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    mariahcarey inc is something else
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    @Jon. Kylie will attend the NYC one dressed in her favorite mariah attire!
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    Stay pressed Hector https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/8461637/beyonce-and-jay-z-producers-cool-dre-credits-everything-is-love-behind-the-scenes
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  6. All Night by far. It is THEE song of the century. Vocals, production, lyrics everything wigggg. That song deserves a Grammy
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    maybe sam is just a male codename for sia
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    Yall did Shawn wrong he did NOT deserve a Chrystalmeth level score
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    I vote take a two week break
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    KYLIE JENNER MAKES POLITICAL SPEECH IN THE BRONX “ENDORSES CYNTHIA NIXON & ALXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ FOR OFFICE” Today young model and recently-turned pop singer Kylie Jenner did something very surprising. Unexpected, she gave a political speech upon a small podium, whereing a very conservative black pantsuit. While most would expect the rich Hollywood star to be most supportive of status quo Democrats, she endorsed incumbent Governor Cuomo and Representatives Crowley’s primary opponents. She cited her beliefs in fellow women Cynthia Nixon and Alex Cortez’s “ability to serve” and “commitment to a progressive message” as her reasoning. She amso went in to blast President Trump and a recent ruling by the Supreme Court. A full transcript of her speech at the event can be found below. ”How are you doing Big Apple? I absolutelty love all you guys, I hope you know that. Now I want to take the time to diverge a bit from my music and modeing career to do something else. You see, the state of New York is at a time of political crisis and America at whole is facing a time of great demise. We need leadership that will be sincerce and stand up for equality. We need women that will continue to share the injustices they’ve faced like many have been doing recently by the #MeToo movement. I’m sure FOX news is going to play this speech over and over again, saying I’m just another elite liberal trying to force my agenda on you all. But this time its different because today I will be endorsing the primary opponents of two sitting Democrats thag haven’t done their job right. Today I am hear to tell you that you all need to vote Cortez for House and Nixon for Governor! Our world is filled with hate, with people expressing homophobia both socially and throgh legal actions. Just this week, we say justices like Neil Gorsuch and John Roberts allow for LGBT couples to be discriminated against by business. By this ruling, they undid centuries of work by great people like LBJ who fought against business discrimination and separation. We have elected an administration thay wants to keep gay and lesbian individuals from the military and rather send them to shock conversion therapy. These proposals disgust me and we have seen the current Democrats in power not do a thing to counter it. The same old individuals who’ve lead our party for decades have remained passive. I, while it may leave me more burned by taxes on the wealthy, embrace a progressive platform. Why should I be allowed to live a lavish livestyle when people are starving? New York deserves people that’ll shake up the system, and I know for a fact both Alexandria and Cynthia can do that. That is why I officially endorse them and will be donating to their campaigns.” @Ronlop Donating $15,000 to the Nixon campaign and $6,700 to the Cortez campaign, also change my Kworb networth back to “Kylie Jenner”
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    @Hector @Maria @Cosmic all serving memorable, innovative, iconic, tea spilling release in the same day! SHOOKTH
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    harry sis don’t get me banned again!
  13. Little Ms. Hated

    Miniut lowkey becoming @Alesus best CAL graphics yet shook
  14. omg could you imagine