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  1. Heading out for a long weekend trip to the Adirondack's in a bit! I realized this morning that I forgot to pack my laptop so I'm not going to be able to check FOTP/news/celeb stuff/browse the internet for a few days. giveup1





    1. ajp

      Have a good long weekend. Floppers of the Poppers will be here when u get back ny1


  2. Charts

    An interesting development. I listened to this song a couple times as soon as I heard the news.
  3. Charts

    It would be a sweet gesture, and I love the song. Loosely it would sweet, but if you actually look at the lyrics it doesn't make sense as an "official" tribute at all.
  4. I don;t know why Tinashe hasn't made it yet tbh, but I'd be here for it. Bebe, on the other hand, can stay irrelevant.
  5. She clearly peaked with Fancy And yes, Nelly LORDtado's decline is indeed sad, Loose is a legendary album though
  6. It's kind of insane that you can go from having "Song of the Summer" a few years ago to this Just goes to show that Ariana should have snatched it with Problem
  7. Omg, that's kind of incredible of her A kind gesture amidst such a sad time As much backlash as she gets she still does things like this that make me love her still
  8. This is getting petty on both ends. Taylor blew it out of proportion, and I can't blame Katy for responding, but she keeps changing her tune. First it was no comment, then Swish Swish, and now she is specifically serving details. She has to know this story is keeping eyes on her. I just hope that Taylor will have grown up by the time TS6 comes out and buries this. Its easy to forget but Katy is in her 30's and should know better. Taylor was still kind of young when all this came about, but she should know better by now too.
  9. Out of the Woods was top 20 and New Romantics at #46, a 6th and 7th single with little promo performed better then Bon Ap- Zayn's singles
  10. Remind me what Still Got Time's chart peak was again?
  11. The smash hit IDWLF says hi
  12. Event

    Totally understandable. Still heartbroken by the news
  13. I've been wondering about this a little bit lately. We all know my Snake queen is calculated af. Could she & and Katy have masterminded this entire feud? Some additional thoughts: 1. This whole thing started just before Taylor's full transition to pop with 1989 - perfect news fodder to boost visibility and a way to make her seem relevant in the pop world. 2. Katy seems to be using this news story as a way to garner attention just before the release of Witness 3. Taylor is rumored to have TS6 come out this summer/fall... it'll be interesting to see if she wraps it up now that Katy has gotten her side in and has said that she would accept an end to it. Official Theory That Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Are Faking Their FeudWhat if they masterminded the whole thing together? But guess who Taylor DOESN'T UNFOLLOW? Guess who Taylor still follows as of TODAY...even though they are "straight-up enemies." Twitter / Via Twitter: @taylorswift13 Taylor also unfriended Calvin Harris after they broke up, so it's not like she wouldn't unfriend Katy if there was *drama.* So let me get this straight: In 2013 Taylor is so pissed off at Katy Perry for sabotaging her tour that she unfollows the dancers but NOT Katy? And now, in 2017, after multiple diss tracks and subtweets, she still follows Katy...and Katy follows her back: Twitter / Via Twitter: @katyperry This Twitter user sums it up perfectly: Twitter / Via @jeschastain