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    Wait will this be like the 7th single from this album?
  2. Single

    This is such a bad choice, which is a shame cause she started doing so well
  3. It really doesn't. I'm not here to argue about whose legacy was/is or will be bigger, I'm just saying that at the moment Michael has a huge respect that comes with death. That respect is so powerful that it dissolves most of the negatives that were associated with him, & this has been the case for so many other artists that passed. And on the contrary, Madonna is often hailed as an inspiration by younger female artists so I don't know where you're pulling that from?
  4. At the moment, Michael's work will always be remembered in a more positive light simply because he's dead. Now obviously this may not directly affect the amount of young people that know of him nowadays, but the general outlook on his work is so drastically different now than what it was a decade ago. In fairness to Madonna, a few of them knew a bunch of her songs, and I'm sure there'd be more recognized with the inclusion of some TB single, Hung Up & 4M. However, comparing the legacies of a dead and a living artist will never ever provide a fruitful outcome!
  5. Discussion

    I'm not a huge fan of the stuff that he's produced this year tbh? They probably could make a decent bop though! However, if he wants to keep his career then he should stay clear of Katy
  6. The good sis should re-release the album and tack Feels & another dj collab & watch it fly to the top 10!
  7. I wonder where this album is selling it's at like 800-900k WW
  8. Charts

    I honestly don't see why they're waiting
  9. Get ready for its iconic return at #186 when Roulette SMASHES
  10. I'm SCREAMING kids are so brutally honest i love it
  11. Just going more depth into ha disco/videography, she seems to have had great influence on pop culture! Shame she isn't credited much for it at all!
  12. Charts

    16th October 2017 Grey = Last Month Black = This Month Green = Increase or Total TOTAL = 4,098,867,917 (+ 161,374,334) Just a few tidbits! Katy's total streams surpassed 4 BILLION I Kissed A Girl & Bon Appétit both surpassed 100M streams, and Wide Awake will definitely do so within a few weeks! Roulette's streams are evening out with Hey Hey Hey & Dejá Vu despite staggering behind them, smash confirmedT?
  13. Charts

    Yes I am legend!
  14. realistically speaking 1. Aura vs. Witness 2. Venus vs. Hey Hey Hey 3. G.U.Y. vs. Roulette 4. Sexxx Dreams vs. Swish Swish 5. Jewels N' Drugs vs. Déjà Vu 6. MANiCURE vs. Power 7. Do What U Want vs. Mind Maze 8. ARTPOP vs. Miss You More 9. Swine vs. Chained to the Rhythm 10. Donatella vs. Tsunami 11. Fashion! vs. Bon Appétit 12. Mary Jane Holland vs. Bigger Than Me 13. Dope vs. Save as Draft 14. Gypsy vs. Pendulum 15. Applause vs. Into Me You See
  15. Witness all the way!