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    Titanic Rising, MAGDALENE, thank u, next, Lost Girls & The Practice of Love
  2. Entrax here

    Poppy's album made several points as well.

  3. Entrax here

    One of my favorite songs this year. I've never cared or listened to them before but their latest album made several points.

    1. Chris Morlock

      theyre so good cry9 

  4. Entrax

    YES. How could I forget this masterpiece?!!? Shame on me.
  5. Did the remix featuring Cardi B and others ever come out?
  6. Entrax

    2015: Currents Me VEGA INTL. Night School Ten Love Songs Art Angels Revival In Colour Rebel Heart
  7. Entrax here


    My man.

  8. Entrax


    Let me log on to my fake accounts real quick then!
  9. Entrax


    Just do as I say.
  10. Entrax

    I decided to come check this place out a bit, it's been a while. Your avi is hot by the way, whew.
  11. Entrax


    needy is overrated.
  12. Entrax


    I'm getting into FROOT again. It's better than Electra Heart.
  13. Entrax


    If you have a Last.fm account, please vote this down! https://www.last.fm/music/Marina/+images/1022268b6ddaa2e32ece0872e9846182
  14. Entrax

    Deserved better.
  15. Entrax here
    Closer of the year.


  16. Entrax here

    Did the VMAs start yet? Does anyone have a stream link? jj2


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    2. Chris Morlock

      i completely forgot about the VMAs fall4 

      i wont be able to watch it on tv so i will need a stream link.

    3. Entrax

      Oaky thanks! someone send me a streaming link once it starts please jj2


    4. Chris Morlock

      me too! drfx hh

  17. Entrax here


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    2. Royalty

      TROPHY WIFE scream2 

    3. Entea

      I thought u hacked into my account at first from looking at your username dead2

    4. Honey

      Haunts me in my dreams rip4