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  1. Kuba here

    Can't Get You Out Of My Head was playing in a straight club last night and I've never seen a dance-floor more full 

    1. jacs vs looser

      You just literally reminded me that straight clubs exist. gaycat1

  2. Kuba

    Hot N Classic really does feel like a #1 but it wasnt feuihfuiehefi
  3. Miss Ina never disappoints ooh
  4. Kuba

    2010-12 was fabulous for music tbh, no other years really come close
  5. I'm talking about YouTube? Sis do you not remember the sudden surge it got in YouTube views.. very reminiscent of 365's?
  6. You didn't seem to mind when gaga gave shallow the same treatment
  7. Kuba


    I caved in and fixed my Marina streams asdfghjkl
  8. Call their asses out lmao. We all know that playlists are mostly money driven, so it's a bit shit when they excuse not promoting a song because of "data." Sally Walker like out-streamed half of the songs in the NMF top 20
  9. Kuba


    Spring Codes - Ellie Goulding Want You Back - 5SOS I Remember - Betty Who For You - Rita Ora Knees - Bebe Rexha Heavenly - Lea Michele Most are bops with that kind of airy, spring feel. Summer Call My Name - Cheryl Titanium - Sia In My Cabana - Margaret Yes - Louisa All For You - Years & Years Can't Dance - Meghan Trainor Fuego - Eleni Foureri X my Heart - Aisel Jai Ho! - The Pussycat Dolls Hasta Luego - HRVY Switch - Iggy & Anitta On The Low - Tove Styrke A lot of these are fairly recent but I feel like they're gonna become summer classics for me. There's also so much from Eurovision simply cause you hear most of them in may & Naturally i love all the other classics people have mentioned already
  10. The outrage doesn't really surround Ariana herself, it's moreso that ticket prices doubled & that she's gonna attract a huge straight audience. But like, people that are mad just because she's non-lgbt are just mad for the sake of it. If we had that mentality for every star we'd stan nobody we-
  11. omg wig at all of these songs being classics
  12. I used to feel similarly but the poor gal has no choice really. I get & respect completely abstaining from Luke's productions, but like, she works with him because she's contractually obliged to. Not because she loves what he did, ya know?
  13. PHFJFHITH Purple Hydrangeas From Japan Find Hope In The Himalayas