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  1. Nicki getting another HIT sounds great tbh
  2. Kuba

    KATY PERRY - FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION - CALTUBE ADS This is a short advertisement promoting Katy Perry's submissions for the Grammies. Speculation on the web suggests that she has a big chance of earning a nomination for her album "Atlantis" in the Best Pop Vocal category, and a nomination for Best Video with her double feature "Golden Apple/Because of You." Her team and fanbase would also hope for a "Catch Me in the Sun" nomination in the Record of the Year category given its big commercial success. With a score of 84 on metacritic, a 2x platinum album and a 5x platinum hit single, it would only be fitting for Katy to make some noise at the grammies. This commercial would be displayed before videos on Caltube and is only a few seconds long. The song playing in the background is "Catch Me in the Sun."
  3. Kuba

    idk why im spamming