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  1. it's not ok but doesn't surprise me given the circumstances, it's difficult to spot a hoax explosive from a distance
  2. lmao i remember i reviewed her EP in 2016 for popfection and now she's at #1
  3. mama papapa perfect illusion

  4. To me she is mostly rehashing the 1989/Emotion pop anthem style of production and songwriting, I loved those but everything has a time and place and I feel like she could've progressed into a new sound after 1989 & rep by now! I suppose that will come with the next one. There's definitely no risk (not inherently wrong!) - ie supporting LGBT rights and being a more outspoken feminist in a Western country in 2019. Doesn't meant she shouldn't do it or that the album is bad... but obviously there are few risks just like her previous releases, she's super smart with her PR! Love the album but i
  5. i've just had the first full listen and it's really good but she WONT RISK ANYTHING i was waiting for some twist and this is such a rehash of her whole career im mad Paper Rings is super fresh in the context of this record, Cornelia Street is a cute bop, London Boy just hits me home hehe and False God's sax is great for now it's 1. 1989 2. Red 3. Speak Now 4. reputation 5. Lover 6. Fearless 7. debut
  6. just listening now but Lover has her worst opener in a while
  7. im guessing the name is Don't Call Me Angel?
  8. Welcome To New York vs. ...Ready For It? Blank Space vs. End Game Style vs. I Did Something Bad Out of The Woods vs. Don't Blame Me All You Had To Do Was Stay vs. Delicate Shake It Off vs. Look What You Made Me Do I Wish You Would vs. So It Goes... Bad Blood vs. Gorgeous Wildest Dreams vs. Getaway Car How You Get The Girl vs. King of My Heart This Love vs. Dancing With Our Hands Tied I Know Places vs. Dress Clean vs. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Wonderland vs. Dress You Are In Love vs. Call It What You Want New
  9. 1. Look What You Made Me Do 2. Delicate 3. King Of My Heart 4. Getaway Car 5. I Did Something Bad 6. Gorgeous 7. ...Ready For it? 8. Call It What You Want 9. End Game 10. New Year's Day 11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied 12. Don't Blame Me 13. So It Goes... 14. Dress 15. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things went by how often i listen to them really