**** bribe ron and give frank ocean his own facebook!!!!
  2. inb4 beerbongs blocks sweetener for best pop album (srsly sweetener deserves it though. the best pop record in terms of quality and commercial success this year)
  3. this trend of announcement of announcements, britney’s impact
  4. fuck

    omgggg best she ever looked in a music video 😍❤️
  5. lol this just feels like a troll from her though
  6. oh my god you can’t be insinuating-
  7. fuck


    ugh to be fair yes this left a MARK, so did we can't move to this and LAF
  8. fuck


    oh wow??? it didn't feel like that long! i wonder why because I swear she's been releasing music, must be because of LMLYD!
  9. plugging a tidal link is a lost cause!
  10. fuck


    don’t hate the player hate the game
  11. jesus this album is STACKED
  12. fuck


    1. Better Off - Ghostface 2. R.E.M. - Luca 3. REM - Divine 4. better off - fuck  5. 6. 7.
  13. fuck

    troye's earnings singles 386,438 albums 1,472,700 total 1,859,138