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  1. still waiting in the Break My Soul mv lmao
  2. thank you 2022 <3


  3. this actually hurts as a thin person with an eating disorder We are constantly being erased as “oh you’re fine, look how great you look” as if our struggle with body image, nutritional food intake, etc don’t exist. So over the woke mafia denying other peoples’ realities when it doesnt fit their narrative
  4. starting rn. I am dead. This is a TRIP i havent had since ARTPOP dropped (my fav album of all time)
  5. This is the fault of every person who pulls the “i dont like to discuss politics” card.
  6. Un Verano Sin Ti is arguably way better than all of them and deserves it. If the Grammys want to show interest in diversity and inclusion beyond performative awards for Beyonce/Bruno Mars/John Legend, they’ give AOTY to a Spanish album
  7. from ur list, I think you are missing Doja and Halsey tbh. Long time ago (pre hip break) Gaga was obviously the top of this list. But that was almost a decade ago
  8. Decent, but lyricism isnt his strength imp
  9. Yikes Cmon Gaga get a sleeper hit babe. She just needs the radio support like Shallow and MR.
  10. How is it charting and streaming?
  11. We deserve an album of Hold My Hand, Marry The Night, Edge of Glory, I Will Never Love Again, Gypsy power ballad realness.