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  1. Kuba
    These are always fun to read so I decided to make my own! 
    All cds unless stated otherwise! 
    Ellie Goulding
    Bright Lights
    Halcyon Days
    Halcyon (vinyl)
    Delirium (vinyl)
    Bring Me To Life (cd single)
    The Open Door
    Florence + The Machine
    HBHBHB (vinyl)
    Badlands (blue vinyl)
    HFK (Teal/clear vinyl)
    Lana Del Rey
    Born To Die
    Born To Die: The Paradise Edition
    Born To Die (Vinyl)
    Ultraviolence (Vinyl)
    Honeymoon (Red Vinyl)
    The Immaculate Collection
    You'll See (cd single)
    Frozen (cd single)
    Ray Of Light
    Confessions On A Dancefloor
    Rebel Heart
    True Blue (vinyl)
    Confessions On A Dancefloor (Pink Vinyl)
    Rebel Heart (Vinyl)
    Marina & The Diamonds
    The family Jewels
    Electra Heart (deluxe)
    FROOT (signed)
    The Family Jewels (vinyl)
    Electra Heart (Vinyl)
    FROOT (Diamond White Vinyl)
    Laundry Service
    She Wolf
    Then we have the less extensive collections
    Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
    Grimes - Art Angels
    Paloma Faith - A Perfect Contradiction
    Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster & Born This Way
    Cheryl Cole - Only Human
    Thirty Seconds To Mars - A beautiful Lie
    Fifty Shades of Grey
    Years & Years - Communion
    Sugababes - Taller in More Ways
    Kate Bush - The Whole Story
    Sia - 100 Forms Of Fear
    Britney Spears - Blackout
    Carly Rae Jepsen - EMOTION
    Frank Sinatra - Nothing But The Best 
    Amy Winehouse - Amy
    Rihanna - Anti & A Girl Like Me
    Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing & Goodbye Lullabye
    Kylie Minogue - Body Language
    Kesha - Animal
    Katy Perry - One Of The Boys 
    Girls Aloud - Out Of Control
    Charli XCX - Sucker
    Taylor Swift - Red 
  2. Kuba
    We're already some time into the second half of 2017, but I'd like to take this moment to reflect on some amazing song releases that were released in the first half!  Most of these are drag-worthy tbh asdfghjkl 
    10. Mo Bounce - Iggy Azealia
    Never have I ever thought that I'd be bopping to an Iggy song, yet here we are. It has a really fun vibe, and it really fits the digital distortion concept she's going for. I'm sorry that her career is currently crumbling, but I appreciate the music she's putting out lately. Switch & last year's Team are surprisingly good too. 
    9. What You Do - Margaret
    The Polish queen of bops served yet again! I've been jamming out to this since it dropped and to me it still feels so fresh and light. Maybe it's not the most creative effort by her, but it's undeniably catchy!
    8. Cut To The Feeling - Carly Rae Jepsen
    Carly is the only pop girl that consistently make HUGE pop choruses. The song is just so her, and I find it quite funny that her outtakes sound better than most of the pop girls lead singles. Part of me wants her to move on from EMOTION, but another part wants her to keep serving material like this!
    7. Lie - Halsey
    This song doesn't get much love, and I can understand that because the of the short length, the lyrics and Quavo. However, the chorus won me over. It sounds so grand and dystopian, slightly reflective of some Evanescence songs. There might be way better tracks on HFK, but Lie us a standout for me. Even its concept intrigues me, I think we've all had a connection with a person that was breaking but we wanted to pretend otherwise in hopes of saving it.  
    6. Speak To Me - Amy Lee
    As an Evanescence fan, any work by Amy instantly gets me hyped be it her covers or her kids album () When she dropped this soundtrack single I knew I was in for an emotional ride. The song is so moving & her vocals are angelic, and it shows the growth of her as a person. You can really feel that motherhood had a great impact on her. I'm so excited for Ev's orchestral remakes of their discography!
    5. Plastic - Áine Cahill
    Áine is a really small Irish artist, but she is so incredibly talented. Her sound is really interesting and she's inspired by the same artists I draw inspiration from. I have really resonated with this song for the past while because I've had to deal with fake and toxic people, but only I seemed to think of them that way. It's nice knowing that I wasn't alone in this situation.
    4. Need You - Allie X
    I was really excited for CXII, but I was slightly disappointed because it just didn't appeal to me the way her other work did. However, there was something about the beat and sombre tone of the song that caught me. There's a vulnerable confidence to it which I really love. Again, as mentioned with the previous song, I've cut someone out from my life this year, and I used to be so dependent on them but I never realised how detrimental they were to me. Maybe that's why the song hits so close to home lol.
    3. Disconnect - Clean Bandit & Marina and The Diamonds
    Okay this song is here purely because of my bias It's the first Marina song we've gotten in like two years, and I've been waiting for it ever since it was debuted live. I guess that this really sways my opinion. However, I love the song because it balances a chill and upbeat sound very well. I don't really have complaints about it, but I'm sure that I will when ha album drops!
    2. Heavenly - Lea Michele
    When I heard that Lea Michele was dropping another album, I got strangely excited? My excitement rose when I found out that Ellie wrote a song for this album. When the album dropped, I was blown away. It's a really mature work on Lea's part. I instantly fell in love with Heavenly, it has a gorgeous hook. I think it's one of my favourite songs because it's an amazing collaboration between an artist that I love, and an artist that I'm beginning to love. Her voice is so powerful and makes this song feel so personal.
    1. Chained To The Rhythm - Katy Perry
    Honestly, many songs from Witness could've snatched this title, but I couldn't pay dust to the song that started it all. CTTR is like a fusion of her classic upbeat sound with Witness' deeper themes. Skip's feature is also perfect because it feels like a genuine collaboration between two artists who wanted to share a similar message. It's still as enjoyable now as it was a few months back, and the video is always fun to watch. I remember when it caused a huge discussion here when people were pointing out hidden messages, I didn't really imagine a Katy Perry song making me do research on issues in the world, yet it did!