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  1. Ultraviolet


    Take It Off 1 Hungover 1 Party At a Rich Dude's House 1 Backstabber 1 Blind 1 Dinosaur 1 Boots & Boys 1 V.I.P. 1 Cannibal 1 Sleazy 1 Grow a Pear 1 C U Next Tuesday 1 Die Young 1 Past Lives 1 Praying 1 Rainbow 1 Hunt You Down 1 Boogie Feet 1 Godzilla 20 Your Love Is My Drug 20 Tik Tok 20 We R Who We R 20 Blow 20 The Harold Song 20 C'Mon 20 Thinking of You 20 Dirty Love 20 Wonderland 20 Only Wanna Dance With You 20 Gold Trans Am 20 Bastards 32 Supernatural 32 All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) 34 Stephen 34 Blah Blah Blah 34 Animal 37 Kiss 'n' Tell 38 Boots 38 Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle to You) 40 Crazy Beautiful Life 41 Crazy Kids 42 Learn to Let Go 43 Wherever You Are 43 Let 'em Talk 43 Spaceship 46 Love Into the Light 47 Last Goodbye 47 Out Alive 47 Woman 50 Warrior 51 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes 51 Hymn 51 Finding You 51 Emotional 51 Here Comes the Change
  2. Ultraviolet

    Celeb News

    I hope she's still smoking weed.
  3. Ultraviolet


    *Insert redundant promo for Rainbow here*
  4. Ultraviolet


    Birthday Suit>>>>>>>>>>
  5. In my case, scholars remain divided
  6. Ultraviolet


    I think it's a bop now
  7. Ultraviolet


    I'm living. Keep going
  8. Ultraviolet


    C U Next Tuesday Sleazy Grow A Pear Cannibal The Harold Song Blow We R Who We R Crazy Beautiful Life Was it official?
  9. Ultraviolet


    You literally change your mind about your rankings constantly
  10. Ultraviolet


    VIP C U Next Tuesday Backstabber Dinosaur Take It Off Your Love Is My Drug Tik Tok Hungover Animal Blind Boots & Boys Party At A Rich Dude's House Blah Blah Blah Stephan Kiss N Tell Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Dirty Picture
  11. Ultraviolet


    This is what Boogie Feet would be if it was bad
  12. Ultraviolet


    Most of these songs are meh. Don't act like any of them can hold a candle to a dozen of her greatest hits
  13. Ultraviolet


    Yes to the track!
  14. I meant that Islam and Christianity both carry anti-semitic ideas.
  15. They go hand and hand don't they?