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  1. Mélechon2017
  2. As if I'd forget ❤️Ly sis
  3. Ariana getting praise and recognition from Lindsay, Lana, Charli and more all in one weekends. PL is coming for blood as the next sleeper hit of CAL
  4. I am shook at PL getting that recognition. ❤️
  5. And Arhenna is dropping the week before that!
  6. I love you sm. This will help a lot this week ehat are some SA radio shows?
  7. Too late. I won't use it again kiii
  8. ARIANA GRANDE GOES ON EL SHOW DE CRISTINA IN SOUTH AMERICA This evening singer Ariana Grande went onto the popular South American television show known as El Show De Cristina to help promote her latest work in the continent where her strongest follower base is. On the show the singer had a nice interview about her latest work with the shows host Cristina before going on to give a spectacular performance of the brand new track. In her interview the singer dropped details regarding her upcoming album Heartbreak Hotel and more. The singer confirmed she will be spending all this week traveling around South America to hit up radio stations in support of Plain Lovin and for her fans to expect a club performance sometime while she's traveling around the continent. The shows host also reminded everyone that Plain Lovin is available for sale and streaming now as well as that you can preorder Heartbreak Hotel on all digital platforms and expect it to drop this May. ON PLAN LOVIN "I am very glad that I worked with Christina Milian on this track and it is definitely a song you should expect on my future tours for albums later in my career. It's one of those tracks that I will never forget that I made or promoted. It's exploded on radio and I was totally shocked when my manager called me today and told me that it had reached over 56 million in radio audience. That number alone is extremely impressive for me. When we made this song we are just trying to make a good song for my fans and I never would have expected it to do this week. To peak at #14 is a huge honor and I look forward to continue to travel in support of this song. Plain Lovin was a track I wanted to make sure really captured my feelings and who I am while still being appealing for my fans. That's certainly no easy task but Christina and I accomplished it and I'm quite proud of it. I was very inspired by tracks like Lorde’s Dangerous and Lily Allen’s Bitter Memories in the sense that I wanted this song to define the era and be a bold part of Heartbreak Hotel. I hope all of my fans are enjoying the performances and the music video because I know I am enjoying doing them!” ON HER UPCOMING ALBUM RELEASE “I cannot tell you how gosh darn excited I am to finally release Heartbreak Hotel sometime next month! I've been waiting soooo long to put this album out and have worked on it for a little under a year now. The record is all ready for release and we just have to shoot a bit more of the Mini Film and the release week will be all prepared! I think that because the mini film and my other few projects are all coming alongside the record my fans are going to be lowkey overwhelmed but also have a greater understanding of the record which is what I intended! Their are so many songs on the record I can't wait to share and you are going to have to wait until we drop the tracklist until I can share detailed. Trust me though, this album era is gonna be a hell of a ride and I just can't wait!” ON WORKING WITH BRENDON URIE “It was so amazing to get to work with Brendon Urie for the Plain Lovin music video! He's such a sweet guy and Love In Las Vegas is such a fantastic album, I hope that he continues doing what he's doing because he's a very talented artist. Brendon has this way of looking at things and bring them together aesthetically and it think it's what elevates the tone of his music so much. I certainly hope to someday do a vocal collaboration with him because I think it would be so amazing to work with him on one! Beautifully Bizarre is one of my favorite new songs out this year and is definitely one I hope continues to perform well!” After her interview regarding her latest work singer Ariana Grande took to the stage in a black strapless dress with cute little glasses on, ready to sing Plain Lovin. She started out as the song slowly faded in as she carefully articulated the first verse and made sure to hit the notes well and let loose a little on her whistle tone falsettos. Towards the chorus the stage exploded with spinning lights and she started to dance as she sang the song very powerfully while swaying around. Throughout the rest of the performance she continued to do a very chill yet in sync and well choreographed dance while singing the song. At the final chorus the stage exploded with white and red confetti and she projected her voice to give a very very powerful feel. After the performance Ariana bowed for the viewers and went over to thanks the hosts.
  9. I wanted to do the same thing back when katy had that dude
  10. Head to Ron's rabbit room FATS
  11. Lindsay left me fucming bald
  12. Ariana: $134k
  13. "STREAM PLAIN LOVIN FATSSS" vs Rant about ending bullying