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  1. Game

    LTWYL 2.0 is god tier.
  2.^tfw& Mess
  3. thanks
  4. i love it yeab it's a bit like dwuw but idc. I love Katy and Gaga. (wait till Harry styles comes in here and drags me ass for supporting "White" Perry). It had that quirky and katy type vibe while amping it up a little and being more mature. I can totally see people of all ages watching this considering kids sang a song by a group who calls themselves Chainsmokers, a girl who just wrote an entire sex album called Dangerous woamn and a dude (JB) who's nudes leak every other day. It's a bit unusual but that's what people want. It catches your attention and I applaud katy for this amazing video
  5. thanks
  6. top definition for edu(action) are "something Edu needs"
  7. @Edu look at Miley copying Lindsay!
  8. make a go fundme. I swear people who donate to those sites will donate to anything. You could say u are stealing chalk from a school and giving t away for free and they'd donate