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  1. Nothing to be honest but weight and sexuality. I don't care if they're bisexual or gay, but being bi-curious just makes me afraid that they're just trying it out instead of actually trying to pursue a relationship. Weight isn't a giant problem but I like being active so it'll be hard if I have an underweight or overweight partner
  2. Hope she wins anything, she definitely deserves it for making it this big and going so far while still being so young!
  3. An iconic bop that was only performed a few times on tour and even at a special event that was taken off youtube faster than the time it took to upload
  4. wide awake helped me with my worst and first breakup. i'm so happy it was released as a single because back then i probably wouldn't of known about it if it wasn't.
  5. BEAU TI FUL! we're so blessed to have such talented stans of kesha
  6. Iconic! I hope she reaches 100m soon, it's a well deserved mv
  7. If they decide to give Ed Sheeran AOTY to be petty I will SUE his irrelevant ass
  8. the tour was longer than most, unless you're counting the warrior tour, (it was justified for kesha not being able to release though). someone told me he was on a break before this from the tour so maybe that's why it was really long? feel bad for the stans who bought tickets for the canceled shows
  9. she deserves it one hundred percent, i'm not even a stan but the album is fucking legendary
  10. vevo really tried when they uploaded everyday other songs but not this masterpiece
  11. the harold song (deconstructed), aka the one thing we NEEDED but didn't deserve