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    yes but JOIN!
  2. brit12can someone delete my account

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    2. Brinty Tips For Gays

      sis no one hates youmoo12 i like you tbh and i wish you were more active on here you seem really nice plus it's probably twitter deleting fake followers i remember my account lost like 300+ followers because of that gaga1

    3. Beel

      I promise, you're not the worst ever. My week-long stint running the Rihanna account (like late 2014-early 2015 when she was literally doing NOTHING) was a damn mess  moo12 

    4. Joanne

      awww thanks you 2

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  4. Joanne

    if @Maria needs any help with hosting, I’m willing to set aside our differences and help so the game may continue. My plans were to focus on just Metacritic for the next few weeks anyways so I coul do stuff related to that. Whatever we need to go on ❤️
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    Congrats @Harry_CAL
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    that headband is giving me MoonKid vibes
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    KYLIE JENNER MC-$1,500,000
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    @Ronlop I’m reviewing the album today but idk how soon itll be done. Is that ok? It’s going to be very lengthy and detailed
  10. Joanne

    KYLIE JENNER ON JIMMY KIMMEL After a sudden downfall, odd & uncomfortable VMA appearance, and being admitted to the LA Drug Recovery Center, singer Kylie Jenner is back and better than ever. Following the firing of Mazi Rony, the Blood Entertainment promo rep that forced Kylie to make a shocking Sing China performance, the company has been doing everything possible to recover ground and properly apologize to the Chinese people and government. Tonight she joined the TV show ‘Live with Jimmy Kimmel’ to talk about the latest changes in her career and more. The singer shared hoping she is hoping President Xi Jinping will understand her circumstances and meet with Blood Entertaiment to undo her banning from the country. She also went on to share that her company is hoping to reignite their relationship with a major music corporation and hopefully release more music soon. After the interview segment, she went on to announce that sometime this month she will be gracing none other than Vogue Japan where she’ll give an in depth interview about how she recalls the “China Nipplegate” experience and what action is being taken against Mazi Rony & former CEO Stefanuk. Jimmy Kimmel: After two weeks in hell, from being destroyed by her former label members to being in rehab, now back stronger and ready to start anew is Ms. Jenner herself! Now Kylie I know how much you’ve been through so I don’t want to feel pushy about a sensitive subject. But can you set the record straight on what all went down at Blood Entertainment and how you hope to recover after being banned from China, dropped by Sony and with a reputation for vulgarity and nudity? Kylie Jenner: [breaks down into tears] I really just want to apologize and tell everyone this isn’t who I truly am. Sure, I’ve been out there and crazy at times, but I’m not someone who is disrespectful or wants to violate specific rules of shows and events. Each television program or awards concert is entitled to set their own boundaries and I respect them. To Sing China and the VMAs, I’m sorry. I was betrayed by the people I trusted with my whole public image and life. They left me and wounded and with on some aspects, I’ve felt like the turned the whole world against me. I’m very fortunate that my real friends stepped up and saved me before it was too late. Blood Entertainment knew very clear that I’m vulnerable and have addictive impulses towards lots of drugs and they used thay to manipulate me into doing things they believe would brings sales. I had to have my stomach pumped it got so bad. It’ll take time and work to get back to the point where I was in the past, both with my health and career. But I’m confident that it will happen and the people that are working with me now have greatly empowered me. We are pouring our emotions into the music and I believe the recorded being created right now is very soulful and connects with me well. Jimmy Kimmel: I’m so glad to hear you doing well, I am certain that everyone is considering how difficult and painful your experiences sound. I wish you the best. Now speaking on your upcoming music, you teased this afternoon “KJ1” on Twitter. What can you tell us about the album? Kylie Jenner: Well we are trying to keep everything under wraps right now but I do promise it’ll worth the wait and secrets. I was writing constantly while in the recovery room and I think some of the hooks off this album are going to be historical. I’m not one to be braggy and all but the materials on this record is definitely some of my best in a while and I can’t wait to share it with you. More details and announcements on my recovery and record will soon be discussed in Vogue Japan later this month. Jimmy Kimmel: I can’t wait! Ladies and gentleman let’s give a round of applause to Kylie. Welcome back Ms. Jenner, we were so glad to have you tonight. Everyone make sure to follow her on Twitter for more news!
  11. Joanne

    Congrats & good luck! Album release weeks are always so eventful
  12. Joanne

    troye recognizing ms legend jenner
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    Is it too late now to say sorry?
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    I have one if someone wants it