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  1. It's battlegrounds bitch. Am I not meant to amp it up? Would you prefer I throw lacklustre shade like you?
  2. Check your fucking library. Do you listen to anything besides pop? Most of your shit has just been filtered to you through a lack of exploration. Don't shit on artists who are actually original, just because your small mind can't appreciate more than one genre of top 40 pop stars. You literally remix pop songs so you can drown in them even more. Get some taste before you come for actual artists, instead of artificial, sellout garbage. Manson was more thought provoking then even Gaga could dream to be. Nicki is garbage. One in 10 songs is actually good and that's about it.
  3. (You Drive Me) Crazy I'll Never Stop Loving You Oops!...I Did It Again You Got It All I'm A Slave 4 U Before The Goodbye Touch Of My Hand Brave New Girl Outta This World Get Back If U Seek Amy My Baby Criminal Big Fat Bass Work Bitch Chillin' With You Don't Cry Do You Wanna Come Over? Just Like Me
  4. Sheezus

    Did Money flop? I'd like another album this year, given it's on par or better than Invasion of Privacy.
  5. I'm leaning towards a no on this one. Sounds pretty generic.
  6. Sheezus

    Groupie Love still bops.
  7. Lily Allen was a substantial part of my diet. Slightly odd for a child. The rest was a mixed bag of my mum's music and her gay best friend's library. I remember Bowie, Katy and Gaga playing a lot. I didn't really pick out my own music til I was about 12. Then Kesha slaughtered my senses and my library has only gotten better since.
  8. Sheezus

  9. Sheezus

    Could someone please make me a HQ gif of this please? I'm having trouble with it.
  10. Sheezus


    Power Tsunami Witness Save As Draft Into Me You See There isn't much to choose from.
  11. Sheezus


    This would be embarrassing for her if the average IQ was slightly higher.
  12. It's not even an ex jam, cause I never got with it.
  13. I mean, we went from War, My Sex and Happy to underproduction. Am I really supposed to pretend to like this track?