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  1. Kuba

    why does she sound like tfj marina
  2. Cozy Little Christmas must be getting a full release this year then! I'd love if she dropped an EP this year: Cozy Little Christmas Everyday's A Holiday Original Christmas Bop Original Christmas Ballad White Christmas And then add 5-6 songs next year to make it an album
  3. Kuba

    Volume two. The will be blood and wrong turn are iconic, all the instrumentals slap. Volume 1 is amazing but I only really use close your eyes, TRANSylvania and boo bitch
  4. Kuba

    Heart to break, can't do better & if u think about me
  5. Kuba

    Wrong Turn All I do is cry
  6. why is this so good
  7. Kuba

    Really Don't Like U - Tove & Kylie Genetics - Meghan Trainor Higher - Ally Brooke Teeth - 5SOS Sweettalk My Heart - Tove Lo Jacques - Jax Jones & Tove Lo Torn - Ava Max Hate Me - Ellie Goulding Hot Girl Summer - Megan Thee Stallion Like The Way I Do - Cascada Violence - Grimes Ina Wroldsen - Haloes Bad As the Boys - Tove Lo Small Talk - Baldty Perry I Warned Myself - Charlie Puth
  8. she's doing us all a favour huh
  9. Personal Hell, All I do is cry & sweet spot
  10. Kuba

    Music Video

    This version of karma is so hot yes ma'am