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  1. Ah miss Marina Diamandis and Allie X absolutely slayed at the Dublin show tonight 

  2. All these Melanie sets.. ma i'm scared 

    1. Madonna


      DEELTE THEM, FAT! @Hylia is triggerec!!!!

  3. Orange is the new black's final season was so disappointing laughcry1laughcry1

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    2. Venus XCX

      Venus XCX

      3 hours ago, Hunty Bear said:

      you guys really think that? I'm not quite done with it yet but it's honestly one of the best seasons so far (and most certainly not worse than the shitstains that are S5, S6 and arguably S3)


      They're overreacting. The last few episodes make up for anything that seemed boring or pointless earlier in the season. Finale truly did the show justice!


    3. Aidan.


      The finale has to be one of the laziest things I have ever seen in television

    4. Kuba


      I mean, as far as OITNB seasons go, it's alright. But as a final season, it's underwhelming. It opens up a billion storylines and either gives them lazy finishes or no conclusion at all. But I must say that they executed some storylines perfectly, looking at you Fig, Gloria & Blanca!



  4. The way Keep on Dancin', Codes and Don't Need Nobody could've all been HITS

  5. the fucking breakdown in End of the earth oh my GOD

  6. omg Love is out 

  7. Can't Get You Out Of My Head was playing in a straight club last night and I've never seen a dance-floor more full 

    1. jacs vs looser

      jacs vs looser

      You just literally reminded me that straight clubs exist. gaycat1

    2. Satori


      Kylie ha power

  8. Flux is beautiful oh my god


    Superstar is.. well

  9. I had a dream that I was getting a nose job and Kylie Minogue was my surgeon we-

    1. ajp


      Did you wake up looking like Dannii? nat1


  10. The 365 snippet is so sexy alex1 ha 10th #1 


    But they need to rush release for this Friday cause it's gonna leak in full soon nicki5

  11. I was at a club last night and I shit u not they played SWAN SONG by lana 




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    2. Kuba


      Omg @Urbanov weirdly enough it was a straight club and the album version dead7 the DJ must have been a STAN and ngl, hearing that song in a gothic styled club is quite an experience 

    3. Urbi


      good song for that kind of environment lbr oprah14

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      and not swan song by dua? lawl

  12. Not Lana rhyming iPad with dad im-


  13. I just watched that tv show Elite and WHEW clap3



    1. hector


      sis the men..... the MEN WHEW clap4 

    2. Kuba


      1 hour ago, hector said:

      sis the men..... the MEN WHEW clap4 

      TEA they're all so hot im-

  14. Some guy on Grindr was like "I saw you at the train station the other day" and now he wants to fuck


    Gays are weird 

    1. Hylia


      Sorry I just thought you looked cute ):

    2. Mystique
    3. Kuba


      @Hylia bb u should've come over and said hello ):

  15. I'm screaming cozy little Xmas debuted at #68 on bbh100


    Amazon queen

  16. Ms Hudson revived ha satanic contract KP5 is gonna SMASH


    1. Madonna


      So...if she is with Satan again, does that mean her next album will be produced by the Dark Lord aka. Dr. Luke himself? katy7 

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      i hope the fuck not katy6 

  17. Ugh Science by Allie X is the best thing a pop girl served in a while 

    1. Jake


      Truly in her top 3 clap3 

    2. Jose


      sadly the rest of the album is... underwhelming dead1 

  18. omg WIG at that Ava Max girl randomly slaying with a cute pop hit

  19. Oh my god Wasabi

    the BEAT



    it's low-key dated asf but works really well jsjdjsjdjd

    1. Ariana




  20. Ellie kinda snappedT

  21. Chained to the rhythm low-key slaps harder now than it did upon release whew

  22. Power & Control SLAPS 

    ugh marina's mind

  23. I finished reading the miseducation of Cameron Post. A STUNNING book I highly recommended

  24. Starting Uni tomorrow & couldn't be more nervous ari5

    1. Kenya


      Yes sis ny3. Be friends with your professors ny1 

    2. Ghostface


      All best wishes in this important stage of life. Have fun and hopefully fall in love, if possible, even more with chosen studies. lana1