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  1. wtf i only noticed now that daylight saving happened Night everyone <3 <3
  2. @Justin Bieber was it you?
  3. Wait if he can check his snapchat what's stopping him from checking fotp
  4. We're only on #2?
  5. Shaming? I love you with STDs or without
  6. I'd rather speak on your behalf Herpemione
  7. Not the camera being more iconic than any of the houseguests
  8. @Cosmic are you moving into @Justin Bieber's room or is he moving in with us?
  9. Sis you're #11
  10. Omg no.5?
  11. Tell 'em how you feel gurl!
  12. good.
  13. Legends can only do so much! Still love you queen!
  14. @Hannah I just noticed, we're having a delirium listening party omg!
  15. They don't call Skyline the Queen of Charity for no reason!