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  1. bonnie, though it's been hard considering her last few songs haven't done as good as american girl. she deserves success though! i love her music, and her songwriting skills are phenomenal
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    SHE'S SO ADORABLE OH MY GODDDDD Literally shaking, this is my favorite so far
  4. Nothing to be honest but weight and sexuality. I don't care if they're bisexual or gay, but being bi-curious just makes me afraid that they're just trying it out instead of actually trying to pursue a relationship. Weight isn't a giant problem but I like being active so it'll be hard if I have an underweight or overweight partner
  5. Celeb News

    I'm so excited! She's so adorable, there will certainly be awkward dad jokes but at the same time it'll be so cute
  6. Hope she wins anything, she definitely deserves it for making it this big and going so far while still being so young!
  7. wasn't it a representation of mental illness? don't take from me, i just heard that it was still strange but i don't hate it, though i definitely hear what you're saying and i do agree, rih would of made it lit
  8. An iconic bop that was only performed a few times on tour and even at a special event that was taken off youtube faster than the time it took to upload
  9. Discussion

    I HATE myself for forgetting this album.. I'm ashamed
  10. Discussion

    I would say Rainbow, but we'll see most likely LFL or Witness, though many people would disagree with me on the latter
  11. Discussion

    wide awake helped me with my worst and first breakup. i'm so happy it was released as a single because back then i probably wouldn't of known about it if it wasn't.
  12. Celeb News

    she should of kept her like how it is in this anyway, it sounds cute! i hope it smells like how i envisioned witness to be
  13. Other

    BEAU TI FUL! we're so blessed to have such talented stans of kesha