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  1. in italian i think the ce is pronounced like che anywhere else and che is like ke innit?
  2. !!!!! Because I care about the people!
  3. 1. Aura vs. Witness 2. Venus vs. Hey Hey Hey 3. G.U.Y. vs. Roulette 4. Sexxx Dreams vs. Swish Swish 5. Jewels N' Drugs vs. Déjà Vu 6. MANiCURE vs. Power 7. Do What U Want vs. Mind Maze 8. ARTPOP vs. Miss You More 9. Swine vs. Chained to the Rhythm 10. Donatella vs. Tsunami 11. Fashion! vs. Bon Appétit 12. Mary Jane Holland vs. Bigger Than Me 13. Dope vs. Save as Draft 14. Gypsy vs. Pendulum 15. Applause vs. Into Me You See Whiteness: 10 Ertflop: 7
  4. but lbr will anyone remember her in 2027 that's the question
  5. done like pls xtine it's been 5 fucking years and no sign of any new music coming
  6. Photos

    BUSsies about to bawp confirmed?????
  7. istg can't wait for everyone to have that box at least once because the roll-out of the box is just tew much
  8. Ok guys just a quick update Mostly everyone has donated already, just waiting for a couple more ppl Here's the kii: There's a bitch with one hell lot of money, like literally shattered Round 1 records BUT There's also a bitch out there who has the Swish Swish Box and is deciding who to use it on THE TENSION IS REAL YALL POOR WHOEVER IS AT #1 IM SHAKING
  9. "how the Joshua break-up affected..." stop with Joshua references pls
  10. omg can't wait for the results
  11. what's the point of this thread i don't understand