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  1. she's so lucky, she's a star brit0

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    2. Vertigo-go


      I live for basically all pop videos made from 1999 to about 2001, best 3 years in Mtv history cry4 Mtv Diary too cry5

    3. Destiny.


      tbh though, i wish i was older so i could've experienced it in full cry5 

      i was so young then the only way i can enjoy it is looking back in youtube vids and such cry3 

    4. Vertigo-go


      Same, I'm so happy theyhad re-runs of some stuff later on. If Mtv came back to its roots and started some "Mtv history" program with old stuff shown again, all would be forgiven.

  2. i'm really loving this place so far tbh. flawless emotes, flawless people, flawless layout cry2 can't wait to become more active cry2

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    2. Destiny.


      thank you! antm1

    3. Alejandreaux


      It's all fun and games until you witness a Katy vs Gaga thread wendy1

      Or Xtina vs Britney wendy1

      Or any thread involving Beyoncé wendy1


    4. Destiny.


      i'm purposely avoiding the stan war section for that reason tbqh wendy1

      hopefully i don't get into any messes wendy1