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  1. Omg I've listened to the glorious non stop mix so much that it just sounds weird normal! An ALBUM!
  2. Why is she so visually inconsistent this era? I'm living for the picture The font can go tho
  3. Anitta is blowing up lately i am sooo happy!
  4. Single

    So? Sis that was 2 years ago
  5. Is it bad that I'm worrying about Marina ruining the song? asdfghjkl
  6. I'm so disappointed with her. I can completely understand her defending Quavo, I too believe that it's more worth-while to educate someone on an issue rather than come for them, but it seems like she just dismissed it? And her comment on Iggy is vile and unnecessary. Iggy was even the one to step up and defend her when nobody else would, and now she's pulling this shit? Get your shit together Ashley.
  7. Europe is #obsessed with them! I've heard them more on the radio in a week than any of the fotp gals in a year! Kii at them losing their only market soon
  8. It's so strange that we can't picture a male doing anything remotely outside heterosexuality that would get successful It says a lot about our current social situation! Tbh, a male pop star would only blow up with a bicurious song by miracle. I can imagine us a Halsey sized bi/gay pop star by 2020 tho! However, if the gays aren't here for Adam Lambert, Brendon Urie & Troye, then queer male pop scene is looking bleak!
  9. I was gonna say that I hope it flops for filth, but that's kinda a given if Marina's on it
  10. here

    Ugh was anyone else ever extremely obsessed with The Saturdays or was it just me? cry6

    1. CHANEL #1

      I still love them. Best girl group discography imo

  11. Achievement

    Okay I was just strongly compelled to play Into The Groove for no reason, and 2 mins later I see this?? Queen of minions!