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  1. Yeah I actually bought her last two albums, and I was so excited for Witness until the roll out killed it and then the actual album is more then 50% trash How do you know she won't? Too early to tell. The discounted tickets has made me consider seeing her.. Idk though most of the Witness tracks suck
  2. Ticket sales are lagging for Katy Perry shows at TD Garden Poor Kety, flop singles, flop album, and now a flop tour SHE'S ON SALE FOR HALF PRICE ON GROUPON
  3. Discussion

    Welcome to NY is a bop tbh
  4. Discussion

    All I have to say is reputation Taylor is her pure worst (besides her debut but she was 16 so)
  5. Discussion

    Style is THAT song Wildest Dreams is a close second I forgot there were seven singles
  6. Game

    How You Get the Girl is literal bubblegum pop perfection so... 1. All You Had To Do Was Stay - Hylia 2. How You Get The Girl - SWINE 3. How You Get The Girl - Anna-wa 4.All You Had To Do Was Stay - RandomosiTAY 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  7. Ok so.. her album sales are cute but nothing compared to the legends. Her numbers are inflated because she has been a superstar during the entirety of the digital sales era, where digital sales peaked a few years ago. Now we are in the streaming era. Madonna and Mariah existed before all of this, you really can;t compare the two imo. I'm not saying Rihanna isn;t legendary, I'm just saying she doesn;t compare to Madonna. Also, she has so many features as a random verse on songs.
  8. Ok um, how is she even close to Mariah's or Madonna's stats? If I recall correctly she's maybe sold a little over 10M records in the US at most, can't be much more globally
  9. Discussion

    Because she's Taylor Swift and she ALWAYS releases her lead single in mid-late August and her album in October/November It's basically law at this point
  10. The worst thing about the album to me is that it crashes and burns after Boots The last three songs are boring and the last two are so skippable I don't think I listened more then twice I feel the same way about it. I was lowkey hyped for it because I loved Warrior tbh. Rainbow is that album that I have like six of the songs on it downloaded and forget the rest exist. The good songs are the higher energy/emotional ones: Let 'Em Talk, Woman, Praying, Learn To Let Go, Boogie Feet, and Boots. I think what's missing is another hit song, Learn To Let Go is the only one I could see smashing, I love that song!
  11. Game

    I'm ... ready for it.mp3!
  12. Latin market is huge especailly in streaming and video views. Have you watched Chantaje? Shakira is utterly adorable and sexy and Maluma is hott and that video slays so
  13. I was ready to stan my fave but then Praying was an option
  14. Iconic. Legendary and Skinny tbh