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  1. Kivo

    Celeb News

    This seems like Boots to me!
  2. Kivo


    What are you all fatties on about, Good Old Days is a bop, her vocals, her outfit, her hair is on point, with more promo this song could have been a bigger hit and if it wasn't as repetative.
  3. This is so damn accurate, this look is Grammy red carpet worthy and instead is gonna be slept on
  4. The fillers have settled, lips fillers are fading and she's been excercising for sure. She looks much happier and her voice when she talks sounds the same as it used to, in 2016-2017 she sounded so rough and her voice was so sharp almost if she had a cold? Maybe she was crying often or was on some medication.
  5. Watch full video here: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/dL3W/t-mobile-the-game-featuring-kesha-macklemore# Imagine her wearing this at a red carpet
  6. Kivo


    Might be one of my favourite pictures in the last few years
  7. Kivo


    The hat is growing on me because her face is serving so much in this look
  8. Kivo


    Her face looks as good if not better as 2014
  9. Kivo


    FUCK ME HER FACE IS SER-VINGGGG!!! They just posted a video of her posing yasss
  10. Kivo


    Ok tbh it's not that bad, just lose the hat and the throw on thing. Her hair and face is GOALS
  11. Kivo


    Nooooo, Kesha's serving country queen, but she's been looking so good lately why is she covering her figure in curtains?
  12. Kivo


    Ahhh yess this one is a look! Tbh, since she wore a dress for this recent red carpet look, I hope she will slay us like this again
  13. Kivo


    Can those annoying BTS fans piss off already
  14. Kivo


    I'm praying she finally gives us a look I can admire for the next few years not another boring suit