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  1. "you better be sorry"
  2. mk I assume it would be best for me to make a statement over this mess. No my this statement isn't a joke, it's a true explanation and apology So this afternoon I got a lot of messages from school friends online about how I'm ugly and how I am never getting a girlfriend and about how people ignore my messages about going places together because they hate me. Usually I'd just let this float over by I woke up in particularly depressed by the rain and my six flags trip being cancelled so I sorta was in a bad mood. So I decided after I saw this movie with my best friend that I should talk with ron about how Mary and I have been being rude to eachother and hopefully get his help in ending any "feuding" since I wasn't up for any more rude comments and My sorta generic remix was getting dragged. Ron made he mistake of interpreting my statement about people saying "kys" on rabbit as death threats. Including that was a mistake, and was triggered by my sadness. Usually acknowledge that statement is a joke but when I'm sometimes already in a bad mood I get very triggered by it due to my mom's sister having committed suicide. I want to apologize to Mary for making her feel threatened or uncomfortable. I wanted to make up, not fight, and my statements were poor. I've already began to tell that this school year for me will be rough. I come on hear to relax and have fun putting together little projects. I get it, I'm an annoying kid and am just now getting my first truly successful solo single. Idc if you don't want to collab with me and all. That's fine. But just keep me out of any dramas and fights. I don't want to deal with anymore sorry if I hurt anyone, what I did was wrong and immature. ❤️Thnx for everything
  3. I did! Just like Surrealism did when she uses translate
  4. apologies in advanced for my monolingual google translating skills
  5. who doesn't love a good Spanish remix
  6. AIN'T MY FAULT SPANISH REMIX By Fifth Harmony ft Daddy Yankee Remix Produced by Rodrigo Cortes This past week Fifth Harmony has began to rise in fame with the release of their radio sensation ‘Ain't My Fault’. This week the girls group teamed up with popular South American rapper Daddy Yankee to record a fully Spanish remix of the new single. Rodrigo Cortés, another popular Spanish producer, helped the mix the new beat and song. The new remix will be sent to South American radios as well as stations in Florida, Texas and New Mexico to help the new song. It is also available worldwide in iTunes but will not track separately from the song. The remix gives the song a much more summer jam feeling and is expected to be well received. LYRICS INSTRUMENTAL
  7. agreed. That score was not warranted
  8. FIFTH HARMONY PERFORMS ON THE VOICE ECUADOR This evening the Miami girl group Fifth Harmony performed their brand new lead single on The Voice Ecuador, making it their South American debut performance. The stars have recently been traveling the globe in support for the rising success and have not stopped. The song in one week has reached over 14.7 million in radio audience which is no small accomplishment for a debut single. From Elvis Duran to the Today Show, the rising singers have hit many American shows in order to ensure the track rises up there. However they now begin to work on helping it on a global scale with promotion in various continents. After several contestant performances the shows host welcomed them to the stage to perform their new single for many of their Ecuadorian fans. The stage started out dark as a strobe light flashed back and forth on both sides of them, alternating. This gave a very cool effect as the girls slowly moved to the instrumental introduction made. Normani then whispered “Let's go” into her earpiece microphone as the first verse of the song started. For this performance of the track all of the girls performed a much heavier and faster choreography. They started by dancing in front of the stages stairs during the first verse, as lots of red and blue laser lights spun around them and smoke pumped. During the first pre chorus and chorus the girls very energetically performed on the main stage right in front of the judges. The made the performance quite theatrical through the flickered lighting used and heavy dancing. However they also continued to display their vocal abilities by hitting all the high notes. In the final chorus of the song the back of the stage exploded with flames and smoke as the girls danced wildly and sang very loosely with lots of falsettos and high notes. They really displayed their performance talents and all in this short and cute performance on Ecuador's The Voice. Ally also sang the final chorus in Spanish, giving a mixed Spanglish vibe that furthered connected with listeners After the performance the shows host briefly asked them a few questions: Host: How'd it feel to perform your new single Ain't My Fault for the first time here in Latin America? Lauren: It's great! We are so excited to be here and to have gotten to perform with you! The crowd was very energetic and we are so grateful. Done of us are of Latin descent and have a huge appreciation for culture and both Spanish and Portuguése. We wanted this performance to be very energetic and shocking which I think we lost certainly pulled off. Host: Well thanks for coming! Ladies and gentlemen that make sure to purchase Fifth Harmony’s Ain't My Fault now as well as to stream it on Encore and even request it on the radio.
