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  1. Performance ...RFI?, Gorgeous & LWYMMD live @ Capital Jingle Ball (HD)

    omfg wig disappeared with lwymmd PERFORMINGLOR SWIFT OMG
  2. Other Miley Cyrus - Like Madonna (Demo)

    omg release it
  3. LGBT "Pedosexuality" was added to the LGBT acronym for a short period of time.

    im honestly yelling at the "#agefluid" hashtag
  4. Excuse me but Candy Cane Lane needs to become a Christmas classic like NOW

  5. Other Taylor Swift on James Corden last night

    screaming at everyone's fake tan tbh
  6. Discussion Successful Witness era

  7. omg it's uplifting because she's gonna disappear into the sun to find the people who actually love her and a better life isn't that beautiful "but you're not what you thought you were" line of 2017 lbr! I usually do Liability -> Reprise -> Writer In the Dark -> Green Light -> Perfect Places when I'm feeling down
  8. i was like 90% sure you would put Boys by Charli XCX at #1 idk why
  9. the piano at my guardian's house sounded just like that one and it's like the third piano I've played in my life Yes the song is so so vulnerable but at the same time the ending is sort of uplifting i love it so much! and then there's the reprise which is absolutely genius as well
  10. Celeb News Camilla Cabello reveals Debut Album Cover

    we get more foot than anything
  11. General News Eminem reveals 'Revival' tracklist

    Can't wait for "Eminem - River ft. Ed Sheeran (Chainsmokers Remix)" to come out, truly the most hated artists on FOTP united
  12. Watch Little Mix & CNCO performance on X-Factor!

    it started to look like a school performance from the moment those CNCO guys came in tbf
  13. There's a district in Idonesia called Arse

    why bg tho
  14. Celeb News Ed Sheeran confirms there will be a music video for End Game

    the fact that Ed has been the major source of leaks for this era istg