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  1. Kuba

    ZUMBA A playlist curated by Katy Perry featuring only dance songs (ballads be gone!) This playlist caters to a fitness enthusiasts and club goers, or just anyone who wants a huge dosage of high bpm bangers. name can be changed to "this is dance" or something
  2. The youtube comments on it are delightful! The song also has great reviews on Amazon, especially since the troll comments were removed!
  3. Kuba

    Definitely! It doesn't seem like it cause it's still a relatively modern Christmas song, but all Christmas classics started out contemporary at first. The huge recurrent plays honestly speak for themselves tho
  4. Kuba


    Miss Shoemaker did THAT
  5. In what world is 100m views in under a year bad for anyone's album track lmao it literally outviewed some of her singles
  6. Sweetie it's a non single we're lucky it even hit 100m nnnnnn
  7. 18 as lead, 19 including Feels
  8. Kuba

    Her face clearly reads "Suzane pushed me down into a basement and didn't let me out until i made new music"