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  1. Album Charli XCX | POP2 | December 2017

    Yes, but it's out now anyway.
  2. Photos Marina and the Diamonds shares pics with Lana

  3. The Animal Kingdom

    But I've played Praying more in under a year
  4. General News R.IP Itunes: Apple Is Reportedly Planning To End Digital Music Downloads By 2019

    I sent feedback about that. They totally wouldn't give a fuck, but I felt better.
  5. Sharon Needles had a new album out in October and I completely missed it fall1

  6. The Animal Kingdom

    True Colors has 280 plays in my library
  7. Game Rate the Song: Kesha Edition

  8. Celeb News Kesha announces AU/NZ Leg of the Rainbow Tour

    I'll just buy all the tickets TBH
  9. Other The Kesha Discography Thread

  10. The Animal Kingdom

    No one knows her albums though, except my friends and family I highly doubt you're her only fan in Germany. Germany has over 20 times the population of NZ
  11. 2018 FOTP faves releases

    Gaga is coming with them fat beats
  12. General News Republican Rep/Pastor commits suicide (not Roy) after being exposed for Sexual Assualt

    Look at you saying something smart How? Where's the evidence? And how would his life not have been ruined? The public generally has a zero tolerance for pedos, even accused ones.
  13. Celeb News Kesha announces AU/NZ Leg of the Rainbow Tour

    I have faith she. She's been full of surprise successes this year.
  14. Praying cry9

    Is cry9

    That cry9

    Power ballad cry9

    1. GLORY

      We oprah13 been oprah13 knew oprah13 

    2. Kenny Mccormick

      a bit ironic but go off

    3. Manson

      How exactly?