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  1. If I'm not mistaken, Love had bigger success before Lust For Life than Doin' Time had before NFR. I think Love charted at like #44 on BBH100 will Doin' Time didn't chart at all. The difference between them will probably grow smaller as time passes tho!
  2. That's lowkey amazing. Not her pulling almost the same numbers as Lust for Life, an album released two years go! Not to mention that this album didn't have a Love sized song and any of the features from LFL
  3. Choose Your Battles Unconditionally It Takes Two By the Grace of God Walking On Air Legendary Lovers This Moment Birthday Roar Dark Horse This is How We Do International Smile Ghost Spiritual Love Me Double Rainbow
  4. Miss @Chris Morlock raiding every kim petras thread on this forum & remaining unusually silent in this one?
  5. Notes Can't Get You Out of My Head became her first song to hit 100M Really Don't Like You debuted with 400k. The Loco-Motion & Especially For You saw really big jumps in this update! I merged the original and radio version of Confide in Me. Her Christmas albums are still being streamed.. outside of Christmas. Santa Baby gained 1M streams between now and the last December update
  6. KYLIE MINOGUE SPOTIFY STATS Can’t Get You Out of My Head – 123,244,985 Santa Baby – 65,272,552 Higher – 30,657,302 Where the Wild Roses Grow – 25,522,453 Get Outta My Way – 24,221,399 Dancing – 23,629,728 All The Lovers – 21,424,601 In Your Eyes – 17,665,035 Love At First Sight –16,956,599 Into The Blue – 13,898,501 Stop Me from Falling (Original + Remix) – 13,583,715 The Other Boys – 12,295,183 Beautiful – 13,289,656 Spinning Around – 12,245,481 At Christmas – 10,020,676 Timebomb – 9,5
  7. Not @Chris Morlock jumping down everyone's throats whenever Kim Petras is mentioned, yet now he's proudly sporting a Felonie avi! no words luv
  8. she should be arrested "'Cause Maya's letting Dan put his hand up her skirt And she’s got her hand down his pants" on a song called WHEELS ON THE BUS
  9. All these Melanie sets.. ma i'm scared 

    1. Grams


      DEELTE THEM, FAT! @Hylia is triggerec!!!!

  10. The Teenage Dream era was kinda incredible. On top of it being a huge, two year event, it's still holding up remarkably well today. Its recurrent streams are so insane for a 2010 album
  11. Tea I don't get why he's considered the holy grail of production lately. He's really lost his touch over the years
  12. Oh lord this girl has no artistic development whatsoever. That was a chore to listen to