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  1. Joanne

    @hector When the new Rih song says “PUSSY POWER”. Wow your MIND
  2. Joanne

    Some truly do not deserve the passion of The Rush. Nevertheless, I will love you!
  3. Joanne

    Ngl @Ronlop GGD kind sharts on this snooze. Pardon Fergie, or no season 13!
  4. Joanne


    Plz share (Don’t ban me!)
  5. Joanne here

    Adam Lambert’s album is better than the Weeknd’s. No cap.

  6. Joanne

    Coronavirus about to revive CAL
  7. Joanne


    I’m getting my tickets for MetLife omg this is going to slay
  8. Joanne


    She’s probably going to do more shows guys, don’t worry. They’ll just be separated by months breaks and such, so she can rest. Probably is going to gradually announce them that way if her illness flares up, she is only postponing or cancelling a few dates rather than 20.
  9. Joanne


    this video snaps omg yall shut up
  10. Joanne


    the way this screams rockstar ICON Other pol girls could NEVER
  11. Joanne

    Shakira Singles: $ 29,620