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  1. Showstopping, phenomenal, groundbreaking
  2. Oh lovely! Get those extra views I wonder if something is coming soon then cause they usually change thumbnails before new singles iirc!
  3. 1 year ago today, Katy Perry released her acclaimed droplet single "Never Really Over." It peaked at #15 on billboard hot 100 and went top 10 in several countries, including Canada and Australia. Since release, it has garnered over 370M spotify streams and 124M Youtube views. The song will supposedly be part of Katy's much anticipated album coming out in August 14th! Lets celebrate kats!
  4. This isn’t battlegrounds sis! Ooh good idea tbh!
  5. Kylie Minogue has been keeping the nation's dancefloors filled for 33 years, ever since “The Locomotion” made public transportation sexy. It seems only fitting after helping bar sales in venues across the country for over three decades, she finally entered the world of alcohol herself. Her new bottle, Kylie Minogue Rosé, is the perfect accompaniment to a dance around the kitchen to Fever. Again. The real question was: did they not have a conversation about calling it “The Wild Rosé"? “Hah, yes, there was!” she said on the eve of her 52nd birthday. “We did play with that idea, but for a st
  6. Her priorities in life are different now - you as an Xtina stan should know that. Some artists still fight to be on top of the world, some just embrace the change that inevitably comes. Sure her commercial power and fanbase has lulled, but she still pulls through in the end. Swish Swish has 313M streams despite its abysmal peak, NRO will be hitting 400M soon despite being #15 and 'over.' Stupid Love demolished NRO's first week in every sense.. but by the looks of it, it's not even gonna come close to NRO's numbers in the long run. Enjoy gaga winning and enjoy her fun dance a
  7. Ugh she sounded incredible I was surprised at how well her voice suits what a wonderful world
  8. Lovely Keeping us fed with the visuals Love the reference to Sisyphus
  9. She needs to take a break from social media
  10. Power is fantastic, true return to form Rain on me is cute but it'll sound old in a few days
  11. Y’all were ahead of your time when you called yourselves the reycists
  12. Like many have stated, all of her recent output seems kinda contrived. She really lost me with Joanne by using her dead aunt for a ‘reinvention.’ I think changing up your sound and artistic goals is great, but when you do forceful 180s you’re bound to leave a lot of listeners jarred. That being said, as a past stan, I will always have some kind of curiosity for her work and I’m personally excited to see what she does for chromatica. I can confidently say that there will probably be songs that I’ll really love. We’re all having our giggles now because undeniably... this rollout has been a
  13. So we have: Never Really Over Daisies Resilient (Full Flower Moment) Teary eyes (She announced it on a zoom call, idk what lyrics they align to) Grateful Harleys in Hawaii hope the song order is represented by those flowers omg
  14. Biggest Daily Gains Daisies Never Really Over Last Friday Night Feels Roar Firework Dark Horse Hot N Cold I Kissed a Girl The One That Got Away California Gurls Teenage Dream Small Talk Harleys in Hawaii Unconditionally Part of Me 365 Swish Swish Never Worn White Con Calma In other words, NRO is slaying! Last Friday Night is slaying! Hot n Cold is slaying! Witness is bombing! Also another fun fact: Cozy Little Christmas got more streams than Dance With
  15. May 16th / Daisies 1st day update Black = Today's Numbers Grey = Yesterday's Numbers Green = Number Increase Hey! To celebrate the start of the KP5 era, I decided to see how Katy's streams do in a day upon a new single release x Total = 8,076,714,989 Increase = 7,684,749
  16. Wait why does this version lowkey sound better
  17. Weird lead single choice, but I love the AC direction and anthemic feel. Though the way she sings daisies is a bit grating and the length is weird for a song of this nature.. should've had a longer bridge and an outro
  18. Didn't miss Gaga just release a copy of Born This Way which was a copy of Express Yourself