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    KYLIE JENNER ON RADIO SAW Starting her transition into music during this summer, with a series of unsuccessful and critically hated singles, Kylie Jenner is now at the top of her game. With the independent work of her label Salinity Sounds, and collaborations with a number of Republic Records artists, Kylie has began to accelerate her way up the charts. Quite recently she dropped a new lead single ‘Nostalgia’, which has began an incredibly coherent era for her incoming debut studio record. During its first weekend the song had 6.85m spins in total, no small feat for a small and indie singer that had zero vocal features, as well as suffered from a career-setback controversy in China. Late this evening Kylie called into Radio Saw in Germany to talk about some things. Her discussions included the ideas behind ‘Nostalgia’, getting to work with and know Maluma, and finally where she wants to go from here. Afterwards the station placed the new on power rotation for the rest of the week. ON THE MEANING OF ‘NOSTALGIA’ “The track is really about sort of looking back on a relationships. Its quire sexual in nature, as you can tell. I wanted the song to express those emotions nobody ever talks about. I mean, of course you’ll look back on the sex you had with your ex. If it was good, I thinks it's kind of normal to consider wanting it again. I wrote this from the female side of having my ex still into me because I've had it happen a few times. I’m positive lots of models can relate. You know, you go break up with your boyfriend and then do a sexy photoshoot the next day. I feel bad about it because I know that has to drive them crazy. It’s kind of mean, and I’m saying that as someone that usually mutually terminates a relationship with someone. In ‘Nostalgia’ we wanted a feeling of that “timeless love” like I called it on Radio Fuego I believe.” ON HER FRIENDSHIP WITH MALUMA “Maluma has been such a nice and helpful person! I know on like Maniac Radio I joked about his ego, but seriously he's incredibly humble. And I’m quite proud of him for succeeding, he deserves it and to celebrate it. That’s human nature after all. I am stoked that I’ll be starring in the Peligro video. Like I can’t even believe it! I’m so appreciative that he chose me to star in the music video and selected ‘Nostalgia’ for Record of the Day. That was pretty damn lit! I have always liked him as a person even before we met to be honest. He just is so charismatic and smart. I mean that’s how his songs have done so well and ‘MANIAC’ is like the biggest record on Encore! The one thing about Maluma that has made me so excited for this project is his fearlessness. I know that the video isn’t going to give two flying fucks about what criticism it receives. It's for the fans and to really express the feelings behind the song, not to simply sell some copies and get another hit.” ON HER CAREER FUTURE ENDEAVOURS “I am really looking forward to dropping my record in the next month or two. Whether or not my music continues to be so loved and successful, I’m going to have a great time with it. In the end, enjoying myself and creating art is the main goal. But the fact that I have so far been able to do that and have a fairly decent rising hit is impressive. I would have never expected that to be honest. It's not that I didn’t believe in myself or ‘Nostalgia’, it is just that after the whole Sing incident I thought my career was over. I began to show signs of depression again and greatly doubted anyone would respect me again. I know there are still open wounds from that event, but to begin to see people already forgiving me is pretty heartwarming. Its cheered me up a lot and I feel very satisfied with life. Whatever comes next, I just hope it continues this period of fulfillment I have found.”
  2. Joanne

    @Bleachella @Maria would now be an appropriate time to reach to corps for a new contract if you’re an indie artist? also i never did this at the end of last season Salinity Sounds/Kylie Jenner Singles-$185,440
  3. Joanne

    on behalf of the Little Monster community, Id like to request CAL provide a seperate hourly updated chart for Azerbaijan. thank you that is all
  4. sis i don’t agree with those laws, that was my whole argument
  5. back in the days before the Dems became sensitive snowflakes and HIB Laws were created, they wouldve gotten some sense beat into them
  6. No. That doesn’t solve the problem. The problem is not that these kids made a poor decision, when their brains aren’t fully seveloped. The problem is that they see this behavior as acceptable, that its been viewed as allowed by their parents/teachers/other adult disciplinaries. Lets not go punishing kids for being raised by malicious people and making bad decisions with their word choice. Lets teach them why its wrong and make sure that come the time they are raising kids, this behavior is no longer promoted.
  7. Joanne

    SUBMISSION OF NOSTALGIA -Record of the Year -Song of the Year -Best Dance Recording -Best Single Cover SUBMISSION OF KYLIE JENNER -Best New Artist
  8. Joanne

    it was saturday because on the actually Friday the 23rd Ron had keep the thread closed all day
  9. Joanne

    if I released on that black friday weekend, was it before or after deadlines?
  10. Joanne

    salinty records-kylie jenner
  11. Early 21st Century Liberals team tea