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  2. The idea of an FOTPer buying a CATEPILLAR BULLDOZER sent me But yes, all of this!!!
  3. Honeymoon is by far her most “complete” album in terms of it being cohesive and fully fleshed out. It’s definitely pretty slow, I actually meditate to certain songs even. But I think it just feels that way because her other records are a lot more intentionally unstructured and dive more into experimental music. Honeymoon is the closest to a “pop” landscape in terms of format for a Lana album.
  4. Just have to say, Lana albums always age best. Never have I heard her albums and been convinced on the first listen. Your first go around you are just getting the tempo, the melody, of it. It’s the tenth time you start to notice lyrical genius. Then the twentieth time you appreciate the vocal structure and experimentalism. So yes, it’s a grower. But so was NFR and Honeymoon
  5. flawless. Another 100/100 album by Lana. Her discography is flaw free. Truly the female Jesus, no sarcasm
  6. Dua because she’s only in her second big era, has only a few hit singles, and hasn’t made an impactful performance yet (think Gaga VMAs Paparazzi). Gaga/Rihanna/Katy were MASSIVE because they were historic. They completely changed the game. Rn our “massive” pop star is Ariana. She ushered in the streaming era. Billie is arguable the next “big pop star”, although she only has a few hits this far. Without a doubt Dua will get there. She just needs to be very innovative and push something risky with her 3rd album. Nobody really takes risks like the girlies used to. At so m
  7. It baffles me that you put Madonna and Mariah Carey in the same category as the features artist
  8. and evermore will do it again next year! Taylor Swift is the music industry
  9. it’s spelled Aryan btw and she’s literally openly anti Trump / attacked conservatives like Marsha Blackburn.....
  10. on a revisted review the standout highlights are Replay, ROM, and Babylon fan favorites evidently would be Alice and Enigma, two “hidden gens” I can’t believe she released Fun Tonight sns. It feels filler and was very overrated to begin with
  11. the title track SNAPS. Miss Ora pulled through with that PRODUCTION
  12. Body is already a viral TikTok hit. Megan’s POWER