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  1. Discussion How is Reputation aging for you?

    Honestly? I find myself skipping 50% of it already. Not because those songs are bad.. but because the songs I want to listen to in it are better? Not a great sign though tbh
  2. Tea on mariah's well-timed illness?

    Honestly I kind of hate her now because I bought $355 worth of tickets for my boyfriend and I to go see her next week and she came up with this weak ass excuse
  3. Discussion Nice

    Why drop it on streaming when she just did 1.29M and probably over 200k second week? I bet she’ll out it out as soon as sales start dipping a lot
  4. Achievement HDD: reputation Debuts With 1.29M

    HDD reports reputation sold 1.29M essentially matching 1989! Only a legend! 2017 TAYLOR FINAL In her debut week, Taylor Swift's reputation (Big Machine) edges past prior smash set 1989 to come in at 1.29m all in, for her fourth consecutive million-plus bow, a first for the modern music business. Congrats to Taylor, Scott Borchettaand Team Big Machine, Monte Lipman and Team Republic and all the other players on this estimable achievement. Apparently some other records also debuted this week; we'll tell you about those as soon as our chart is final. For now, we're on our way to the T-Swift pop-up store in search of reputation-branded bongs. come celebrate snakes!
  5. Achievement ...RFI? hits 100m views

    Now release end game
  6. Rumor Update: NO | Taylor to perform at VSFS?

    Here for it tbh
  7. Charts Reputation debuts at #1 in the UK with 84k copies sold

    So happy for her! Very close to her numbers for 1989
  8. Single Taylor Releases New Year’s Day To Country Radio

    A top 56 country smash tbh
  9. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    Glad you enjoyed it! What’s your overall score? Sorry I missed so much of this, I had a really bad emergency with my puppy
  10. Achievement reputation // First Listen

  11. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    Hold on to the memories they will hold on to you is A LYRIC though
  12. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    Ok unpopular opinion incoming but I find New Year’s Day a little boring and repetitive
  13. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    If fits really nicely after this is why we can’t have nice things .. brings the energy to a more mellow point
  14. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    Call It What You Want remains a masterpiece
  15. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    I don’t really care for this is why we can’t have nice things either