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  1. IDWLF was such a smash in hindsight
  2. Awe I suddenly respect Amber Rose, that was powerful and so true
  3. Discussion

    Love On the Brain says hi what's the truth?
  4. Discussion

    A BOP What I loved about this song is it clearly previewed Taylor’s serve into full on pop with 1989
  5. Discussion

    It’s like the catchiest and most critically acclaimed song on the album though
  6. Discussion

    The kiis when her tour not only outgrosses 1989 but like triples the gross of the other faves WITH ZERO PROMO
  7. Discussion

    #juinaeeducates Tell ‘em.. tired of having this era labeled as a flop. Yes it’s no 1989, but on its own, in today’s terms, it’s quite successful Taylor when her tour numbers come out:
  8. Ngl I cackled a bit
  9. Well let me snatch up some discounted tickets then
  10. Discussion

    I could see it being a summer jam, but yeah there’s just as much chance that it won’t go anywhere as there is of it growing into a hit
  11. So Delciate debuted pretty poorly .. #84 It would seem this single is over but it just impacted radio and it’s doing pretty well there. #31 on pop radio and climbing fast. It was second most added last week and most added this week on pop radio More importantly it’s growing fast on streaming, it’s been a biggest gainer on Spotify’s top 200 for a few days now, just recently up 12 spots to #44 according to kworb So, what are your predictions? Based on radio and streaming buildup I think top 40 is guaranteed but it could become an organic smash
  12. Event

    Cute. A little silly because I’m sure they could easily afford it anyway
  13. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling ... 32?
  14. Such a legend. Although republican probably won’t help too much with those numbers what’s the the source?
  15. Rumor

    This is so obviously something she would never write