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  1. Am I the only one who isn’t in love? Like I can recognize that the songs are beautiful but it drags hard by track 11 (except for Betty) there are standouts for sure but I can’t see myself listening to this often
  2. I think I’m going to watch cardigan first and get a sense of what the album is like im so unprepared
  3. Omg I havnt been on here in so long. Excited for this!!
  4. If you were a real fan you’d realize my profile picture is actually from the Wildest Dreams MV 
  5. Reputation is one of her worst albums so I don’t think it’s even competition. Lover is her best
  6. I’m so in love with this song. It’s exactly the kind of pop music that I miss. I just want to listen to it forever
  7. Just wanted to chime in and say I’m so excited for this! The visuals look amazing and I need something to distract from ME! being kind of basic
  8. At least you stan a legendjj2

  9. I haven’t been paying attention to charts for a minute and was honestly shocked to see it hit #1.. it doesn’t make sense to me and I loooovw Ari. Like, NTLTC and Breathin’ and most of her other singles are so much better. I honestly don’t get how it went #1. happy she got one though?
  10. Sweetener is the biggest letdown I think I’ve every experienced from one of my faves. I struggle to find even five songs I like off of it. #unstanning 

  11. God Is A Woman is honestly kind of shit and her thing with Pete Davidson is so cringe. Unstanning fall9

  12. Anyone else like Billie Eilish? She gives me a MOOD listening  to her. I’m a little creeped out that she’s only like 15 though fall9


    Bellyache is a fucking bop and should be a smash yas2

  13. Not Ariana serving Daenerys Targaryen realness yas2  Ready to be slayed by this BOP 



  14. Ooh La La by Tinashe fucking BOPS antm1

    1. POPBOIY


      Did you hear He dont want it ?!giveup2

    2. RepuTAYtion


      I just listened to it and it’s also amazing yas2

  15. Confession. dead7

    Im becoming obsessed with the new Meghan Trainor song chi1

    Its so damn catchy dead7

    I made my boyfriend listen to it three times today dead4

    This is the state of pop music in 2018