  9. FIFTH HARMONY PERFORMS ON THE TODAY SHOW | US This evening the singing group Fifth Harmony visited the popular television show the Today Show an interview and performance of their brand new single of ‘Ain't My Fault’. The song serves of the lead single of their recently hyped debut EP and is quickly rising on the radio and becoming a sleeper hit. In the interview the girls talked about their music video premiere this weekend, what inclined them to make ‘Ain't My Fault’ the lead single, and more. For the appearance they all wore similar style aqua blue and green tye-dye dresses. After they had their interview Fifth Harmony gave a performance of ‘Ain't My Fault’ for the television show. On the Ain't My Fault music video “It's came together very well! I can't wait to put out the music video this Saturday! We actually have a very special MTV premiere for it and I think you'll really enjoy it. We took the more relaxed and fun side of it and amplified that in the video. As a group we agreed that we just wanted to put out something that was cute and a fun, memorable dance video for the end of the summer. This music video is very sweet and I think everyone will love it! We filled this music video at a really pretty mansion that Warner rented out for us. We had a hell of a time recording it and can't wait to share the music video, which is obviously for ‘Ain't My Fault’.” On selecting the lead single “It was a very clear choice when it came to selecting the lead single. We went with just the first track off the EP we'd written and that really seemed prepared to be shared. Surprisingly it's done really well on the radio! As a group we wanted to choose a song that would be very danceable. The beat that Ain't My Fault has is very uptempo and definitely for the vibe that we were going through when selecting the lead. I wouldn't say it's the best song off the album lyrically but I think we made a great choice to debut with us and that we will only improve from here!” Performance After they were interview, Fifth Harmony took to the stage to perform their latest single. In their Aqua and turquoise outfits the stage began to spin with some blue laser lights as a a lot light shined on them. The band began to play as the girls started to sing the song. For this performance they did a very toned down and lighter version of the choreography due to the shows small stage space inside. During the chorus's various times Normani would belt huge falsettos to wow the crowd and show off her vocal capabilities. The stage flashed with strobe lights for the final chorus as they kicked it up a little and danced much faster. After the performance came to an end the girls all bowed together before the host reminded everyone to get their single now!
  10. LADY GAGA INTERVIEWED BY ELIZABETH VARGAS FROM 20/20 Yesterday the world experienced a tragedy as a high profile birthday party for Madonna was shot up by the rabid Satanic worshiping Fergie and her irrelevant sidekick Ali “Allah” Ali. Singers Brendon Urie, Madonna and Halsey were all injured in the attacks alongside Gaga. Once authorities arrived at the venue to help the injured and arrest the All Night Long singer, Gaga immediately received surgery in the Bellevue Hospital. Since then she was moved by management to a retirement and rehabilitation facility down the street to give her more comfort and space. Today interviewer Elizabeth Vargas from 20/20 sat down with her for a televised interview about the attack and other things. Recently Lady Gaga released her lead single ‘The Awakening’ which can be bought right now on iTunes and is in Encore. In this interview singer got very emotional when talking about the traumatic events that occurred and how scared for her friends she is. The singer was interviewed while laying in a hospital type bed with pajamas on. The singer told all in the interview that is expected to reach a wide spread audience. Elizabeth Vargas: Thank you so much for having us Miss Germanotta. We were just hoping you could tell us about last night's experiences while you attended Madonna’s birthday party. Lady Gaga: I am still in complete shock about what happened. We were all having such a great time celebrating together and that such an attack happened is awful. My heart goes out to the guests who were killed in the event and I have just prayed to god so much since the event. To survive such an event is really life changing and I think I will always have a different view on life after tonight. We were artists there to share our love for Madonna and music. The fact that an party that was filled with so much love ended so horribly is just awful. I pray that Brendon Urie and Halsey recover and that the families of victims receive our prayers and help. Elizabeth Vargas: That's very sweet of you. Now you were shot both in the knee and hip-which you had immediate surgery for and will be resting her for a good while to recover. Are you in a lot of pain Gaga? Lady Gaga: Yes. I can't stand nor walk, even after my doctors at Bellevue tried to help me use a brace and crutches. I'll be left immobile and in a wheelchair for the time being so that my body can heal. In a few days when I feel emotionally better my management will pick me up thought. At the moment I need time to pray and to see my close psychiatrist friend and others to psychologically comfort me. Elizabeth Vargas: Since the attack have you seen any others injured such as Halsey or has anyone visited you? Lady Gaga: Of course my mother and father saw me as soon as I was brought to the hospital. They've been with me since the authorities arrived. This morning before moving to this facility I was visited by Fifth Harmony in the hospital. They brought me some chocolates and a card. I really appreciate their kindness. Zendaya also called me to make sure I was doing ok. Once she's recovered I hope to call Madonna as well as to visit Brendon and Halsey. Together we are stronger than any violence and hatred. I hope that alongside them that the world can be united and promote love and security. Elizabeth Vargas: I hope so too Gaga. How wk this all affect the promotional schedule for your lead single The Awakening? Lady Gaga: Hopefully it won't impact it too much but I expect it to. I can't dance at all for quite some time and won't be visiting any shows until this weekend, unless I talk to a radio station over the phone. My management wants me to rest and recover before worrying about my music and its success though. Myself being healthy is mhcb more important that selling records. We will have to delay and adjust the music video however most of it was already shot so the video should be fine in the end. Elizabeth Vargas: We hope you recover very soon. The Awakening is a wonderful song I must say! Lady Gaga: Aww thank you! Elizabeth Vargas: Do you and the other victims have any plans so far together such as a concert? Lady Gaga: Not now. We are still so upset and hurt to think about that. Once we've recovered I most certainly plan to work with them to fight to end gun violence and spread a message of love and unity. We as a globe need to recognize that music and parties should be something people need to be able to safely enjoy without living in fear of attacks like these. Elizabeth Vargas: That makes a lot of sense. Well thank you for letting me visit you. I hope you feel better and I brought some flowers and a Gaga themed gift from your fans at GagaDaily for you. *Gaga opens the present to see it a big heart shaped chocolate box with a monster paw on it* Lady Gaga: Wow this is really touching. Thank you so much for coming here today. I really appreciate it. *Gaga hugs Elizabeth* Elizabeth Vargas: Ladies and gentlemen that was Lady Gaga talking about the recent shooting at Madonna’s birthday party in New York. Here current single The Awakening was released a little under two weeks ago and the star is currently pausing her career so she can recover from being shot in both the hip and leg by the now imprisoned rapper Fergie.
