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  1. I'm not comparing them I thought Chris thought that I hate Body Talks but it's one of my faves.
  2. HCtC, it got boring for me after 2 listens and got boring for Okan after 5, not a big difference Going back to listening to Body Talks, bye girls
  3. For me it got boring after 2 and Body Talks is a bop, what do you mean
  4. I basically have the same thoughts as Okan and you agreed with him
  5. I've listened to it twice maybe, it quickly got boring for me. Honestly Pink, Lady Gaga or Demi could have sang it and I wouldn't care
  6. Tbh I'm not feeling to bad about this because we got Body Talks, it really is a great song. This is super predictable, her vocals are good but the song is just dull and I don't care if ya'll gonna hate me for that.
  7. I'm starting to thing it's something else. but I have other info. I swear I said that it could be for something else, maybe some other single, probably not a lead but something else. I have other info. He better spill it
  8. I don't think "lied" is the good word but perhaps he was told the wrong info about it being a lead or it being filmed by Jonas Akerlund. Maybe her lead single is also coming out soon? Who knows. He said they likely have most of the content prepared for the next album, maybe this was just a little extra something before the full release along with her lead and album.
  9. It's definitely not gonna be Akerlund
  10. Do ya'll think there will be just the lyric video then? Jonas Akerlund would not create a video for this, at least I doubt it.
  11. I mean in a political way, any thoughout politcal song (half or well thoughtout) will just be dull to me.
  12. Where did I say that?
  13. Finding You is simple but it has a great atmosphere to it, you either love it or hate it, even some people on Atrl wanted it to be a single