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    I'm screaming. Honest legend
  2. IS KATY PERRY KILLING 'AMERICAN IDOL' RATINGS? News & views: Katy Perry is dragging down 'American Idol' Embarrassment for ABC as ‘American Idol’ reboot tanks amid Katy Perry nun dispute, Ryan Seacrest sex scandal She is just TOO relevant
  3. Sis I needed to have a separate thread to promote on twitter
  4. Oh my god Kylie will have not one, but TWO summer smashes
  5. Her biggest audience ever over there, and I'm guessing it's the biggest audience for the Witness tour in general for a single venue! Even when she's flopping she's slaying! Also as an extra, Brazil's itunes:
  6. Well then we have to take the exact same scenario. A cocky girl walks into the room, Katy asks her if she wants to be kissed by Luke Bryan, she goes in for the kiss TWICE, and later asks Luke "How was it?" Sure there would be a conversation, but it would mainly be among SJW's and people who hate Luke. Lets re-imagine Luke as a hot 30 year old, the gays would be first saying "I wish it were me." Lets also add that the girl would try SO many times to clear this up afterwards. He didn't have to find it okay, or like it, or be glad. He denied being unaware of the kiss, and informed us that he was asked prior if he would like to kiss Katy Perry. He could have said "No, I don't want to kiss Katy," and had it over with, but instead he went in for the kiss TWICE. The whole issue about this was whether or not he agreed to the kiss, and not whether he liked it. You can still kiss someone and not enjoy it. It doesn't make it sexual assault. You still brought it up, and if it makes you feel any better, she apologized for the cultural appropriation. Again, I Kissed A Girl is more about bi-curiosity than "lesbianism." As far as I'm concerned, it is often SJW's that argue that sexuality is fluid and on a spectrum. Doesn't diminishing her experience go against that whole theory? . However, it really ain't that deep. She kissed a girl and she liked it, but didn't know how to feel about it due to her experiences. C'est ca. But AGAIN, if it makes you feel any better, she apologized for that song too. Ur so gay can be quite offensive, I agree! But it can also be read as social commentary, and was released at a time when not every little thing was super offensive to everyone! I could argue that Marina's "Girls," (+BTT) Taylor's "Better Than Revenge" and Florence's "Kiss with a fist" can be considered just as bad.. and don't you stan them all? Stop acting like such a saint, all of our girls have messy songs in their discographies. I mean, Hot N Cold could be deemed offensive if it was released today, so are we gonna just pick and choose what we find offensive?
  7. Why would you be embarrassed? They're having fun
  8. @AGNTEA I love how your point was proven literally a second after you replied! I love how people go silent, or deflect after you prove them wrong. It makes you wonder, do some people here *cough* @Simón. @Modern Woman *cough* actually care that much about these social issues, or do they only feel so passionately about them when it gives them an excuse to tear someone down?