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  1. Rosé.


    I need a body of work to attach these buzz singles too. She's polluting my iTunes with too many album slots
  2. Rosé.


    Which singles is it most likely to include?
  3. Rosé.

  4. Rosé.

    General News

    The fact that it's only BC1
  5. Rosé.

    Celeb News

    She didn't tease anything. When isn't Kesha making new music.
  6. Rosé.

    Celeb News

    Title is a reach
  7. Rosé.

    That doesn't answer my question. @Taylor didn't talk about what the concept was and why it is superior to the concepts of Kesha's other records.
  8. Rosé.

    Wonderland Underated Masterpiece
  9. I was just thinking about this the other day. Thought it had been canned.
  10. Rosé.

    Why so?