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  1. Ultraviolet


    There was a mashup of Uptown Funk and Blah Blah Blah that worked. Here's another two...
  2. I think african American culture and gay American culture exchange colloquialisms a lot. Ever notice how similar black girls and homos can talk?
  3. Ultraviolet


    Your Love Is My Drug C'mon Learn To Let Go Take It Off Timber Praying
  4. Ultraviolet

    That was a long wait girl. Time were tough
  5. Ultraviolet

    Why would we be talking about it? We have basically no information on the album besides it's production status.
  6. Ultraviolet


    You'd be surprised how much apathy is in the world.
  7. Oversimplification isn't helpful at all. I agree with what he says to an extent, but I could turn it around right back at him and say "I wonder if the right wing will fail just like the left to address the issue properly, opting to fear monger instead of actually looking at all the factors at play". Both sides spout all the same shit over and over and no progress is made.
  8. UPDATE: 50 dead


    Please don't let this be just another shooting. I want everyone to keep talking about it and understand what happened so we can all be aware of the factors at play and prevent this from getting any worse.


    1. Chris Morlock

      I mean it's never just another shooting but there's been so many that many people have gone numb to them. It's obviously horrible that anyone would even let a thought like these cross their mind let alone act on it. It's unfortunately just never gonna become a big deal in America's GP at this point. But it should be a huge deal.

  9. Trump was cited once from what I've heard. Fascism has been brewing and been ignored in New Zealand. I just found out we have multiple active white supremacist groups in the North and South Island. Everyone here has this "She'll be right" attitude, so no one saw this coming. The left hasn't helped the situation by seeming unreasonable over the last few years and has consequently been loosing people to the right and shifting closer and closer to becoming flesh n blood bigots. People like Milo bring them over and they can't see through the fake liberal facade. It's disgusting and I hope we improve our education around fascism globally, so it can be called out and crushed. Updates: 50 dead and more hospitalised: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home.html Prime minister 's comments today: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2019/03/livestream-nz-prime-minister-jacinda-ardern-addresses-christchurch-terror-attack-on-sunday.html @Venus XCX
  10. Ultraviolet

    I hope Rainbow's followup will be a more refined concept. Rainbow takes too many romantic love detours from the main concept of the album which is strength and growth. Not that I don't love Godzilla, but it doesn't really tell us much about how Kesha has grown other than in her stylistic choices.
  11. Ultraviolet

    Obviously a standard break is 2-4 years, but based on her past frequency of releases and her desperation, you'd think the album would've been announced already. I want to hear the full version of the snippet she teased, so we don't have another situation where teased or leaked snippets aren't released at all. The sooner the album, the more songs are saved I would think.
  12. Ultraviolet

    How is she gonna take this long to put out a new LP when she was so desperate to get music out nearly two years ago?
  13. Ultraviolet


    I'd just let her choose TBH