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  1. Ok but you not posting it here is homophobic
  2. I can't remember the exact time but it was around 1pm-2pm when I saw it. Maybe she does a premiere or makes an announcement tomorrow, fingers crossed! I cba checking my socials every 5 minutes
  3. Ah that makes sense! Now I hope she gives us a time! Praying dropped at 2pm in Germany right?
  4. That's weird Stint said Friday? Now she better give us a time!
  5. There's a difference between a good bop and a cheap pop song sis
  6. No, just don't want her to release garbage, cheap, sell out, "trendy" pop songs which sound outdated.
  7. Yeah I like that instrumental way more too, but that's probably when she will be singing over it so you won't hear it as much. The main one still sounds terrible imo. What has me worried is what Bearman said and also some people from the listening party saying it's the worst song on the album.
  8. The instrumenal from the wax figure is good but the funk one... NO, just no. If Die Young didn't excist the beat from that would have suited the theme of RH way better, when I think of raising hell I don't think of an exotic, funk instrumental lol.
  9. What about you @TomTom? Or your taste still remains intact?
  10. It's on Youtube. If it gets deleted someone usually posts another video few hours later.
  11. Me few months ago: "I can't wait for her lead!" Me now: "SCRAP IT SIS"
  12. RH is getting so much hate on Twitter from real Kesha stans and even stans of other pop girls that I know love and support Kesha. The only people that seem to love it are the ones that love like every Kesha song because they are dilusional because they can't hate a song from their favorite artist. This isn't good girlies