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  1. 2017 FOTP Faves Album Megarate

    Thanks legend I'll submit soon!
  2. 2017 FOTP Faves Album Megarate

    @Monster would you prefer the numbers to be fully rounded or are decimals allowed?
  3. Why hasn't Katy Perry dabbed into Christmas music?

    Everyday is a holiday would've been a classic! Idk why she didn't drop it I can see a Christmas album down the line. I understand that she doesn't have one yet, I mean there was no point of wasting a major release on a Christmas album when she was still in her prime. But now.. anything could happen!
  4. Beyoncé is still the best looking pop star 10 years later at 36

    Gays pitting our girls against eachother in terms of beauty? We're truly not any better than the straights
  5. Discussion Can Madonna make another great album?

    I hope that she's inspired to do something better, and that she'll learn from the mess of these albums. I admit that I do like HC and Rebel Heart, but one suffered a lack of concept whereas the other had too much. Rebel Heart with a trimmed tracklist and improved production & vocals wouldn't be half as bad honestly But there's no use lamenting. I have a feeling that the next album will be a step up!
  6. Photos Katy back to black

    It's amazing how something as simple as hair colour can change how old someone looks
  7. Other Hey Hey Hey the next single?

    Was this cancelledT?
  8. No one cares about European countries the size of a paper clip

    She most likely hasn't peaked yet. With every release she proves to be a force to be reckoned with. Yes. Most US acts see a decent level of success overseas, and Beyoncé's success is not outstanding. Nothing special. However, Rihanna has consistently been slaying around the globe. & I don't see why you're bringing legacy into this now. The whole thread is literally about commercial success around the globe, and not how forum stans think their fave impacted music culture. Just out of curiosity, what legacy is she leaving behind? And how does it affect non-American regions? As a European, I don't really know! Not that I'm denying the fact that she has one, but if you're gonna get preachy you might as well serve!
  9. Discussion Albums coming in 2018

    Slay Lou Lou will snatch weaves again! I forgot about Florence omg, it feels like ages since hbhbhb
  10. Discussion Albums coming in 2018

    Yes!! EG4 has been teased recently by photographers!
  11. No one cares about European countries the size of a paper clip

    Again, irrelevant to what we were discussing. Her global scale is fairly expected for an artist coming from the US. I'm not gonna commend her on having one successful album/single/tour here, because it's fairly expected. The point is, Rihanna has CONSISTENTLY been getting hits, successful albums, and decent enough tours. Her worldwide sales shit on Beyoncé's, and she hasn't even been in the business for 20 years. Beyoncé is expected to be declining from now on, yet Rihanna probably hasn't reached her artistic & commercial peak yet. That's what makes her more suited to be the next "queen of pop." Beyoncé is as global of an artist as most US acts are, Rihanna is exceptionally successful ww
  12. Discussion Albums coming in 2018

    There's a possibility! It's hard to tell with her. She definitely has music recorded though, so I'm praying that we get at least a single or something next year!
  13. Discussion Albums coming in 2018

    Ellie Goulding Kylie Minogue Camila Cabelo Carly Rae Jepsen & Possibly: Madonna Marina & The Diamonds
  14. Discussion How often do you use CGYOOMH

    I lowkey really love CGYOMH, it can be so chill and relaxing or absolutely BAWPING depending how you wanna listen!
  15. Discussion Albums coming in 2018

    Which 2018 releases are you excited for?