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  5. @Ronlopthe song is Cross Your Mind, not my Rose Singles: $10,000
  6. ROSE // HOT 97 Since it’s debut just this past Friday, Rose’s new lead single ‘Cross Your Mind’ has been accelerating on the radio. The Calvin Harris produced tropical pop song has been a rising sensation on radio charts since its release a week ago. Rose has been traveling furiously from radio station to station in order to gain support for the song. The star has discussed a wide variety of topics such as the song, it's writing process, reception, her album coming out ‘Afterlife, and even more. Tonight Rose went on Hot 97 for an interview segment to promote her work and talk with hosts. After the interview segment of her appearance came to an end, the station played ‘Cross Your Mind’ and proceeded to put it on power rotation. ABOUT ‘CROSS YOUR MIND’ “The creation process of the lead really was a great experience for me. It was my second time ever meeting Calvin Harris, the first being at the Sony Music of Excellence Awards. My manager introduced me to him at the show and hinted at us working together. In the end, we got booked for a studio sessions in which we created my lead single with Matt Burns and Kygo. All three of them are fantastic guys and got super emotional over my song. They kept apologizing about how they couldn’t ever understand my pain and cried wjen I explained to them what had happened. I’m really glad to have made this song them because we’ve developed a really close and personal relationship. ‘Cross Your Mind’ is a serious song in its content, even though it's great to dance to. I’m glad to habe found Calvin, Matt and Kyrre because they make me very comforted now when I want to share something personal in a song.” ABOUT MAKING MORE MUSIC “‘Afterlife’ is very much a collective work with the producers and writers of ‘Cross Your Mind’. After developing my strong bond with them, I couldn’t think of anyone else I would want to create my album with. Cohesively, my music is focused on electronic pop sounds that is really tropical house and has that summery vibe to it. While each song is very individual, I tried to keep it consistent so that the record would feel more united. I think its super important that an album has a similar genre which is what we have done ‘Afterlife’. The current plan is for it to be released sometime this summer, probably July. Now that absolutely no promises, I am just guessing at what point we will finish writing it and be prepared to make a rollout.” ABOUT POSSIBLE COLLABS “I would totally love to work with someone like Charli XCX someday. Her most recent album and the intro track for her upcoming era are both really fantastic and I totally love her sound. I think direction-wise, we would both just fit each others sound. One collaboration I want to have too actually is Khalid. He’s a rising artist much like myself and I think we could spit out something really creative together. I’m really a person that will do stuff with anyone so I’d totally be down to work with just about everyone. Truly my dream “partners” on a song are either Emma Roberts or Maxence, [laughs at the irony], because of their musical depth. I feel like as a songwriter I would get a learning experience out of working with established and acclaimed artists like them.”
  7. ROSE // 92.3 AMP RADIO Since it’s debut just this past Friday, Rose’s new lead single ‘Cross Your Mind’ has been accelerating on the radio. Today she visited another station, this time New York’s 92.3 AMP, for an interview in promotion of her work. The tropical house track has been rapidly rising up the radio charts so it comes by no surprise that the singer was continuing to promote it today on the station. In her interview, Rose discussed the reception of ‘Cross Your Mind’, her thoughts about Maluma & ‘MANIAC’, and how soon she will be touring. The singer appeared quite laid back during this specific interview and her simple bun with yoga pants and a magenta crop-top showed this mentality. After the singers time on AMP ended, the station played her lead single once again for listeners. ABOUT HER SINGLE’S RECEPTION “I am quite astonished by how successful on the radio we have become with ‘Cross Your Mind’ and I very much hope to see it maintained in upcoming weeks. We are just beginning the ‘Afterlife’ era and to see the song do so fantastically in its debut week is unbelievable. I really had non existing expectations when we put out the song so I’m just in shock. The feminist movement behind the song to raise awareness about abusive relationships clearly is resonating with people and spreading. Of course I couldn’t thank many radio show’s hosts enough for being so kind as to put me on power rotation. This song really was “made to share” so to see it becomes increasingly popular and loves is a fantastical thing. I’ve so far received nothing but praised and I am so grateful for it” ABOUT MALUMA & HIS MUSIC “I absolutely love his music and have been streaming songs like ‘Fuego’ and ‘Criminal’ a ton on Encore. Being for South America, Maluma has a very authentic latin sound which makes his music very enjoyable. Everything feels real and natural to me which is enjoyable. There's nothing I dislike more than when someone tries to act like another culture that they hadn’t been apart of. I understand people that respect and enjoy parts of other cultures, I’m not criticizing that at all. But I really think it's important that we make sure people that are saw white rappers, stand up for African American political issues. Otherwise they are just stealing black culture. Maluma’s album is both a bop and to me really is important in representing Latino life to Americans.” ABOUT TOURING PLANS “I very much want to tour at some point soon and Sony is evaluating my options with me currently. One option is that I independently tour just small clubs in a few cities that we can easily sell out quickly. I’d do charge very little and do a small set but it would at least get me on the road. But really what is more likely to happen is that I find an opportunity to serve as an opening act for someone else’s tour and get to join them for it. Whatever ends up happening I guarantee will be a lot of fun and I’ll be promoting the heck out of. I hope to catch you all on whatever tour we schedule because it truly is something that I am anxious to do!”
