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  1. Animal was recorded between 2008 and 2009 and I would imagine preparations and rough demos were mostly created between 2007 and 2008. The earliest confirmed writing of a released/leaked Animal session song is Stephan which I believe Kesha said she wrote at 14, which would've been around 2001. I'd defiantly consider these all pre-Animal sessions. Obviously the 2004 and 2005(?) demo CDs. All Lagan collabs Baby, It's You Boys Just Suck Dance Attack Dinosaur (Demo) Dirty Liar Do You Wanna Know Feels Like Rain Good to Be Queen Goodbye Hallucination Hollywood I Hate You (Don't Leave Me) I Wrote It Down I'm The One Invisible - Barbie Diaries, 2006 Leave It Alone Let My Love Go Lucky Styrofoam Sunday Morning Things Work Out My Way Vampire Vintage Kiss Way With Words
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    Welcome to the FOTP Kesha Section! The Animal Kingdom What Song Are You Listening To? Gallery The Discography Thread Rainbow Discussion Thread LINKS: Animal Tag List
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    Celeb News

    Who wants to make the K4 thread and manage it? @Dan @TomTom @Chris Morlock @Recycled stardust any takers? I'm happy to do it if y'all don't want to.
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    I'm gonna pee myself when she announces the album.
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    Backstabber, is one of the best Kesha tracks ever!
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    Just Dance vs. Aura LoveGame vs. Venus Paparazzi vs. G.U.Y Poker Face vs. Sexxx Dreams Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) vs. Jewels n' Drugs Beautiful, Dirty, Rich vs. MANiCURE The Fame vs. Do What U Want Money Honey vs. ARTPOP Starstruck vs. Swine Boys Boys Boys vs. Donatella Paper Gangsta vs. Fashion! Brown Eyes vs. Mary Jane Holland I Like It Rough vs. Dope Summerboy vs. Gypsy Disco Heaven vs. Applause Again Again Retro, Dance, Freak The Fame: 15 ARTPOP: 2
  7. Gay. Fix your discography.
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    Yay. I can barely listen to the new album.
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    Fuck me, I want an alternate version with new verses. The original is so great.
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    I was waiting for that T. Rex tribute actually...
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    Kesha is the wokest fave... fight me. kesha4

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    Loving Funny Talented Honest Creative Well educated on history Well educated on social issues Vegetarian Clearly a progressive (see, RWSM) An activist Challenges female pop star expectations all the time Tries to be herself all the time Puts her neck out for justice at her own expense She kept her integrity when the #MeToo movement brushed her aside Great to her fans Hard working (tour, tour, tour, tour, cruise, cruise, album, soundtracks, features, film) Consistant etc...
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    @myself, I didn't read the date.
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    I already had two versions from ages ago. - Lover (demo) - 5:05 - Lover - 3:34
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    Isn't there supposed to be three now? - Full length/demo 1 - Radio edit/demo 2 - 2015 mix
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    I just read it. I wanna meet these twinks.
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    @Dan @TomTom @Chris Morlock, help my late ass please! I need to hear this.
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    No one:

    Me (right after waking up):


  20. How do we know the venue isn't the album cover shoot?
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    Does anyone have a particularly good version of Nightclubbing from the FTW tour?