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  1. It makes no sense. The video looks like a 2 dollar attempt at grimes and the song sounds like something you’d Shazam in H&M
  2. Hey, at least she made the hey hey hey video look like a masterpiece
  3. The boring drop is forgiveable cause it suits a movie like this I guess asdfghjkl the pre chorus is really cute tho
  4. This was a fascinating read. It's interesting to hear that pop artists and producers are in such a stump because of the current music scene.
  5. Well, this would imply that the song would have made noise without the movie.. and well.. I don’t think even you believe it would! Be happy. Sis starred in a successful movie and got a smash single. Nobody’s arguing otherwise asdfghjkl
  6. What kind of songs do you guys want to hear from Kathryn I hope we get a ballad sometime soon
  7. California.. california gurls Good dog... snoop dogg Small Talk (ft.Snoop Dog) is coming for #1 on bubbling under oh yes!
  8. The vogue photo shoot is so hot
  9. Horrible song, it’s what he deserves!
  10. Ah yes, step back in time (the Kylie Christmas edition) is coming
  11. Really lame answers just for the sake of preserving his sexual ambiguity.
  12. Ellie Goulding is battling for her third UK Number 1 single this week with River. The cover of Joni Mitchell’s sombre Christmas classic is currently at Number 2, less than 2000 chart sales behind Tones and I’s Dance Monkey (1). River’s official music video was recently premiered on YouTube, while it's available exclusively on Amazon Music to audio stream. x 1 1 DANCE MONKEY TONES & I 14 2 RIVER ELLIE GOULDING 4 3 DON'T START
  13. Wide Awake White Christmas Unconditionally