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  1. OMG it's been so long i can't believe we're getting an album soon
  2. Chromatica is probably one of the messiest eras already
  3. When I started tracking her streams two years ago, my rule was: any song before 2010 with 1m streams is listed. I can revisit that seeing as her streams aren't that abysmal anymore IFYDL & PYIMP are listed simply cause they're two of the few songs on that album to reach 1m streams It's crazy how they're outdoing the album versions nnn.
  4. KYLIE MINOGUE SPOTIFY STATS 28/04/20 Can’t Get You Out of My Head – 149,628,760 (=) Santa Baby – 93,124,361 (=) Higher – 35,524,188 (=) Where the Wild Roses Grow – 29,774,943 (=) Get Outta My Way – 27,277,801 (=) Dancing – 26,762,982 (=) All The Lovers – 24,041,253 (=) In Your Eyes – 22,594,547 (=) Love At First Sight –21,285,265 (=) Spinning Around – 17,055,875 (+4) Stop Me from Falling (Original + Remix) – 15,443,259 (=) At Christmas – 14,644,744 (+3) Into The Blue – 14,555,650 (-3) Beautiful – 13
  5. Omg the way this is popping
  6. Some observations: - Never Really Over will probably out-stream Chained to the Rhythm by the end of this year. It will then become her most successful streaming song since Dark Horse. - Deja Vu was the most streamed Witness album track, getting more than Witness & Roulette despite usually getting less. It wouldn't surprise me if it's feature on some kind of big covid playlist. - Firework, Last Friday Night & The One That Got Away (combined) are the most streamed Teenage Dream songs. Surprising because the latter two were the least successful singles from the album
  7. April 26th / 6 month update Black = Current Numbers Grey = October Numbers Green = Number Increase Total = 7,951,220,010 (+884,123,206)
  8. Okay lets revive this a bit! Update coming in a few minutes since we have Never Worn White out, and a possible new single soon!
  9. I'll always have some loyalty to The Sims, but lord, they're going to need to blow everyone's mind with this.
  10. I think the only unexpected flop was End Game. Just looking at the trio doing it, it's hard to believe it wasn't a smash Birthday was a weird decision. While I think the song is catchy, it feels too much like a novelty song and it didn't help that the video was absolutely trash. IMO they should've made it a promo single with that lyric video then pushed WOA or LL
  11. Totally! It helps the album get a second wind, especially in an era where post-album singles don't really work. Yes, they were done before, even in the streaming era, but a lot of the times it was either to mark the end of an era (Dua Lipa Deluxe, Witness Deluxe), whereas the new norm seems to serve to promote the album
  12. Tea she’s done more Spotify Global (14th day): #16 Never Really Over - 2,364,595 #32 Stupid Love - 1,995,205 Spotify US #20 Never Really Over - 649,202 #58 Stupid Love - 470,852 Spotify UK #16 Never Really Over - 190,627 #22 Stupid Love - 176,226
  13. The way she “repeaked” and is now serving Katy numbers I-
  14. Unless the child is called KP5 she can keep it
  15. Queen of dragging her past “marriage”
  16. I’d be that spiteful too if I had to force myself to like stupid luv