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  1. She secured herself a manager that does his job well by securing her the best opportunities available. Luckily, the 'payola' also works in her favor. We've seen countless examples of it backfiring dead1


    That being said, it's sad that all that is wasted on what is essentially the female version of 'changes.' I was holding out hope for the deluxe, hoping she'd listen to some of the criticisms but that was immediately squashed when I saw the lazy cover art and 2 min ringtone songs rip4

  2. It was good! I think the setlist choices were excellent and really celebrated his career. The visuals were also very entertaining, the choir was epic and Blinding Lights on the field was a moment! However, the execution was unusually poor rip4 The song transitions were not great, the camera work was really off sometimes and let's not get started on the audio issues dead1 I know he was making a statement by performing the whole thing live, but taking into account that his stage presence is not great and potential audio issues, he would have really benefitted from some pre-recording! All in all it was an entertaining show, but I think he was so focused on making the performance be his "moment" so much that he did not avail of help that would've made this infinitely better! 

  3. 1 hour ago, zack said:

    Um 7 rings is Ariana's biggest hit while  Shallow is Gaga's 4th or 5th biggest hit. Poker Face sold 20m pure sales... no other mpg comes that close sans Adele. It also comes from a 16 million selling album. PF, Bad Romance, Just Dance and maybe BTW are all bigger than Shallow. 


    I literally agreed with your statement in the OP, it is quite surprising. But is a minor edge over ONE of Ariana's hits really that brag worthy? rip4 Especially when Gaga's most notable hit after Shallow is... a collab with Ariana. 


    Chartmasters have cute receipts, but you should bear in mind that Ariana's are from October 2019 and Gaga's are from December of 2020. Over a year's difference nnn. 

  4. Not my kind of pack, but at least they’re using some community vote favourites.


    I wish however, they put that energy into finally fleshing out the game with updates and useful expansion packsrip4. At this stage in the series, sims 2 and sims 3 had finished their runs while this game still has nothing really. It’s so bizarre to me that they’ve been churning out shit like eco lifestyle, snowy escape and Star Wars when people have been begging for a generations type pack to fill in a lot of missing gaps in gameplay...