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  1. Kivo

    Let's hope it only remains with a lyric video
  2. Kivo

    That's only a lyric video
  3. Kivo

    I'm here hoping the Jonas Akerlund video won't be for HCTC which will be a wasted opportunity to use him for a commissioned song rather than a more original track
  4. Kivo

    I remember you saying she probably won't release a lead for a long time, if she's quiet she's probably working on something but probably nothing related to a new album.
  5. Kivo

    It probably won't be out for a long time as @TomTom thinks. Kesha is being really quiet again and keeps posting the same clips over and over on her Instagram stories I'm surprised she doesn't want to put out more content
  6. Nearly 3 million views!!! THEY NEED TO PERFORM THIS LIVE
  7. Still not that interested, sorry sisters
  8. Here Comes the Change is just too predictable for my liking, I new if it was going to be political it would sound something like it, I admire her voice though, she does sound beautiful. Nothing is gonna beat Praying and we all know that.
  9. I'm not comparing them I thought Chris thought that I hate Body Talks but it's one of my faves.
  10. HCtC, it got boring for me after 2 listens and got boring for Okan after 5, not a big difference Going back to listening to Body Talks, bye girls
  11. For me it got boring after 2 and Body Talks is a bop, what do you mean
  12. I basically have the same thoughts as Okan and you agreed with him
  13. I've listened to it twice maybe, it quickly got boring for me. Honestly Pink, Lady Gaga or Demi could have sang it and I wouldn't care