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  1. Based on what would fit in organically and remove poor quality tracks. Animal Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Frenzy Dirty Picture, Pt. 2 - 7 AM Cannibal Crazy Beautiful Life - Shots On The Hood Of My Car C U Next Tuesday - Starving (Because CUNT is already on Animal) Warrior Warrior - Machine Gun Love Out Alive - Meet Me In Space Rainbow Finding You - Pretty Lady Emotional - Lover
  2. They also have more competition, but now it is easier to gain mainstream attention through the internet.
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    Back for good... with her old ugly logo.
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    My laptop might have to be erased, so I might lose all my music.
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    In The Zone Blackout Glory Circus OIDIA Femme Fatale Britney BOMT Britney Jean
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    Celeb News

    That ass is not streamline.
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    Lilegend has contributed many of the best pop songs to the world ever, yes! Oh, I lie here in the wet patch in the middle of the bed. I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by, I spent ages giving head. Then I remember all the nice things that you ever said to me. Maybe I'm just overreacting, maybe you're the one for me.
  9. Trolling from all sides are we?
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    Lana is a huge pussy for retiring Cola from her set lists.
  11. What white supremacy? Thanks for blatantly removing the quote from it's necessary context! I clarified that I think racial pride is stupid, as in for ALL RACES. I'm sorry that white people have the richest history with culture, science and technology, but that's just a reality. Since I disagree with racial pride though, I don't claim other white people's achievements as my own unlike some people who define there existence off of their censors actions. I'm not racist. In fact the ones encouraging racial pride are probably racist. Racial pride would lead to some races having more to be proud of than other races, making them better than other races. That seems a lot more racist than anything I said IN CONTEXT, doesn't it? Get a brain.
  12. Mod Notice Do not make racist comments on FOTP.
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    Born To Die vs Honeymoon Off to the Races vs Music to Watch Boys To Blue Jeans vs Terrence Loves You Video Games vs God Knows I Tried Diet Mountain Dew vs High by the Beach National Anthem vs Freak Dark Paradise vs Art Deco Radio vs Burnt Norton (Interlude) Carmen vs Religion Million Dollar Man vs Salvatore Summertime Sadness vs The Blackest Day This Is What Makes Us Girls vs 24 Without You vs Swan Song Lolita vs Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood BTD: 10 | H: 4