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  1. Scooter won’t let that happen.
  2. Adele is HOSTING, not performing. How can everyone not understand that? If she was PERFORMING I’d be worried. But she ain’t. She’s hosting. For all we know, she might be announcing an acting role or some sorts. Or maybe she’s hosting a talk show.
  3. She’s actually becoming popular here in the states. Maybe we can get the single to go TikTok viral
  4. Joanne

    Toy going TikTok viral. Ron really predicted the future
  5. Joanne

    Maybe it’s because Madonna notoriously has committed cultural appropriation endless times without regret
  6. Joanne

    I wish the whole era was NRO MV visuals. I feel like her one flaw is inconsistent visuals. All her eras range in themes and they rarely connect to the song.
  7. Joanne

    It’s great but I wouldn’t go that far folklore, Chromatica, Manic and Future Nostalgia are my top 4 favs. Ig Smile clocks in at #5. It could grow on me more, but for now, those four are just perfection. Ms Del Rey is going to snatch folklore’s spot soon enough tho
  8. Joanne here

    bey7 This blowing up the internet rn

  9. Joanne


    Singles should’ve been Lead: NRO Second: Champagne Problems Third: Smile Fourth: Not the End of the World Fifth: Tucked Still a great album and a lot more appealing than Witness. If it had a hit, I think it’d be pretty successful. Who cares though, she is serving content!
  10. but like the production was the best part of the original album why couldnt we just get B Sides Sorry but The Blessed Madonna sucks ass
  11. Joanne

    Music Video

    I love it visually for the most part Tho kind of feels somewhat culturally insensitive in 2020, particularly that intro. I still imagine a big budget Prism era video for this song
  12. Joanne


    Kinda sad. It really deserves better. I love the song
  13. Joanne here

    Yall this Tweet went viral and my whole college is commenting on it. I’m dead



  14. Joanne

    never doubt Cardi. She continues to outdo everyones expectations of her