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  1. Mother Monster


    I've been so out of loop with Gaga lately every since I got suspended on Twitter. Is there any updates besides her being in the studio?
  2. Mother Monster

    Celeb News

    He used to irk me so much, but idk, now I'm kind of living for him
  3. am I allowed to promote my twitter here? well follow me @HolyFameMonster gaga12

  4. the kids look SHOOK literally they weren't laughing, talking, alive... nothing
  5. Mother Monster


    I wasn't too sure about the Rock look before but now I'm OBSESSED! She looks so sexy
  6. Mother Monster


    Why does Ari still look exactly the same?
  7. it feels weird going from the #1 poster on my home forum to being a nobody here nnn

    1. Nuclear Chicken

      Make lots of messy and problematic posts in battlegrounds and you'll be iconic in days

  8. I hope the admins here are cool cause the one at my home forum... yikes.

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    2. Chris Morlock

      16 minutes ago, Mother Monster said:

      i'd rather not spill since I still use it and don't want any tension on me lmfao brit11

      spill tea2 

    3. Hunty Bear

      They're both a lot nicer than you'd think!

  9. Mother Monster

    Whenever Gaga says soon, it usually never happens
  10. Mother Monster

    Let's hope this isn't a Gaga "soon"
  11. Mother Monster

    This sounds like an absolute mess waiting to happen, thankfully, it's fake!
  12. Mother Monster

    We betta pray for ha so she can start releasing these bops again!
  13. Mother Monster

    When does she have her trial?
  14. Mother Monster


    She also has a loyal team and a great manager this time! And lets not forget she's signed to a Promo company now! Let's hope that company does her well