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  2. Game

    Me trying to be objective: Praying Godzilla Bastards Learn To Let Go Spaceship Boogie Feet Hunt You Down Old Flames Hymn Emotional Boots Let 'Em Talk Rainbow Finding You Woman
  3. Event

    Y'all are cancer honestly. Too much shit was too high (e.g. Boots, Warrior, Finding You) and too much gold was too low. Robbed: C U Next Tuesday Dinosaur Godzilla Blah Blah Blah Boogie Feet VIP Sleazy Past Lives
  4. Celeb News

    She didn't write every song though.
  5. When are the results going up?
  6. Do people even take the word "Nazi" serious anymore?
  7. It'd be better than all the other bonus tracks
  8. Selena's version is a total bop, but Britishney's version would've been so much better
  9. Game

    The Harold Song vs Rainbow
  10. You unblocked me?
  11. Discussion

    Also, your sig is gargantuan