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  1. Why can't they release Woman at the same time?
  2. Celeb News

    I'm so happy she can post videos of her singing freely again (Just why country)
  3. Photos

    She hasn't looked this good since 2015 though
  4. Same tbh, I want one lol
  5. HOLY **** IT'S SO GOOD! At 7:30 how the mixed the Dirty Love music video with Till the World Ends is ahhhhh And C'mon mixed into Timber?!!?! YAS! I hope they do songs of Rainbow soon!
  6. Crutchsha serving a look Hope she gets well soon! Poor baby released new music and can't tour because of her injury, why does the universe hate her
  7. Lol it must be fake, people are just sabotaging her that she's working with Luke and some Animal made a fake tweet to make people think she's a horrible person lol.
  8. Single

    I actually really like this what are ya'll on about. And this is definitely official demo, in the final version she says "and back, yeah honestly it's made me..." in the demo it's "and back, but honestly it's made me..." her voice in that whole section is a lot different too, especially when she sings "waste of time, iee iee ieeemme"
  9. Celeb News

    She's 31 OMG. Feels like she's still 26/27.
  10. Achievement

    I wonder why she never performed this in the UK on a TV show. Also where's X Factor gone? If she performed it on there in any country it would give her so much promo
  11. Photos

    Fillers are settling I'm proud
  12. And she has good pop songs so it's not like they are crap or anything. Her country songs aren't that great imo, she fits dance pop/rock vibes more. If she goes super country I'd be so pissed... she could do country songs in her spare time, but not many people will be into it if she puts them on the album. I mean look at Joanne, half of her fans say they like the album, the other half say the don't. 90% of the half that "like it" are lying to themselves let's be honest... and reviews are quite average too.
  13. An icon we love "pahrty time" "suhn rise" "drop top" "hhot girlz" "by the pool" "tahp lessss" How she thought at 2:04 it's her line, realized it's not and smiled, we don't deserve her tbh I miss this side of her so much, there's no other like her 2009/2011 self
  14. Celeb News

    I'm here for this But like Iggy said as Kesha told her she's changing her sound, I doubt she'd want to do a dancy pop song with her, probs something slow. (Btw looks like Kesha took some inspiration from Iggy for her changed face, they look more and more similar )