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  1. She re-released it in Japan + somewhere else in 2014 to include beating heart and sacrifice Atlantis
  2. Do monsters not get tired of living in the past Most artists are vastly progressing all the time while she's literally been doing nothing but declining
  3. I'd drag gags but is that even unpopular anymore
  4. I don't think I bopped out to any song this year as much as i did to work ngl
  5. BTD - This is What Makes Us Girls, Lolita, Million Dollar Man PARADISE - Blue Velvet, Gods & Monsters, Yayo ULTRAVIOLENCE - Nothing (ok maybe guns & roses) Honeymoon - Swan Song, Don't let me be Misunderstood + Religion
  6. The Last Of Us is a masterpiece. I'm so hyped for this and hope it keeps up the level of slayage
  7. If she pushed Do You Wanna Come Over it might gain moderate success? I mean it's a fun enough song. I hope they do something cause Glory doesn't deserve this treatment
  8. Rock music wouldn't suit her at all tbh Pop/Rock at most, but that still wouldn't sound great
  9. While everyone's still pressed about Delirium Nights.. I'm lowkey still in pain over Only You not being a single It's such an unusual bop
  10. Teenage Dream - A simple, fun pop album that serves its exact purpose. Still Fresh in my mind years after listening. One of the Boys - I haven't listened to it enough, but I think it shows a slightly fierce side to Katy? I love some of the tracks, but some are forgettable. Prism - Not bad, but not outstanding. I had negative thoughts upon its release. Actually, I listened to it a bit in 2013, and didn't listen to it until a few weeks ago. I remembered every lyric and sound, I was amazed.
  11. Same tbh. I love that vevo performance. A week ago I was watching it and got up on the table and danced like a stripper needing to pay rent. My father walked in and I didn't care I was getting so much life
  12. Yeah I suppose that's true. I mean she re-released Halcyon Days again in 2014 so anything could happen. I'm lowkey hoping she does a tour dvd too so I can watch Keep On Dancin' over and over again
  13. Would it be too late for her to do the re-release now to have any impact at all? Like I'd imagine she's thirsting to give Still Falling For You a physical release but it'd be weird to have it outside Delirium
  14. I love how the video with her least amount of screen time is considered her best
  15. Intro (Delirium) Aftertaste We Can't Move To This Codes On My Mind Around U Don't Panic Something In The Way You Move Love Me Like You Do
  16. Ellie Goulding - Only You Storms Arrive Hold Me Me In The Dark On My Knees Aching Only You Emptiness You're With Me I'm Ready To Love
  17. Same! I find it amazing that years on from their release they're still being played alongside today's big hits. Impact
  18. I was surprised to hear California Gurls on radio today... Queen of longevity
  19. Kuba

    Artist Randomdonna

    Thanks so much guys Confessions, American life & early hits it is then!