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  1. Poppy's album made several points as well.

  2. One of my favorite songs this year. I've never cared or listened to them before but their latest album made several points.

    1. Chris Morlock

      theyre so good cry9 

  3. Closer of the year.


  4. Did the VMAs start yet? Does anyone have a stream link? jj2


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    2. Chris Morlock

      i completely forgot about the VMAs fall4 

      i wont be able to watch it on tv so i will need a stream link.

    3. Entrax

      Oaky thanks! someone send me a streaming link once it starts please jj2


    4. Chris Morlock

      me too! drfx hh


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    2. Royalty

      TROPHY WIFE scream2 

    3. Entea

      I thought u hacked into my account at first from looking at your username dead2

    4. Honey

      Haunts me in my dreams rip4 

  6. Dirty Computer got MASSEDUCTION'd shock2shock1

    Watch the girls suddenly not like the album all that much like they did with MASSEDUCTION...


    1. Urbanov

      Dirty Computer is Janelle's best album. MASSEDUCTION on the other hand... we don't talk about ha oprah14

    2. Venice Bitch

      Masseduction is great and so is DC. demi1 

  7. That scene in the lighthouse on Annihilation where Lena witnesses the birth of the humanoid and the following sequence when she and her alien-replica is imitating her is the greatest cinematic moment of the year. giveup1 The visuals, the athmosphere, the soundtrack... giveup1



  8. Will we survive the ATRLpocalyopse? fall1


  9. This song is so pretty. oprah4

  10. tumblr_p7s67j8yh71thu2ldo1_500.gif



    1. rose

      where are his nipples?

    2. Urbanov

      1 hour ago, Coca-Cola said:

      where are his nipples?

      hufdfhdsifuishgihidshg rip3

  11. Y'all can switch my VIP off by the way.

  12. I love Kylie Minogue but her latest album... I struggled sitting it through once and I'm probably not doing it again anytime soon.

    1. Lachlan

      Couldn't agree more. jj4 

    2. Chanel


      The absolute lack of taste.

      It's 1000% better than Kiss Me Once.

      Her best album in years.

    3. Entrax

      Kiss Me Once, sweetie...

  13. I don’t say too much about DICKS🍆 but that’s a long ass MF dick 💯 Colonoscopy Ass Dick, Extension Cord Ass Dick, Going Where No Man Has Ever Gone Ass Dick!!!




  14. Sorry about the spam but whew, Crayons is the shit mess1


  15. Cupcakke's new album cover though shock1 I'm gonna give it a stream.

  16. Anyways, Bon Appétit is still my shit. mess1


  17. PfQnzLB.gif

    Surprisingly good quality oprah4


  18. I kind of want to watch Vikings now that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is on it jj2



    1. Princess Aurora

      You totally should, my brother and I are watching it and it's amazing

    2. Entrax

      Then it's settled, i'm hopping on board. Isn't the show on its fifth season? I got a lot of catching up to do fall1

  19. Does anyone have a link to Madonna Discography (I need it, once again fall2)

    1. Brightflower

      What do you mean? dead4

    2. Entrax

      I mean a link to wherever where I can download her stuff, FOTP used to have those for each fave cry4


  20. You know that I love you boy
    Hot like Mexico
    At this point I've gotta choose
    Nothing to lose


    1. Linda La Hughes

      one of her best cry9 turning 10 next year cry9 how cry9 

    2. Entrax

      It sure is. Damn, time flies shock1