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  1. Kuba


    Ahhhhhh the wavy blonde hair is always a SERVE I wonder what it's for
  2. Republicans Stanning Katy again.. ugh kp5 will open to a diamond certification
  3. I bet you he is a bon appetit Stan
  4. Kuba

    Celeb News

    Watch out Tony Bennett Katy is coming for your wig
  5. This song is so fire already, but the live instrumentation WHEW
  6. Ah I'm perched! It's the only (non-animated) franchise that actually captured the essence of spider man well & It looks like Zendaya will be more prominent in this one whew
  7. Kuba

    Katy Perry is looking fine these days
  8. The new lady gaga snappedT Glad without me got a chance to hit #1 before this post Malone song
  9. Ahhh I'm a sucker for ancient egyptian history so I'm hyped. But they'd both get dragged so hard for this
  10. Kuba

    Why is Jessie harassing everyone
  11. Kuba


    I'm not really a huge fan of his most recent work, but he basically guarantees her a cute UK hit! Hope she steals Ina Wroldsen's number from his phone though cause they can make magic together omg