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  1. The same song Hole covered on their MTV unplugged?
  2. Sheezus here

    @mods, can I get HoW access please?

    @Lachlan @Onika @Americunt @Hunty Bear

  3. You are a Kesha Historian. I'd love to have a wine with you haha. Welcome! I Taste Like A Cherry was leaked by Pebe. I think @Americunt said something about that after I had mixed it up as being among the Animal sessions.
  4. Sheezus

    Shallow. Liquorish teeth.
  5. Sheezus


    Have to do six and fuck songs. I'll pick favourites from the albums instead. Albums Animal - Kesha Alright, Still - Lily Allen Warrior - Kesha It's Not Me, It's You - Lily Allen Light Me Up - The Pretty Reckless Rainbow - Kesha Songs C U Next Tuesday Everything's Just Wonderful Past Lives Him Goin' Down Bastards
  6. Sheezus

    Music Video

    Lust for Life took some shrooms.
  7. Sheezus


    What if Kesha just has eternal buzz singles forever?
  8. Sheezus


  9. I got high before listening to this before the second time and that didn't make it grow on me at all. #FreeK4
  10. Sheezus


    She needs to build and rebuild connections with artists who aren't just top 40 male rappers. Cause they're not helping the quality all that much and her most successful tracks are mostly female duo collaborations.
  11. Sheezus


    I reckon working with other people would help her come up with more good ideas herself, because there's less pressure for her to carry so much. And more ideas creates more ideas so...
  12. Sheezus

    Fuck. Fuck.
  13. Sheezus


    Heaps of Lana's work is pretty shallow provocative though. I don't know why Cola specifically is singled out a lot. I reckon what you said makes more sense in terms of most of the songs on Born to Die. Overall Paradise is probably a more mature record, including Cola. Cola compared to Lolita and Diet Mountain Dew is way less novelty. At least she's not bashing the Lolita references to death and the production is more realised on Cola.
  14. Sheezus

    Got steak hoe? Got Cheese?
  15. Sheezus

    Is it fake? That sounds exactly like her. More than 3 million, less than 10 million I reckon. Fandom is on a spectrum so it'd be hard to say.