  11. FIFTH HARMOMY ON Z100'S THE ELVIS DURAN SHOW Last weekend the Miami girls group Fifth Harmony released their surprising new radio hit ‘Ain't My Fault’. Since the release the girls performed it on Jimmy Kimmel and the song has garnered over 8,100 radio spins just this week. While the song hasn't completely taken off in terms of sales, it seems to be trending upward on the radio as the girls hit the road to promote it and could potentially be a late summer hit. This afternoon the four girls sat down for an interview with Z100’s Elvis Duran on his show. In the interview Normani and Ally spoke in depth about how they were inspired by some experiences they had while in school as teenagers. After they concluded the interview segment of the show with Elvis he played ‘Ain’t My Fault’ for listeners and Z100 placed it on their station power rotation for the rest of the week to help the song reach more listeners in the Big Apple. For the show they wore mismatched jean jackets, overalls and lots of different gold accessories. The very grunge style made them feel like a more urban group. Elvis Duran: Hello there! Today I am very excited to have four lovely ladies-give it up for Fifth Harmony! Lauren Jauregui: Thanks so much for having us! We appreciate you having us! Elvis Duran: Well I’m glad to see you! This past week you put out ‘Ain't My Fault’ which is doing great on the radio. How surprised are you by this success? Dinah Jane: We were really shocked when we saw how well it's doing on the radio. Reaching over 14.7 million people on the radio in one week is no small accomplishment. We wrote this song very much for the other women in the world because of a lot of experiences some of our members went through. Ally Brooke: Yeah. When I was back in high school I dated this really rude sexist guy as a junior and my experiences with him slut shaming me, humiliating me and threatening me really inspired the lyrical content of this track. Normani Kordei: When I was a senior I began to really test the waters with more rebellious clothing. I went to a school that was very inner city and stereotyped as dangerous. However I knew it was very safe and how to protect myself. But when I started to do dance competitions and such at other schools in the nearby suburbs I began to be teased by people that I was a “slut” and that I was just selling my body. I made me feel really small and like people only appreciated me for my looks and not for my dancing talents. Elvis Duran: Wow that is very personal. I definitely think you girls put a great meaning into this track! Now just recently a horrible tragedy happened at Madonna’s birthday party and many artists such as Halsey, Lady Gaga, Madonna herself and Brendon Urie were shot and injured. I was wondering if you have any words to say about that. Lauren Jauregui: We most certainly do. Our hearts and prays go out to all the victims of the attacks made at that party. To see our peers in the industry be injured like this is devastating and we hope they will recover quickly. This event happened due to gun violence and I feel quite strongly that politicians in our country need to address that and push for further regulations and such to keep people. It's also quite clear that in this day and age we need to improve our security to keep both artists and fans safe. Elvis Duran: That's very well said. Now you've been saying that Ain't My Fault is your lead single-but from what? Is an album on its way or perhaps an EP? Dinah Jane: We are in the process of writing a short EP right now. We don't know exactly when it will be released but it should be sometime this fall. Before putting it out we want to do several singles and then start to tour with the EP release. Expect it to be around 5 to 7 songs! We want to keep this era and a shorter length since it's just to get our names out there and share some cool songs we've wrote. Originally we were going to do a big long album but Ain't My Fault, which we wrote very much on the spot, really gave us a change of heart. We wanted to keep our debut more light and fun. I think the songs we've got up our sleeves and singles will be quite exciting for everyone and can't wait to share them! Elvis Duran: That sounds quite exciting! I can't wait to hear the EP! Have you guys decided on a name for it? Ally Brooke: Not completely. We are more focused on writing the EP and really mapping out the concept of it before we pick a title. The record is very much about both positive and negative experiences we've had in the past with relationships and guys. It's most certainly not the title but if I could describe the songs together in one word it would be “Boys”. I think a lot of it is about us not knowing the difference between love and lust. The record is about how we were both taken advantage of and treated poorly. Though their are definitely positive songs about love that I hope leave it on a high note! Elvis Duran: Well thank you for sharing. Everyone that was Fifth Harmony and here is their brand new single Ain't My Fault!