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  1. Kuba here

    omg what a throwback


    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      I love her. German Queen of Pop. cry7

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  3. Kuba

    Don't wanna be extra but a gay's gotta raise the pre-orders
  4. Kuba

    im SCREAMING not me forgetting IKAG this is so embarrassing
  5. Kuba

    Omg do share!
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    Artists Albums Songs
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    I know we have a Last.FM charts already, but Zero compiles that Data into cooler charts! Share sistren, and if you don't have it then sign up here! http://zerocharts.com.br/
  8. Kuba

    Hmm at the moment I'm thinking Firework Hot N Cold California Gurls Chained To The Rhythm Walking On Air Dark Horse E.T Swish Swish Part Of Me Teenage Dream The One That Got Away Unconditionally Roulette Wide Awake This Is How We Do Last Friday Night I Kissed A Girl Legendary Lovers Thinking Of You Roar
  9. Ultraviolence I remember I downloaded Born To Die at some stage, but I really didn't like it so it was deleted after a month. When UV came out, some weird force came over me and I was like "you know what, I'll give it a go." It ended up being one of the best albums I've ever heard, so yeah, I was surprised!
  10. Kuba

    Katy Perry Singles $244,614