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  1. Do you know what people outside the US say when you bring up Mariah Carey? "Who the fuck is that?" They seem to know Madonna and Michael though.
  2. Rosé.

  3. Hoping this means that the album is less pop overall
  4. Rosé.

    Anything new?
  5. Rosé.

    Is this up anywhere? Couldn't find it on YouTube.
  6. Rosé.


    Good For You Hands To Myself Me & The Rhythm Rise Same Old Love Me & My Girls Kill 'Em With Kindness Body Heat Revival Outta My Hands (Loco) ...The rest.
  7. The album is going to be a tropical house version of FROOT if disconnect is on the standard edition
  8. Ew yes. Tacky as fuck. Looks like a cover for something bad off Roman Reloaded.
  9. This cover is tragic too. Should've kept with the album aethstetic
  10. Her sole is like a bucket of bleach.