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  1. im a manchester girl don't hate me
  2. lmao i remember i reviewed her EP in 2016 for popfection and now she's at #1
  3. #Music here

    mama papapa perfect illusion

  4. #Music here

    woho greens

  5. I think it's nice when artists do such things, they can get people talking about an issue / make them think about their actions / etc... Whether they're being genuine, that's difficult to know for certain so I'd rather just decide whether I like the song in itself or not!
  6. it was cute for its time, but would tank so hard nowadays
  7. #Music here

    pls I need someone to make a "hey kids spelling is fun" gif from the ME! mv with the lyrics underneath

    1. Lover

      I already saw one on ATRL fall8 

  8. #Music here