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  1. It's nearly midnight here. I'm gonna wait up.
  2. Rosé.


    I was like "there's not that much too pick from."
  3. Rosé.

    Music Video

    I know. I don't think she's really made to tackle politics. She looses her self awareness when she tries to be political. Her self awareness which makes most of her catalogue immaculate to listen to. She makes better music in the politically neutral zone. She's so great at making art, I can respect her without her taking too many strong stances. I need cool weird music, not half-thoughtout political mishaps
  4. Rosé.

    Music Video

    The Warrior Tour ended in 2015 though and the Dirty Love video was released really close to Timber. All the feels.
  5. It's meant to be out the 19th of September. That's the date here in New Zealand at the moment. Her releases usually come out midnight PST, so where I am.
  6. It'll have to be in the next 12 hours to keep on date right?
  7. When is it out? Midnight for America? It's not out here on PST yet.
  8. Rosé.


    I'm hype. This is the kind of thing I wanted from her, timeless, stripped back and hypnotic.
  9. Rosé.

    OYDWY has two demos?
  10. FACTS. She likes/appreciates metal. Wouldn't be crazy for her to do metal, given she literally shits genre blending for breakfast.
  11. I'm going to avoid forming expectations. Hopefully the next record is distinct from Rainbow.
  12. Who leaks a behind the scenes though? Like, is it really that special?