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  1. didn't Ariana just get her first #1 weeks ago she's the real big pop girl of the decade
  2. their username tho "ihatecispeople" we love respect don't we girls
  3. #Music


    Malamente, Brillo, Pienso en tu mirá, Bagdad & Antes de morirme
  4. every single little mix song has the same lyrics istg
  5. #Music

    way better
  6. electricity is a bop

  7. So how are you lately? jay1 

  8. okay i NEED to listen to the queen leak halp

    1. Moonflower

      Its on Spotify sis

    2. DW

      4 minutes ago, Just Whitney said:

      Its on Spotify sis

      Thank You yas2

    3. Royalty

      It hasn’t leaked awk1 

  9. Entea here

    I've not see you around much, hope you're doing good hug1

  10. he really did peak with pillowtalk
  11. #Music

    Music Video

    Mo bounce in the motherfuckin house anyone?