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  1. Get Your Gunn
  2. It doesn't just mean mentally inept, if that's what you were triggered by.
  3. Your personal anecdote doesn't speak volumes. You were complaining about some of us defining a country by it's one government and now you're trying to define the majority of a nation with your one lifetime, in your one area of the middle east.
  4. The government of a country endorses the murder of woman for violating their voodoo laws and it isn't fair to generalise the country as full of "women killers"? Sorry I mean "women-homoseaxual-apostate-etc. killers", cause we gotta look at the fuller context
  5. Bitch, fucking mary me These imaginary friends and fairy tales gotta go
  6. Performance

    I want to hear the studio version first. By the way. Love your set @Hyun.
  7. IDK, lets reminisce about when it wasn't that way, shall we?
  8. I understand. I don't think most people are like you though. I've seen people say that they were going to MAKE (blank) chart and leave their scrobbler on loop.