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    sorry but these designs all look tragic.
  2. Both songs are undeniably a bit basic and cheesy But those VOCALS carry them 100% and the production kinda just snaps. She just outdid Katy at ha own game, slightly ironic, lightly comedic, pop bangers. Lover so far feels like Teenage Dream a bit
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    What is the release date cut off? Like how far back does this go.
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    don’t ask people to slap you. apparently i asked a friend to do that last weekend when i was drunk and all it did was leave my face red
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    Will she top I Got It though? we can only pray
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    Shakira will give a tribute, considering she is the Grammy winning tribute queen
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    KYLIE JENNER GRACES ELLE MAGAZINE | MAY 2019 In the middle of the afternoon on May 20th, Kylie Jenner’s world came tumbling down. A few days after her smash hit and lead single ‘Nostalgia’ became four times platinum certified, the singer was pulled over and placed under arrest for driving while under the influence. The chaos came only a day since Kylie had erupted a massive Twitter war over the impact Belinda’s controversial Eurovision performance had on her upcoming Le Grand Journal appearance. From criticism by Frank Ocean to words of wisdom by Lindsay Lohan, the entire music world seemed thrown into the media disaster that were Kylie’s tweets. And for a good few hours, the singer’s comments online appeared confident about her beliefs. And then the sirens blared from outside her car and she was arrested. What in the world was Ms. Jenner thinking? Well the fact of the matter, is she wasn’t. For the entire month prior to her DUI, Kylie had been battling with alcoholism. After beginning to drink as she worked on new songs for ‘SALVADOR’, the singer found herself instantly addicted. She began to regularly have a mixed drink at breakfast, with her typical being mojitos or various fruity vodka mixes. Every weekend, according to her staff, the singer would become incredible intoxicated and arrive back at her hotel between 1-2am, completely incompacitated. Shortly after the incident, Kylie was committed to the Sunny Futures Rehabilitation Center in Oakland, California. While going unreported by the radar, insiders have uncovered that the LAPD were paid Kylie’s bail in full by an anonymous donor and the LA Justice Department has reached a plea deal with Ms. Jenner of an unlisted fee and 150 hours of community service, to be completed over the next three years. Our staff at Elle received exclusive privileges to sit down with the star and have an in depth interview about the events that went down and where her career will go from here. INTERVIEWER: Ms. Jenner, we are so thankful to be sitting down with you this afternoon. Our staff would like to extend our thoughts and prayers for your recovery. How has it been staying here in rehab so far? KYLIE: I’ve received nothing but the best treatment and care here. I’ve gotten the constant attention and professional help that’s needed to recover from such a condition like mine. I am really quite grateful for my management who helped me to get well here. A lot of times in the industry these days, there are stories of artists being pushed too hard by their corporations that they just break. Thankfully Salinity Sounds and Samuel Bell at Warner aren’t like those corps and have shown to really care about me. INTERVIEWER: What is it like to be living somewhere with such a diverse group of people? I’m sure this must be a lot different than when you stay at nice hotels or penthouses. KYLIE: I’ve really enjoyed it and it has been an eye opening experience. I got to really see how alcoholism isn’t a disease that discriminates. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are, it can impact anyone. And I would say that has really inspired me to become an activist on the issue of addiction and it has left a lasting impact on my view of the world. INTERVIEWER: So moving on from your time here and all the traumatic experiences you had, where do you plan to go next with your career? Anything you would like to announce? KYLIE: I actually do have a few. I have decided that it is time for the waiting to end and that I’ll be releasing ‘SALVADOR’ on June 14th as a full “mixtape” type release. It’ll still be available in a standard album format on all major platforms, the rollout is just going to be a little bit more lowkey than we planned and the production a bit less developed. It’s still going to be a hell of 10 tracks, but the record is going to end up more personal and experimental than your average pop record. I hope that my fans appreciate it and I promise, more music is going to come later this summer. To accompany the ‘SALVADOR’ release, we’ll also be dropping a track titled ‘A Ruined Reputation’ with a music video as my next single. It will be getting a full pop rollout with radio appearances, Encore playlisting and more of your usual stuff. I think this release will really enable me to launch my career full force and begin doing different things such as touring and larger festival performances. INTERVIEWER: That certainly sounds like a lot for us to watch out for. I look forward to listening to the mixtape. I highly recommend you pre order Kylie Jenner’s upcoming record release ‘SALVADOR’ which includes the four times platinum, #6 peaking single ‘Nostalgia’.
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    this photo was a CHOICE
  11. Joanne

    Lyricsay Lohan just sharted on Dreamelting
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    Press and NRO wl be hits Miley isnt getting any hit material out of this. shouldve milked NBLAH more. Idk what the point of this EP is if its all the same old experimental garbage with terrible production quality
  13. Joanne

    Kylie: +$15,000,000 from Belinda for this past weeks promo +$18,???,??? from Harry Styles - Also Harry needs a new contract
  14. Joanne