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  1. Kuba

    And prayers
  2. Kuba


    Pop perfection tbh whew
  3. What an incredible album she really delivered ahh. What a return to form
  4. Kuba

    It's nothing groundbreaking but it's a fun little burst of energy. The bridge is really jarring and hollow though, I hope they put Diddy back on the song as a remix or something
  5. I think the main pop stars I fell out of love with are Gaga and Lana. Gaga’s albums and personality after born this way don’t really resonate with me and her stanbase kinda put me off her more. I do bop to her a lot lately though With Lana I just got less interested with every album she put out, but her antics lately just make her so dislikable
  6. Showstopping, phenomenal, groundbreaking
  7. Kuba

    Katy Perry Earnings Albums - $3.975,030 Singles - $1,299,614 Total = 5,274,644
  8. Kuba


    Oh lovely! Get those extra views I wonder if something is coming soon then cause they usually change thumbnails before new singles iirc!
  9. Congrats, that’s insane
  10. 1 year ago today, Katy Perry released her acclaimed droplet single "Never Really Over." It peaked at #15 on billboard hot 100 and went top 10 in several countries, including Canada and Australia. Since release, it has garnered over 370M spotify streams and 124M Youtube views. The song will supposedly be part of Katy's much anticipated album coming out in August 14th! Lets celebrate kats!