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  1. Joanne here

    Everyone support one of fellow Stan Forum members, GGD’a finest Kaeler Grey. He just dropped a new album


  2. Joanne

    @Bleachella Can I get a ticket sales update
  3. “And you know damn well, for you, i would ruin myself a million little times”
  4. Joanne

    umm, no. RBTY will be the first of many #1s
  5. Joanne

    who said it’ll be R&B jk! yes it is still partially r&b. Shakira is ready to put in that grind 9-to-5 and score endless #1s
  6. Joanne

    so my college just went 100% virtual so a bitch will be dropping Shakira’s EP and an album with a new artist (TBD) this fall. 2020 truly has become the Year of CAL.
  7. Joanne

    Celeb News

    I feel like Illicit Affairs, Mirrorball and Betty have the best chance at radio success Exile & The 1 obviously are early favorites with a strong early chart debut. My guess is 2 - Exile 3 - The 1 4 - Illicit Affairs 5 - Mirrorball
  8. Joanne

    yall our former critic StrawberryBlond (the same one who trashed Desert Rose relentlessly) is now trashing folklore in GGD someone has still not acquired taste, even after we tried to enlighten her.