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  1. Sheezus

    Celeb News

    I can always buy a new one anyway.
  2. Sheezus

    Leave Godzilla alone phag!
  3. Sheezus

    Celeb News

    Can I sell my prostate for K4 and the folk album?
  4. Sheezus


    That explains a lot.
  5. Sheezus

    I'm curious what drugs you guys do TBH, since we stan a party god. Did you she the high note in this dream? Her arm tats look fucking cool. This is going to be my new profile pic.
  6. Sheezus

    Would you prefer "co-cocaine"? Side note: I'd love to get fucked up with Kesha. If I was stoned I'd probably annoy the shit out of her with questions. There's so much I want to know - like the original Cannibal lyrics if she could remember some bars.
  7. I need this Andy. Do it.
  8. Sheezus

    Carly comes on at work most days and I literally dance while making customers food LMAO.
  9. Sheezus

    I see you rock 'n' rollin'. I taste your crack cocaine.
  10. Fly Away too. But IHYDLM is stronger than its peers cause it's so emotional and the build up is great. Secret Weapon is great, but not as moving IMO. You're Freaking Me Out is hilarious, but U Better Know, Crazy Girl (Demo) and I Made Out With A Rockstar (Alt version) are not to be forgotten either. I still think they aren't as good as IHYDLM though.
  11. IMO - this is probably one of Kesha's best rock songs ever and yet we never talk about it. Queen started delivering heart wrenching quality from day one.
  12. Sheezus

    Celeb News

    Kinda late, but whatever. This was some of the funniest shit I've read all year.
  13. Sheezus

    Your big fat wallet, look like your big fat head.
  14. Sheezus

    This is what I have at the moment. Feel like I need to rearrange some stuff. I need to find a bunch of her TV performances for The Live Collection. Any suggestions?