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  1. Sheezus


    She's being a shit again. Playing nice with Hillary. Bull-fucking-shit. Selling out to the status quo isn't cute. Hillary believes in nothing, but power and money. Hard to believe Kesha isn't just a pussyfied virtue singling part of the bullshit capitalist system. Grow a pair and call me back.
  2. I would probably get like 4 of the 900 stupid references they make.
  3. Sheezus

    What's up with the random God's Gonna Cut You Down music video?
  4. Sheezus


    Thank god it's fake. I was gonna "".
  5. Can she phone Wayne and post Lipsha though...
  6. Sheezus

    She doesn't have to be anything really, but she's basically hiding the fact that she's trans from the public, acquiring cis privilege and then occasionally virtue signalling to queer people for brownie points - when in reality she is not a pioneer or a real advocate. She was recently friendly with Blaire White (following her) for fuck sake. Kim does not give a shit about her trans brothers and sisters at all and is just exploiting them for money and attention. Less binary representation is more important than trans Paris Hilton. Kim is not leading the trans community anywhere.
  7. Sheezus

    Depends on the context; e.g. what the intentions behind the "sexual freedom" is. If it's just to exploit women as sex objects to pander to straight men for the profit of rich men, I think that's fucked up. On the other hand, we have women like Gaga who challenge the conservative expectations of put on women, by exposing her body, not for profit, but as a progressive move that she decided to do herself without $$$ intentions. Compare: To this:
  8. Sheezus


    You don't know age yet then. Get out the house with some CVs sis. Or appIy for a bunch of stuff online. I got my first job in July before I turned 18. I work at a shitty Subway, make my own money and am having to sort out being financially independent, getting a flat and having budget. I'm barely adulting and I'm beginning to feel the age, but I wouldn't throw myself in the adult boat yet. What makes you so old? LOL.
  9. Lame. Wonderland >>>>>
  10. Sheezus

    And the fact that gays worship PCD, Britney, Paris Hilton, and other artists - who are for the most part counter-progressive, don't break gender binary rules, don't write their own music, don't stand for anything except themselves, encourage objectification and never challenge social norms at all. Gays not being turned on by ...Baby One More Time, doesn't mean that we should be allowed to endorse a 16 year old Ms Spears being represented as she was in that school girl uniform. It's no wonder we live in a culture that pressures women to look and act prepubescent to attract men. It's really gross.
  11. Sheezus


    Do you work?
  12. If you have a platform, you should use it responsibly. That's all I have to say about that.
  13. Sheezus


    Mod Notice Trolling Outside BG Love SZA though.
  14. Sheezus