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  1. #HectorForHost
  2. should i play with he new season? Or
  3. Let's just talk about how @8Bit Heart predicted Bey with a bullhorn skull in the Third Ward and it has came true with OTR II
  4. wait Peter is joining maybe I'll return
  5. I can "co host" help with whatever Ron may be needed.
  6. that's sort of hard to do when every week I'm about to release something, the host "resigns".
  7. What do you mean by "retcon idea"
  8. I second this idea. Maybe we cpuld male the only "administrative" thing the host has to do is coordinate events and reviews. This would make the game generally lighter and less focused on spam promo, but rather the quality of the work. I think it'd get everyone thinking deeper and could make CAL in the long run future be much more creative. If we were to do that maybe a total reset would work too and sort of fresh everything. Just thoughts
  9. looks like cal died before I could get a #1. shocking.
  10. not when I was finally going to actually do my Glasto set
  11. ❤️Thank you Georgie. Going to miss Celine and Christina in CAL. Definetly will make sure message you
  12. School and family troubles have swamped me this weekend and tonight. sorry but I have to post my mixtape and Glasto set late-tomorrow most likely
  13. I haven't seen that in any recent seasons rules
  14. Opening doors to getting 'Secrets' to go platinum! @Harry_CAL should thank you.