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  1. Has Macklemore not released his full track list yet? If not Kesha will likely be on it.
  2. I don't mean on the damn album lol I mean side collaborations, like she had for Dirty Picture, Timber, etc...
  3. Do you guys think as Kesha is now allowed to release music, she will do any collaborations with any artists in the near future? She was hinting Macklemore and Iggy Azalea often talked about her wanting to work with Kesha. Thoughts?
  4. Did for other artists Other celebrities is GREAT additional promo though that's what I'm trying to get at. They get the most retweets, informing people of new music. But okay let's end this convo.
  5. Putting the rape trial support aside, she has a new freaking album out after 5 years, it deserves to be recognised by other artists and spoke of.
  6. So did everyone support Kesha during her rape trial because they were releasing their new albums during that time (ekhem Gaga ) and now are silent? Do you think anyone is gonna speak up on social media about her new album once they listen to it? Ariana Grande, Gaga, Iggy etc?
  7. Album

    WOMAN SOUNDS SO MUCH BETTER. I PUT IT ON WINAMP WITH BOOSTED BEAT. Why can't the Youtube version sound of the same quality? It worsens the sound of the production...
  8. Album

    I had a nap Thank you You're an angel Can't wait to hear this masterpiece
  9. Album

    I don't use Twitter
  10. Album

    Link? Anything? I'm having a stroke
  11. Album

  12. Album

    Gurl please email me the album to I NEED IT
  13. Album

    If you listened to the 30 sec clip you'd think the same. 30 sec is a big part of the song and I'm not a fan of every second of the whole 30 sec snippet.
  14. Album

    Out of the snippets here is the order of the ones I like most: 1. Finding You 2. Boots 3. Boogie Feet 4. Bastards 5. Hunt You Down Rainbow (the song) is really not what I expected. It sounds like a Disney song. I thought it would be a powerful track with a deep tone to it... I'm not gonna be listening to the other songs multiple times for sure as I'm really not into the high country vibes. So the rest of the songs will likely be removed from my phone once I have the album.
  15. Album

    Why is everyone talking only about Boots?! Finding You is gonna be a SMASH HIT. IT'S SO GOOD. HA VOICE. I NEED IT TO BE THE THIRD SINGLE AND BOOTS AS THE FOURTH.