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  2. Any updates I've missed since release?
  3. Honey is the best song from High Road IMO. mad4

    1. Honey


      Agreed! Though some do not agree 

    2. Honey


      Finally my username makes sense 

    3. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Wow  am i the only one to hate on Shitey?

  4. Cause I didn't see it earlier, cause I have a life.
  5. I wonder when her hair and skin bleaching will start. Nazi tart.
  6. And fuck Ellen. Gays and fascists shouldn't play nice. Queer people will always get fucked in the end. e.g. Night of The Long Knives and Milo/Richard Spencer's feud.
  7. I just did a google and couldn't find anything. I like my nazi-detector on point, so I'd like to see where it's coming from if you have any links.
  8. All our threads are still open: https://fotpforums.com/forum/304-fotp-faves-archive/
  9. I'm somewhat triggered at these changes. We put a lot of work into our Kesha section. Now poof, it sucks.