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  1. End of Year Update One of the Boys 12,793,397 I Kissed a Girl 328,016,128 Waking up in Vegas 50,855,368 Thinking of You 73,442,435 Mannequin 9,283,475 Ur So Gay 22,888,
  2. Bumping this, didn't realise it was the last post asdfghjkl
  3. Glad you like them legend! I'll try have one posted tomorrow!
  4. KYLIE MINOGUE END OF 2020 SPOTIFY STATS Top 20 Can't Get You out of My Head 186,522,869 Santa Baby 130,755,890 Higher (Taio Cruz) 41,925,194 Where the Wild Roses Grow 35,161,323 Get Outta My Way 31,081,769
  5. Take it to battlegrounds sweetie, you're literally in kylie's section OT: What an excellent collab idea! Hope this gives Kylie some extra streaming push
  6. 1. Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure (or really any Jessie song) 2. Ellie Goulding - Power 3. Katy Perry - Cry About it Later 4. Kylie Minogue - Miss a Thing 5. Aly & AJ - Joan of Arc on the Dancefloor
  7. I might do an update just before the new year since Cozy Little Classic will be finished its run by then!
  8. Capitol artists are suffering the same fate recently: not striking the iron when it was hot. Had the album been released when Promises/DWAS/HDYS were smashing, things would have been totally different. Same thing happened to Halsey with Without Me and to Katy with Never Really Over. The album delay did not do them any favours either. Not only did it drag on the campaign by another 6 months, it completely changed the sound of the album. Many of us went in thinking it would be Sam's Diva moment, but it was really just another typical sam album with a handful of dance songs. I don't think t
  9. What an incredible album she really delivered ahh. What a return to form
  10. It's nothing groundbreaking but it's a fun little burst of energy. The bridge is really jarring and hollow though, I hope they put Diddy back on the song as a remix or something
  11. I think the main pop stars I fell out of love with are Gaga and Lana. Gaga’s albums and personality after born this way don’t really resonate with me and her stanbase kinda put me off her more. I do bop to her a lot lately though With Lana I just got less interested with every album she put out, but her antics lately just make her so dislikable