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  1. Joanne

    ok ok lemme try.
  2. Joanne

    radio must have boycotted Lovedance got busy and stopped promoting, only to already kill this song’s chances poor shak
  3. Joanne

    seth omfg this is amazing
  4. Tell your queen to drop Cruel Summer!!!!
  5. Joanne

    @Bleachella anyone who needs it, HQ cover
  6. Joanne

    Can’t say it wouldn’t be iconic.
  7. Joanne

    Well thank you.
  8. Joanne

    could i sign Lindsay
  9. Lemonade won it though Adele broke the Grammy in half and gave her some
  10. i feel ashamed that i still dk the lyrics perfectly. Like the famous lines yes, the intro yes, but Ariana’s part has no lines that have been memorable yet. Hope that will change because while Bey’s Telephone part was short, everyone knows: Boy, the way you blowin' up my phone Won't make me leave no faster Put my coat on faster Leave my girls no faster I shoulda left my phone at home 'Cause this is a disaster Callin' like a collector Sorry, I cannot answer
  11. That’s my favorite part about it. the song keeps getting more interesting. She did a bit of that with I Want Your Love and i always found Applause (at least in performances) to follow a similar build up from chorus to chorus. It makes the song more enticing and really has the final chorus as the highlight it deserves to be. I also DIE everytime the song starts with the string part because those like 3 seconds are so Joanne that it feels like an intentional sonic transition. It also throws me back to some of her rock meets electronic tracks off BTW.