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  1. omg this bitch is the connection MESS
  2. @Entea just realised it's Maluma in your set and not Jon Bellion i- fall8fall2fall3

  3. hunny don't try it only Spanish speaking ppl can have a say on this and that's just the tea
  4. cba to read through 6 pages but this is extremely disrespectful, one thing is to not know the lyrics or not being able to speak Spanish, and another is to do the "blah blah blah" in such a harsh way like it really does come across as degrading
  5. she's such a MESS by far the messiest pop girl right now & I'm LIVING
  6. Bon Appleteeth's was shit, but Swish Swish was so gewd i don't get the hate!
  7. Tried to scare the spider off with my MDNA copy jay1 Didn't work, she's now hiding somewhere only she knows.mp3 jay1 Will use my Essential Kylie Mixes now @Aidan. wish me luck jay1




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    2. Systemagic

      She's out there agonizing and dying if she touched that album ny1

    3. barbiej33p

      I cant with this picture dead4 

    4. Aidan.

      *Spider stans* jay1

  8. here

    wait we didn't follow each other i-

    1. Kaulitz.

      I know !! fall1 When I found out.. I ----- dead2 

  9. im sure Taylor will finish this with TS6 and perform with Kety i-