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  1. #Music


    two interludes one after the other? only xtine
  2. #Music


    tbf this is ambiguous as fuck and there's no way it isn't intentional still I think he just did it for the kiis
  3. #Music

  4. we love an unbiased, well executed, mistake-proof study using a representative sample
  5. let's not forget Ed had Shape of You 12 weeks at #1!
  6. #Music

    istg this album could be her second best
  7. yes because the hijackers were all Iranians and the evidence we have all points towards Iran and not SA
  8. bitch better scrap that shitty ass album title, serving moonlight teas
  9. #Music


    yes, madonna is surprise releasing a rock album in 10 days through a Catalonian record label
  10. when madonna tries to kiss you onstage