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  1. Joanne

    The song snaps regardless. At least she’s serving bops
  2. Joanne

    I hope feel better sis ❤️❤️
  3. Joanne

    KYLIE: $121,273
  4. Joanne


    sis clearly I meant like a big production BET/AMAs type deal
  5. Joanne


    me waiting for imagine to get a legendary performance tho
  6. Joanne

    @Bleachella Can I get a SMG response as my era planning is pending on that currently
  7. Joanne

    Wow you didnt list Miley and Shawn........ I thought that one kinda slayed. Gaga’s was hot as usual. Of these def JANELLE. She served MJ realness
  8. Joanne

    And a 1 billion views music video that I believe is the oldest YouTube video to reach that accomplishment
  9. I think Gaga would be bigger. Like the shock value of her early stuff on social media in 2019. Trump would be fuming even
  10. Joanne

    ok whatever that was honestly the most targeted and unnecessary attack on kylie/me, but idc atm Note, I’m taking a short mental health vacation. For some reason I currently am feeling pretty terrible and need a break to recover and hopefully begin to get answers to my feelings. Cya all as soon as I am feeling happy again, I cant wait to drop single 2 and keep growing.