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  1. 51 minutes ago, Vertigo-go said:

    You need to add Back to Black by Amy! And Frank! There is that great boxset with 4 CDS (each album + extra deluxe disc), with amazing pictures and biography and lyrics, but I think it's becoming rare now, so might be a bit expensive. It's just called Frank/Back to Black!

    Omg I think I might! I've been more of a casual listener of both, but I'd like to dig a little deeper into their discographies!

  2. 7 hours ago, Chapman. said:

    good list after scrolling directly past iggy, ofc like you said there'd be more acclaimed songs on HFK and Witness but those two should receive some praise as well especially cttr! I also love seeing need you, and I'll check out aine and Margaret sometime


    noticed the absence of lorde songs but then I remembered you hate lorde for some deranged reason so sia3 

    Omg I couldn't even believe myself that I was putting Iggy on rip4 I feel like I'd struggle picking an actual fave from HFK & W, so I guess I went with those that had more emotional sentiment to me kii. 

    Margaret is really good for summer bops, maybe she's not the most innovative pop artist but her music is fun! Áine is a sweetheart & her music has that kinda "vintage" sound to it. I totally recommend both!

    Omg it's not even that I hate her, it's just that her voice is indigestible for me. I really appreciate her songwriting, it's amazing oprah4

  3. Honestly, this is extremely kind and inspiring. It's so courageous and honorable of you to finally set about closure with this. It isn't easy to forgive, and it it also isn't easy to recognize your own faults, and I admire you so much for doing so. Life is too short to dwell on situations in life that aren't worth our thoughts, so I'm happy that you finally decided to process this because it's going to relieve you of so much unnecessary weight in the long run. Friendship is a complicated type of relationship, but it can be a wonderful thing when you find the right people and let go of the ones dragging you back! I'm honestly so proud of you right now sis, I love you so much! cry0