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  1. Kuba here

    By the looks of it, Ireland voted yes for abortion!


    We are a skinny country oprah14

  2. Lana's mismatched fonts will always anger me on that cover
  3. Kuba

    Omg did Disco Fling just go Platinum? skinny Singles: 83,015
  4. That's just pointless and absurd Not only is it gonna tank, but it'll also permanently cross out the idea of the re-union
  5. Kuba

    Hey guys I'm sorry for the inactivity. I just graduated today and I've extremely important exams in the upcoming weeks, so it's a little bit hectic for me at the moment. I'll still participate, but to a much smaller extent. Asdfghjkll I'll be fully back in action in 2-3 weeks asdfghjkll. Sorry again
  6. Kuba

    The video & a radio deal might push it to a peak of #88. Her MIND
  7. Kuba

    Oh wow, perchedT for Fall In Line to suddenly not be the lead single
  8. I was actually talking with my friend about Gaga the other day, and she thought that her only album was The Fame Monster nnnn
  9. No. If they were going by singing ability, then they sis would have no singles out bar her ballads It's not about how well she sings it, it's about how she performs it, and her Roulette performances are decent. It's not a single because the campaign was killed. CTTR was a good hit, but still an under-performance by her standards. They thought the resolution would be Bon Appétit, which backfired terribly, and led to poor Swish's rush release. Hey Hey Hey was gonna be a single, which she probably fought for, but as soon as the main promo for it was axed, so was Hey. Roulette's omission as a single has NOTHING to do with her singing capabilities, they just wanted to sweep Witness under the rug as quickly as possible
  10. Ugh she looks so sexy from the waist up! But it's too long, which makes her look extremely short and disproportionate.The train also cheapens the look I hope she keeps styling this direction though!
  11. Kuba


    Uggh queen of looking 2 but also 80 at the same time
  12. Ugh X & Demi will come through Dua's performance will be a mess nnn