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  1. None of those reasons are really that tragic though
  2. Oh I completely get it! I was also kinda taken aback too and wondered how this "purposeful pop" thing would work now. I have full faith that the good sis will pull through!
  3. It really doesn't work that way though. Artists don't just scrap songs (espesh collabs) last minute because they read something online! If you're going to hold their comments against them, we should also hold the problematic shit Katy said against her too! Like I'm not trying to justify their comments, but something like that seems huge to us because we seek reason to hate them, while Katy might've not even given it a second thought because she knows first hand how much shit artists get for saying anything! It'll be a bop everyone, lets not bring it down before it's even out
  4. I already BAWP to the snippet so the actual song is gonna have me shooketh I can't wait!
  5. Now that I've come to accept it, I don't really mind so much. I've always liked her hits with rappers I don't like, she always makes it work! Besides, we wanted a smash, here it is!
  6. I almost got a heart attack thinking it was real lets pray that it's not Migos
  7. Okay I looked up Kobe Beef and ewww
  9. I think we all know that monsters win this hands down!
  10. Ultraviolence & Delirium
  11. Discussion

    Where's this Migos rumour coming from?
  12. Michael is dead, so he's naturally much more respected I think. The others aren't really always respected, but they're all very succesful
  13. There's this on-going perception that once a female artist gets old, she should quit music or if anything, just keep it safe and modest. As a society, we are still very sexist and surprisingly quite ageist. The other factor I suppose is simply not knowing them, or thinking that you don't know them. I'm sure if you played a lot of their greatest hits to a teen nowadays they'll sing along to a few songs!