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  1. And the person he attacked, Andrew Yang, called for people to not “cancel” him, accepted his apologetic statement, and asked to meet with the comedian. If the person the comment was directed at isn’t offended and saying harsh words, you, someone who had no involvement, shouldn’t even care.
  2. We have MULTIPLE Supreme Court Justices accused of RAPED We have a President who is separating children from their parents at the border We have police officers who are still on duty even after they murder innocent civilians like Mike Brown. And THIS is your main concern? Someone making poor comments in the past? wtf does that have to do with anything. And that’s not to say he shouldn’t apologize and own up, because the fact he didnt immediately come out and go “I’m sorry for what I said and for my offensive language. I had no ill intentions and will be moving forward with my career more carefully”. But gurl, learn some PRIORITIES. Cancel culture is disgusting and frankly hypocritical because the same people it defends are some of the messiness people sorry not sorry
  3. The Hawaiian Queen

    I’ll take Charli XCX
  4. The Hawaiian Queen

    I’d like to join, who’s free?
  5. The Hawaiian Queen

    The album barely has any solo songs so it aint even entirely ha album gurl
  6. The Hawaiian Queen

    Xtina’s “big”-ness is in her talent legacy and awards. Knee could never hit those notes
  7. just got back my SATs and kind if screamedbey12


    i got a 1500 (750 on both sections)


    idk how


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    2. Pauly Antonio

      c'mon near perfect score!!

    3. Madonna

      the fact they have this shit in the UScsksksksk but congrats! sweetie!

    4. The Hawaiian Queen

      thnx sm @Pauly Antonio @Madonna


      Yeah it’s like 99th percentile which is crazy @Royalty

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    General News

    I dont read comics at all but this concept and Margot Robbie is just amazing
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    Justice for Faz Gostoso
  10. The Hawaiian Queen

    Shakira - Singles: $40,871 Albums: N/A Total: $40,871 - Touring: TBD
  11. The Hawaiian Queen

    13,000 all from Encore #15 on TTHs A total of 9 million streams now Ugh wow yes
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  13. The Hawaiian Queen