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  1. 4 hours until my exam ahs1 Wig differentiated ahs1 

  2. Game

    Scheisse honors ha name and Mind Maze is quite good!
  3. Game

    1. Witness Marry The Night 2. Hey Hey Hey Born This Way 3. Roulette Government Hooker 4. Swish Swish Judas 5. Deja Vu Americano 6. Power Hair 7. Mind Maze Sheibe 8. Miss You More Blood Mary 9. Chained to the Rhythm BJ + AF 10. Tsunami Bad Kids 11. Bon Apetit Fashion of His Love 12. Bigger Than Me Highway Unicorn 13. Save As Draft Heavy Metal Lover 14. Pendulum Electric Chapel 15. Into Me You See The Queen 16. Dance W The Devil You And I (almost chose both tho) 17. Act My Age Edge of Glory Witness: 13 BTW: 4
  4. Where are my Into Me You See girls at?
  5. Ok what about we stop trying to make syncopated house basslines happen they're cool yes but lbr those songs won't be hits! The singles that could work (or at least get ha some new stans) are: Witness or Act My Age (the latter sounds radio-friendly af) to try and get a hit. Power or Tsunami to get the critical acclaim and inD stans!
  6. tea tbh @Onika make it happen! or else I'll vote @Onika II in the next server elections!
  7. I know for certain @Chapman. ain't one for very private reasons
  8. @Chapman. @Sylk @Cosmic @Alex. ok Popfection now let's get in formation
  9. I'm a dangerous woman, I'm a messy bitch who lives for the drama & bullshit nowadays.

    1. Chapman.

      what a bad man

  10. i'm a courtside killer queen tho?
  11. you've got her number?
  12. Melodrama is a mess of an album after The Louvre though Witness has bops all along! Even the ballads are better in Witness!