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  2. The cat murdered Americunt then bought Applause twice on its payphone. Gaga pulled a hip muscle while breaking Madonna's fat toe
  3. Honestly, Witness was the most unexpected out of the three. Like it or hate it, I don't think anyone saw Katy going in that direction. Obviously it's not groundbreaking per se, but in the context of her career and the other albums, it's definitely the riskier one. Rainbow wasn't exactly, unexpected, but it's the rawest and most authentic effort I think. The fusion of country, pop-rock & Kesha's style is genius to be honest, it's so well executed imo. I've grown accustomed to Gaga's calculated reinventions, so Joanne wasn't really a big surprise. She's a good businesswoman, she knows what she was doing with the album, but it's put to shame by Rainbow tbh.
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    I'm going to a debutante soon & I'm so stressed! rip1 But I might post some pics of me in a suit when I come back gaycat1

  5. here

    Where is Popfection at nowadays? dead2

    1. #Music

      we are flopping massively cuz we're busy af dead2 coming back soon cuz there's a couple albums I'm writing reviews for jj2

    2. Urbanov

      Poop Investigation is looking for some shit to do - like their name indicates sia2

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    Omg yes talent aka True God WOn Now to pick
  7. I'm happy I'm not the only one hfuiehfuie it's literally so cringey, they shouldn't be revealed this round tbh
  8. writing the description for this is so weird omfg
  9. Omg we love a new iconic judge!
  10. I love Girls Aloud will all my heart but Sarah is a MESS. The girl needs to get her shit together! Also good on Dinah for speaking up, the comment was unnecessary & very hypocritical!
  11. I'm gonna be bottom 3 this round fdhweuighfuie
  12. The difference between men and women is mainly biological, and what we're trying to target is the social difference that we as humans created. Clothes don't have gender. Obviously, men and women have different physiques that would need to be tended to, but there is no reason for a man not to be able to wear a dress or skirt if he so wishes. There is no reason for men not having as much pink/purple/shiny clothes as women do. There is no reason for men to not be able to wear heels if they so wish. I find it funny that you bring up not wanting to wear "feminine" clothing. Firstly, men wore skirts & tunics way before they wore trousers, did that make them any less male? And secondly, if you don't want to wear them, then don't. You have a choice. We also want to give a choice to men that DO want to wear said things. Nobody here is condemning boys for playing with "boy" toys, or girls playing with "girl" toys. Again, we want to give them a choice. The mission is to give kids a choice in toys, which helps them express their individuality further. Rather than saying, "Boys have to play with "ABC" and Girls have to play with "DEF", we're saying that kids should be able to play with "ABCDEF." You claim that kids don't think about equality & serious stuff, yet the next point is about educating them about equality and serious stuff? I fully agree that parents need to educate their children, but preaching about equality while buying their children toys designed specifically for a sex doesn't make sense. This is in no way complicating things, it's simply getting rid of the "boy"-"girl" labels off toys & clothes
  13. Ugghgghgh this is frustrating At least we're not facing the tribal council tho so
  14. Okay but can we get off this floppy island?? Coron cancelledT