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  1. Kivo

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  2. Kivo

    Celeb News

    Omg I loved this, she's so cute and funny She would have got like all of them right or almost if she went with her gut instinct and what she thought the first time
  3. Kivo

    Celeb News

    She could use this for promo
  4. Kivo


    Ok but you not posting it here is homophobic
  5. She's trending at nr 1 in Italy on Twitter
  6. 21 on iTunes Spain. Stan.
  7. The video seems a little cheap to me but then people are loving it and idk what to think anymore. I know for sure this won't be one of my favorite songs on the album.
  8. Kivo


    I hope not midnight Friday because I'm not staying up till 6am or whatever.
  9. Kivo


    MESS at glitter squad being in this, are you kidding me
  10. I can't remember the exact time but it was around 1pm-2pm when I saw it. Maybe she does a premiere or makes an announcement tomorrow, fingers crossed! I cba checking my socials every 5 minutes
  11. Ah that makes sense! Now I hope she gives us a time! Praying dropped at 2pm in Germany right?
  12. That's weird Stint said Friday? Now she better give us a time!
  13. Kivo


    I did but I don't find him attractive at all
  14. Kivo


    That's her bodyguard that every gay is thirsty for
  15. Kivo


    We starved but we won in the end