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    Backstabber Animal C U Next Tuesday VIP Take It Off Tik Tok Dinosaur Party At A Rich Dude's House Your Love Is My Drug Boots & Boys Hungover Blind Stephan Blah Blah Blah Kiss N Tell Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Dirty Picture Pt. 2
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    Bastards | Tonight Let 'Em Talk | My Own Dance Woman | Raising Hell Hymn | High Road Praying | Shadow Learn To Let Go | Honey Finding You | Cowboy Blues Rainbow | Resentment Hunt You Down | Little Bit of Love Boogie Feet | Birthday Suit Boots | Kinky Old Flames | The Potato Song Godzilla | BFF Spaceship | Father Daughter Dance Emotional | Chasing Thunder Rainbow : 7 High Road : 8 Basically a tie.
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  5. Ciggy Socialist


    Link me! This is probably the most obvious criticism of the album's aesthetic, besides the ugly back cover.
  6. Ciggy Socialist


    Any updates I've missed since release?
  7. Ciggy Socialist


    The album is great, y'all can fuck off. Some of the choruses drag the songs out, but most of the album is lit as fuck. Honey - 10/10 Rich, White, Straight Men - 10/10 Kinky - 9/10 Raising Hell 9/10 The Potato Song - 9/10 Cowboy Blues - 9/10 Resentment - 9/10 Tonight - 8/10 BFF - 8/10 High Road - 8/10 Birthday Suit - 7/10 Big Bad Wolf - 7/10 My Own Dance - 6/10 Chasing Thunder - 6/10 Little Bit of Love 6/10 Shadow - 6/10 Best Day (AB2R) - 5/10 Father Daughter Dance - 5/10 Summer - 4/10
  8. Honey is the best song from High Road IMO. mad4

    1. Honey

      Agreed! Though some do not agree 

    2. Honey

      Finally my username makes sense 

    3. Chris Morlock

      Wow  am i the only one to hate on Shitey?

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    Also, what's the Japan release date?
  10. Ciggy Socialist


    I'm satisfied. Bops and tears all round.
  11. Ciggy Socialist

    Celeb News

    Cause I didn't see it earlier, cause I have a life.
  12. Ciggy Socialist

    Celeb News

    Cause she's a white fascist pawn.
  13. Ciggy Socialist

    Celeb News

    I wonder when her hair and skin bleaching will start. Nazi tart.
  14. And fuck Ellen. Gays and fascists shouldn't play nice. Queer people will always get fucked in the end. e.g. Night of The Long Knives and Milo/Richard Spencer's feud.
  15. Only in America would shit like this happen. SMH