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  1. Ultraviolet

    Born to Die > The Fame > One of the Boys > Animal > Madonna > the rest.
  2. Ultraviolet

    Found some new gals y'all might want to know.
  3. The album description is funny. Let's see how political things really get. Surprisingly, it's not that uncommon for female pop stars to not be racist homophobes! Who knew?
  4. Ultraviolet


    So she hasn't put any good singles from the past two years on the record and the cover is ugly. 5 In The Morning and No Angel shit on Blame It On Your Love and 1999. #Triggered
  5. Ultraviolet

    Yeah, but money controlling art means that strategy will generally triumph over talent in the marketplace, because success is typically linked to promotion. It's one of the reasons why labels still have their perks.
  6. Ultraviolet

    Capitalism turning rich people into royalty. Why are most people famous? Money and connections (knowing people with money).
  7. Ultraviolet

    She's an honest musician, with good intentions, who loves music, is educated and talented. We can't ask for much more.
  8. Ultraviolet

    When did another fave ever?
  9. "I worked with a rapist... but I'm trans" doesn't really fly with me, so sure.
  10. The more problematic thing is the track's substance creating push back. I don't think anyone thinks this is a lead.
  11. Ultraviolet


    At this rate you should include every Flaming Lips collab.
  12. I have been continually triggered by the changing of grammar. That might be your geography sis. Murica isn't that open minded.
  13. Ultraviolet


    Also Trashy Boy and Butterscotch. Independent Robot Woman, Birthday Suit, Aliens Invading and Pretty Lady too.
  14. Ultraviolet


    I'm living so hard for this. Socialistsha aligning with my return to being a postmodern, neo-marxist, feminist, libtard SJW. I think everything in this song is an accurate critique of the West and the wider world. She's not advocating to get rid of anyone, just to level out all this obnoxious hierarchy the white man and the rich don't tend to care about challenging so that there's a decent level of justice in the world. I completely understand the cynicism that manifested this wonderfully dark cartoon-esque track. I don't think it's problematic cause it won't be popular enough to be weaponised against the left. Overall RSWM is a very cute rant. Sorry that your president won't give you health care and likes killing women, brown people and queers America.
  15. Ultraviolet