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  1. Sheezus

    Celeb News

    Cause I didn't see it earlier, cause I have a life.
  2. Sheezus

    Celeb News

    Cause she's a white fascist pawn.
  3. Sheezus

    Celeb News

    I wonder when her hair and skin bleaching will start. Nazi tart.
  4. And fuck Ellen. Gays and fascists shouldn't play nice. Queer people will always get fucked in the end. e.g. Night of The Long Knives and Milo/Richard Spencer's feud.
  5. Only in America would shit like this happen. SMH
  6. Sheezus


    I just did a google and couldn't find anything. I like my nazi-detector on point, so I'd like to see where it's coming from if you have any links.
  7. Just ask for 'leather cleaner' at any sex store.
  8. Sheezus


    All our threads are still open: https://fotpforums.com/forum/304-fotp-faves-archive/
  9. Sheezus


    I'm somewhat triggered at these changes. We put a lot of work into our Kesha section. Now poof, it sucks.
  10. Sheezus here

    I've been gone like a week. What happened with the forum layout?

    1. Chris Morlock

      Just general updates.

  11. Good luck ending the wars, legalising pot, abolishing private prisons, removing money from politics, getting the Green New Deal and medicare for all with Warren. Your source looks bogus. Gimme some of her policy proposals that are more progressive than Bernie.
  12. I would probably get like 4 of the 900 stupid references they make.