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  1. Any updates I've missed since release?
  2. Honey is the best song from High Road IMO. mad4

    1. Honey


      Agreed! Though some do not agree 

    2. Honey


      Finally my username makes sense 

    3. Chris


      Wow  am i the only one to hate on Shitey?

  3. All our threads are still open: https://fotpforums.com/forum/304-fotp-faves-archive/
  4. I'm somewhat triggered at these changes. We put a lot of work into our Kesha section. Now poof, it sucks.
  5. I've been gone like a week. What happened with the forum layout?

    1. Chris


      Just general updates.

  6. What's up with the random God's Gonna Cut You Down music video?
  7. Imagine if she called Warrior an unfinished mixtape. That'd be cute shade.
  8. Past Lives, Dirty Love and OWDWY are tough competition though. The fact that the country, rock and psychedelic genres are her true strong suits is so blatant on Warrior. The Deconstructed tracks further confirm this, because the pop songs are nice, but they "can't hold a candle" to their peers.
  9. Daily reminder that Gold Trans Am bops hard as fuck.
  10. Get apple music sis. It's worth it to avoid spending hours pirating and tagging stuff that's easily accessible.
  11. I just listened to a secound Flaming Lips record and I think you guys might like this album! Here's a mashup too!
  12. I gave up on making mix tapes. I prefer to shuffle the whole lot. It's more fun. Really wish we had more Warrior outtakes though.