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  1. That's not really a new concept anymore. The streaming era flipped the progression of album campaigns, so essentially it is more worthwhile to push singles before the album as post-album singles make little noise. This has already been done by: And many more! Yeah fair, including 2 year old hits may not be something you want as a fan. However, she's including them as deluxe tracks, so they're not breaking the integrity of the album. It means that 10 of the songs will be completely new, which wasn't always the case for the above albums. Secondly, majority of these songs w
  2. Rumour has it that this tracklist will give katy her next hit album!! Love, Light 1. Harleys In Hawaii 2. Never Really Over 3. Small Talk 4. So Grateful (ft. Nicki Minaj) 5. Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse 6. Rapunzel 7. Let’s Be Friends (ft. Taylor Swift) 8. Shoesday Tuesday 9. Love, Light 10. Bloom (Troye Sivan Cover) Deluxe 1. Feels 2. Con Calma 3. 365 4. Hey Hey Hey 5. Legendary Lovers 6. Immortal Fla
  3. An artists puts all of their hits on their album? Lock her up!
  4. That's what I'm choosing to believe to justify Harleys in Hawaii flopping!
  5. Her commercial days are over, and honestly a lot of it stems from her self-sabotage and complacency. She was the main contributor in ruining her image and her lack of effort into turning it around isn't really helping! I think she's just at a stage in her career where she doesn't really need to do much to have money and recognition. Her shoes, American Idol, vinegar business () and recurrent catalog revenue will always keep her sitting pretty near the top of Forbes most paid. It's nice getting these droplets though. She has something there for everyone, and she even managed to get a hit
  6. As far as I recall, genetics was planned for single release, so I imagine it was on Treat Myself! The leak probably axed their plans
  7. Kinda living for this aesthetic change. It really shows how camp the previous one was asdfghjkl I'm curious about the tracklist cause Apple Music shows that the only old song on it will be No Excuses. She could've kept Genetics & Can't Dance!!
  8. A stream for cozy little classic is a cent katy can contribute to her meal tonight
  9. Ah miss Marina Diamandis and Allie X absolutely slayed at the Dublin show tonight 

  10. tea tbh luv. occasional hit maker kinda snappedt
  11. 5. Thinking Of You Total Streams: 66.9M (Original + Acoustic) Perhaps there is nothing unexpected about this fan favorite song becoming a classic in Katy Perry's discography. However, when put in context of the album it stems from, its streaming numbers become quite surprising! Despite having modest chart success, (#29 bbh100) it receives nearly double the recurrent streams of top 10 hit Waking Up in Vegas. The acoustic version also manages to out-do several album tracks on One of The Boys. 4. Swish Swish (ft. Nicki Minaj) Total Streams: 293M Swish
  12. Sounds kinda like a fun song with Mr. Saxobeat's beat im confused but perchedt fdhweuifheuihfei
  13. why does she sound like tfj marina
  14. Cozy Little Christmas must be getting a full release this year then! I'd love if she dropped an EP this year: Cozy Little Christmas Everyday's A Holiday Original Christmas Bop Original Christmas Ballad White Christmas And then add 5-6 songs next year to make it an album