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  1. While everyone's still pressed about Delirium Nights.. I'm lowkey still in pain over Only You not being a single It's such an unusual bop
  2. Teenage Dream - A simple, fun pop album that serves its exact purpose. Still Fresh in my mind years after listening. One of the Boys - I haven't listened to it enough, but I think it shows a slightly fierce side to Katy? I love some of the tracks, but some are forgettable. Prism - Not bad, but not outstanding. I had negative thoughts upon its release. Actually, I listened to it a bit in 2013, and didn't listen to it until a few weeks ago. I remembered every lyric and sound, I was amazed.
  3. Same tbh. I love that vevo performance. A week ago I was watching it and got up on the table and danced like a stripper needing to pay rent. My father walked in and I didn't care I was getting so much life
  4. Yeah I suppose that's true. I mean she re-released Halcyon Days again in 2014 so anything could happen. I'm lowkey hoping she does a tour dvd too so I can watch Keep On Dancin' over and over again
  5. Would it be too late for her to do the re-release now to have any impact at all? Like I'd imagine she's thirsting to give Still Falling For You a physical release but it'd be weird to have it outside Delirium
  6. I love how the video with her least amount of screen time is considered her best
  7. Intro (Delirium) Aftertaste We Can't Move To This Codes On My Mind Around U Don't Panic Something In The Way You Move Love Me Like You Do
  8. Ellie Goulding - Only You Storms Arrive Hold Me Me In The Dark On My Knees Aching Only You Emptiness You're With Me I'm Ready To Love
  9. Same! I find it amazing that years on from their release they're still being played alongside today's big hits. Impact
  10. I was surprised to hear California Gurls on radio today... Queen of longevity
  11. Kuba

    Artist Randomdonna

    Thanks so much guys Confessions, American life & early hits it is then!
  12. Kuba

    Artist Randomdonna

    I really want to get into Madonna, but her discog is massive and idk where to start Any suggestions for a good starting point?
  13. Queen of ditching her entire album full of potential singles Her tweets about "to be continued" and "true delirium" do hint that the inevitable re-release will be coming out in a while!
  14. No way! I'd love to hear it omg. A re-release wouldn't really be surprising at all tbh, I'd be up for it
  15. Keep On Dancin' instrumental leaked!!
  16. The EH tracklist is a mess that I couldn't make a cohesive effort, so I just re imagined it with a repack! ELECTRA HEART STANDARD Bubblegum Bitch Homewrecker Primadonna Radioactive Power & Control Living Dead Valley Of The Dolls Teen Idle Sex Yeah Starring Role Lies Fear and Loathing REPACKAGE TRACKS Lonely Hearts Club The State of Dreaming Hypocrates How to be A heartbreaker EVOL Just Desserts (ft. Charli XCX) Electra Heart (Ft. Betatraxx) Buy The stars
  17. Queen of snatching soundtracks Get ready for Delirium Nights featuring 15 new pop songs and 5 acoustic soundtrack covers
  18. Actually, the sound in the video can be heard in Codes Or it could be don't panic actually
  19. I hope it's for Keep on Dancin' inb4 this is another stripped ballad cover for a soundtrack