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  1. Ok but you not posting it here is homophobic
  2. See, I loved Praying, Die Young, Tik Tok, but wasn't a fan of C'mon, Woman or Best Day As long as you like it it won't matter if others don't, shame I won't be as excited for it because from what I've heard from others and from hearing the longer snippet I genuinly think it's bad. The album will likely be great as always, after all, a lead is only one song. Plus she might do collabs too outside of the album.
  3. Unfortunately I always liked her lead so this is just shocking to me, I don't like the snippet. I much preferred My Own Dance
  4. From what I've heard from a trusted source with taste that heard the full version, it's really bad. I'm worried, her doing something so outdated for her lead is so messy, especially after how much I loved Praying. She should have just done her own bop without listening to any trendy shit. I remain excited for the album
  5. I mean she expects Raising Hell to chart because she thinks it's trendy, she even said she wants to go out with a bang. But this dated instrumental and apparently cringe lyrics aren't it. She said multiple times she doesn't listen to current music, maybe she did for a bit but now is few years too late to fit in with the trend which is already fading away.
  6. I do but I'm not leaking it to anyone sorry. I never leak snippets.
  7. Yeah I'm excited for the album now, all my excitement for the lead is gone now tbh. Also can't wait for My Own Dance, I heard the snippet and instantly loved it.
  8. I find Mr.Saxobeat instrumental way more catchy from the longer leaked snippet of Raising Hell though
  9. Raising Hell confirmed lead
  10. I want her to do Rock in Rio again, that was hugeeee
  11. Maybe she is doing a YouTube live event like she did before?
  12. Ms Kesha, where is any kind of announcement? We're bored!
  13. And they say romance is dead!