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    Good evening Katy, congratulations on your album Atlantis! How are you tonight? Thank you! I'm pretty stoked to be here. Last week was very intense promotion wise, so I'm super grateful for the opportunity to get dolled up, support an amazing person and meet up with all my industry friends! Are you wearing any Aurora products right now? Indeed I am! I have on Goddess Gloss, a beautiful pink color which compliments my dress really well. I outlined my lips with Divine Dawn lip-liner. I actually have both in my purse, can't go anywhere without them now! (laughs.) My make up artist keeps gushing about these new products. I will definitely be using them frequently! Have you met up with Florence yet? No I haven't actually! I'll seek her out eventually when she's done with all her interviews, she's so busy tonight! I'm so proud of her. I can't wait to get a minute with her, we'll take a bomb-ass selfie for Connect!
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    Katy Perry Singles - $1,595,028 Albums - $4,458,750 Total = 6,053,778 I can't believe it Ron omg!
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    Katy.. ugh a legend
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    Wait this sounds great I'm hyped
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    If we assume that Katy will put 365, Con Calma, Never Really Over and Small Talk on the album, she will already have 340,042,149 streams. in comparison, Witness, with Chained To The Rhythm, Bon Appétit and Swish Swish had around 300,000,000 streams before album release!
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    Katy's Top Songs Summer 2019 Never Really Over Con Calma 365 Feels Last Friday Night Firework Dark Horse Roar I Kissed A Girl Hot N Cold California Gurls
  7. Yeah I was looking through some of the comments and damn, some dudes are really bitter that actual predators got their just desserts. & Yeah I don't really completely disbelieve these events either. But at the same time, people at parties get drunk messy all the time, and if it didn't bother him for nine years, why does it now? Literally every year he posted something congratulating her, and even called her a "boss lady." He's now deleting those comments. He had two great windows to expose her during the Witness backlash and Idol kiss. On top of that, he's apparently been in financial trouble lately and has been scamming people.. on Onlyfans I also don't really get why he had to mention the fact that she didn't enjoy kissing him. I'm glad that her friends are bringing receipts though and that the Thinking Of You actor commented on her professional nature on set. I'm guessing that he probably told someone Katy pantsed him and they told him to make a buck out of it. I also read the articles posted in this thread and they just seem very "I could see that happening, she's very handsy with people." I was genuinely scared shitless for a sec thinking she got another proper accusation lmao