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  1. I mean, as pop fans, none of us will remember them cause we don't listen to them lmao. I don't think I've heard any of his new songs yet That being said, there is a huge audience behind his music which is evident by his #1s. However, the charts have become so stagnant lately because of streaming that it's difficult to tell how.. legit the appeal of a song is. I personally think that his remembered songs will be the natural hits like hotline bling & one dance
  2. whew serving so many bops with this album
  3. Lmao she is UNSTOPPABLE today Barbados, tomorrow the world!
  4. I love how you always come for the biggest ass-kissing fanbases & get hit threads an icon!
  5. I love the classic "some else posted it!" giving me throwbacks to when the chainsmoker guy called halsey a stupid bald bitch and then claimed to be hacked lmao
  6. Kuba


    im praying that this doesn't get delayed or shelved
  7. Kuba


    11 that Love score was CRIMINAL you uglies
  8. I lowkey like this better than anything she's put out since UV I really like this direction!
  9. Kuba


    did he forget how to make good drops
  10. Kuba here

    I finished reading the miseducation of Cameron Post. A STUNNING book I highly recommended

  11. I've never seen an uglier list
  12. Kuba

    Sometimes I walk into these threads and wonder if I'm high
  13. Kuba

    You did snot just do that-