  8. omg rise up rose rise up
  9. ROSE // Y100 MIAMI Since it’s debut just this past Friday, Rose’s new lead single ‘Cross Your Mind’ has been accelerating on the radio. Today she visited another station, this time Miami’s Y100, for an interview in promotion of her work. For this appearance the wore a short purple dress with yellow swirl decals on it, a short green bob wig and big golden heels on. With the host, Chris Cruz, the singer discussed her upcoming album ‘Afterlife’ as well as her new lead single and her plans for an Encore premiere on Friday. She revealed that one position the track will be found on is Troye Sivan’s Boundary Breakers playlist and that other surprises will have to wait till this weekend. When the interview came to a close the station played ‘Cross Your Mind’ before putting it on power play for the rest of the evening. ABOUT HER UPCOMING ALBUM “This album is going to be really fun because I’m be very relaxed about it with myself, which has allowed me to have fun with it and just create something that everyone will like. As I said on Beats1, it's really just supposed to be a collection of experiences from my life to create a personal story. The main genre of it is definitely tropical house and I think its a sound that both I really personally enjoy and the public likes at this time of year. I thought what better time to make very happy, danceable music than at the beginning of the summer. The photoshoot completed was really meant to embody an exaggeration of the kind of “character” I am to the media. I am a very outspoken and goofy person personally and I wanted to represent that with a sort of ultra fashionable caricature like depiction of me. The outfits capture my career as a model and its effects on me while my makeup and expressions show of my personality.” ABOUT ‘CROSS YOUR MIND’ “I am honestly so thrilled that a ton of people have been enjoying this track so far. ‘Cross Your Mind’ as commercial as it may appear because of the production, was something I truly was extremely hesitant about releasing. The lyrics weren’t this perfectly written flowing body. The song isn’t focused on rhyming every line but rather having this stream of consciousness to convey my feelings and connect with the beat. To see it have a fairly decent debut for a new artist is very exciting and I’m so grateful. This song’s era is obviously just getting started as we are in its debut week. My intentions are to release a music video in about two weeks and continue promoting in throughout the entire beginning of this summer. It is after all my lead single and I want to give it proper treatment. Of course that doesn’t mean other new music won’t come, possibly a promo single will be dropped around mid June.” ABOUT HER ENCORE PREMIERE “I can’t wait to drop the song on Encore this friday, I have had the honor of getting on Troye Sivan’s playlist which is quite exciting. The reason behind the delayed streaming release truly is all just my marketing team’s decisions. They felt it would do better after a week’s worth of radio attention and booked its promo for a week later. I was a bit frustrated because you guys know how much I love sharing my music as much as possible. But that was the call be Lighthouse Records and Sony so I of course had to understand. Trust me though their will be some excessive tweeting by me when it happens this Friday. I’m quite anxious and also a bit nervous because I have never had a big song on Encore before so I don’t really know hoa that goes.”
  10. ROSE // B96 CHICAGO Since it’s debut just this past Friday, Rose’s new lead single ‘Cross Your Mind’ has been accelerating on the radio. Today she visited another station, this time Chicago’s B96, for an interview in promotion of her work. On this specific interview she talked primarily about working on a ‘Cross Your Mind’ video, current political topics and some of her clashes with artists like ex-collaborator Katy Perry or unknown rapper Cardi B. She hinted at avery thematic and big music video release which could mean either guest stars, an award show premiere or maybe even both. The local station complimented her new track and then went on to place it on power rotation for this week just to celebrate the young singers new release of the track. ABOUT A ‘CROSS YOUR MIND’ VIDEO “I’m extremely excited to be filming my first music video ever. Not only is this a huge landmark for the ‘Afterlife’ era kicking off but for my career at whole. We are still somewhat developing it and the video is a very very secretive project for now. But what I can tell you is we are taking our time with it. This won’t be an ordinary dance film of me performing the songs choreography in some set. I want to elevate it and make the visuals very interesting for my viewers. When I watch music videos, I expect something that is aesthetically pleasing and has some form of plot, whether that be with additional dialogue or sound effects or maybe even body language. ‘Cross Your Mind’ as a song means a lot to me and I want to push the feminist movement that I am trying to create with it, further in the video” ABOUT POLITICS AND THEM IN MUSIC “I really think their are important political topics to bring up in music and I applaud those that do so. One most obvious example to me is more recent work by TROIAN, who’s used her platform as a rising singer to talk about eating disorders and her own experiences with them. I think it's quite brave of her to do such a thing and am glad that discussion about a very under acknowledged problem is being formed. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Maxence & Belinda’s work to promote the LGBT community through their performances is another fantastic example. In ‘Cross Your Mind’ I was very influenced by these stars to open up about abuse and what I’ve faced in certain relationships. The response has been nothing but amazing amounts of love and care, which I really appreciate.” ABOUT HER TWITTER TENSIONS “I really just want to clear the air on them because the bickering between me and some others has been foolish. Personally, I tend to take shade very lightly and usually crack a joke back without any ill intent. Some people, in particularly a certain rapper, seems to have taken it a bit too far and found it to be some competition. Rather than be a bish and confront her about, causing this whole “public feud” shit ns starting drama, I sort of just been trying to take the highroad. I have had some difficulties with certain people in the past but I’m sure we can move on and they all still know how much I am in love with their art. Hopefully we can put this twitter beef in the past because women are stronger together.”
  11. give us a second to breath and attempt to promore between an article hector