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  1. At least you stan a legendjj2

  2. Sweetener is the biggest letdown I think I’ve every experienced from one of my faves. I struggle to find even five songs I like off of it. #unstanning 

  3. God Is A Woman is honestly kind of shit and her thing with Pete Davidson is so cringe. Unstanning fall9

  4. Anyone else like Billie Eilish? She gives me a MOOD listening  to her. I’m a little creeped out that she’s only like 15 though fall9


    Bellyache is a fucking bop and should be a smash yas2

  5. Not Ariana serving Daenerys Targaryen realness yas2  Ready to be slayed by this BOP 



  6. Ooh La La by Tinashe fucking BOPS antm1

    1. POPBOIY


      Did you hear He dont want it ?!giveup2

    2. RepuTAYtion


      I just listened to it and it’s also amazing yas2

  7. Confession. dead7

    Im becoming obsessed with the new Meghan Trainor song chi1

    Its so damn catchy dead7

    I made my boyfriend listen to it three times today dead4

    This is the state of pop music in 2018 

  8. Thank the lord antm1

    Ari coming to save 2018 cry9

    please don’t go urban/hip hop 




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    2. RepuTAYtion


      @Taylor yes, we love the runner up for Best Pop Vocal Album! wendy1 jj1

    3. Dangerous Jim

      Dangerous Jim

      she is going very urban apparently lol

    4. RepuTAYtion


      It wouldn’t shock me tbh, if she wants to stay relevant in 2018 she sort of needs to. I’m just sick of it.. I don’t even recognize the radio charts/top 10 anymore 

  9. Yeah I’m perched. Taylor definitely seems like one of the artists who’d go all out for a GH album since she’s a little full of herself
  10. Maybe when she releases her Greatest hits mixtape
  11. Yasss Ari coming to save 2018 yas2

    Thank fucking god   yas2


    1. Juinae


      Lead single this month and album in May/June according to rumours. alex1 

    2. Satori


      Fucking ready! ny10

  12. Anyone ever heard of Delta Goodrem? Just found her on Apple Music and she had A VOICE. Low key living for her at the moment and I looked her up and realized she’s actually been around forever yas2

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    2. sonowgoodbye
    3. RepuTAYtion


      I found her by listening to her new song rip4 she has such a good voice yas2 Been listening to all her top songs 

    4. sonowgoodbye


      Delta self titled isn’t on apple music but go listen or download the album! It’s her best and Believe Again is amazing. Wings is amazing too, from Wings of the Wild

  13. Low key bopping to all of Camilla’s songs available on her new album bey5

    1. Juinae


      I've gotten into her recently too. Fifth Shartony is quaking. bey5

    2. Anna-wa



    3. RepuTAYtion


      Omg @Juinae lmao tea. Yeah I wrote her off last year but Havana caught me attention when she released it and I really like Never Be The Same (except I hate fake edgy drug references) 

  14. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. 

    Dua Lipa’s debut album is flawless yas2

    she needs more success