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  1. feeling like a criminal.mp3 at a library stealing WiFi, will be back soon


  2. here

    @blankdreams. good sis is missing for 4 days wat3 

    1. blankdreams.

      yeah his internet's down for like a week i think? he'll be devastated to know he's been evicted during this :( 

    2. Sylk

      we'll I'm still a legend so not alot has changed rav2 

  3. wow and no Sia yet!
  4. wow and no Sia yet!
  5. tbh this song sounds like gold even dry af, probably the one that leaked is one of the vocal comps for the song
  6. this sounds like the dry recording tbh
  7. Wait inb4 I don't get evicted!
  8. well I doubt your foreseeing powers after unsuccessfully predicting my eviction TWO TIMES IN A ROW
  9. should I use the meltdown now or...
  10. Hermione arratoi bat da
  11. oh wow GRAMMAR not everyone can relate!
  12. what's with all these Merna stans?? love ha tbh
  13. u mean el limon right
  14. tea!