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  1. RepuTAYtion


    Is this satire?
  2. This whole thing is a mess. I can’t help but think Taylor just fucked up big time by opening up this can of worms
  3. RepuTAYtion

    Celeb News

    Idk, this whole thing is sad and yet.. I can’t but be a little annoyed with Taylor for bringing up Kim & Kanye. Ironic AF that her new single is called you need to calm down and she’s literally creating drama
  4. It seems to be doing really well on Spotify too.. like #2 and holding/building
  5. RepuTAYtion

    Music Video

    Ok this was actually amazing, I was wrong. Everything was just.. amazing. Faith restored. also @Taylor is this is really just a promo single then im so happy
  6. Something about this makes me less excited. It’s just like.. it’s been done before so many times and by her. She really seems to be out of original ideas or anything creative this era. Im excited for all the gay icons.. I just think she’s leaning too heavily into pride as a straight ally
  7. RepuTAYtion

    Holy shit.. I was going to give Madame X a few streams tonight and decided to look up some reviews. This was the first one that came up I don’t know If I ever read such a scathing review for an album https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/madonna-madame-x-album-review-1218535 A quick snippet: The icon’s new album finds her appropriating a variety of cultures and influences to fatally clunky — and musically unappealing — effect. Madonna is back with a true head-scratcher in Madame X, her 14th album, rounding out her fourth decade as a pop star. Musically, it’s a mess and represents her trying to meld the sounds of Lisbon, Portugal, her home the past several years, with influences as far-flung as Latin, trap, disco and seemingly any other cultural trinket she picked up at World Market. It also features some of the stupidest lyrics you’re likely to hear this year. The net experience is like hanging out with your aunt who’s trying to impress you by doing ecstasy, telling you about her sex life and pretending she’s woke. Basically: what no human wants to hear right now.
  8. Yeah I mean at this point I just want her to stay stable. I’m tiredness of the huge first day debuts and the precipitous drops
  9. I’m too lazy to look this up, how does it compare to ME! And to Ariana?
  10. Where are you getting positive reviews? I only saw the ones on Pitchfuck and Vox idk the song is definitely an ear worm and I like it so much more the ME! .. the shortness lends to replay value,. I hope I’m wrong and she gets a solid top ten hit again!
  11. RepuTAYtion


    Ugh I hate her for releasing 4 different deluxe editions. I’m going to have buy each of them and then a digital copy so.. 5. Shes so greedy
  12. So I really love it now.. but it’s gonna flop right? Is this actually a single? I can’t see this doing well.
  13. RepuTAYtion

    Um... I just listened to the lily allen song and see almost no resemblance at all .. the best is different, the chorus is completely different..
  14. I really like it! I don’t love it. But I’m just so happy that she is being so loud in her support for the gays.
  15. RepuTAYtion

    Music Video

    Omg the all gay lyrics I AM LIVING