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  1. a year in review, thx to apple music



    yes i study, a lot

  2. Americans would call this HIB and prosecute the child
  3. The Hawaiian Queen

    so when’s our return
  4. The Hawaiian Queen

    Garden of Eden really being the Bohemian Rhapsody of CAL. The way this gonna flop on the radio though. Please give Shakira those awards at least!
  5. The Hawaiian Queen


    When the choir sings “He is wonderful” in Selah Hate Kanye, hate his opinions. But the album fucking SNAPS
  6. The Hawaiian Queen

  7. The Hawaiian Queen

    Just a little preface, I still intend to play in the next season, however due to the busy nature of school and college apps, I’ll be scaling back my involvement a bit. I plan to release more frequently and focus on more creative projects rather than the promotional element. I’ll be releasing Shakira’s EP, reimagined as the 5 track record “Castaways” with the start of the season. From there we will see where I write and decide to go creatively, but I think I would like to release 2-3 EPs until the spring/summer time when I have much more free range ability to do a full album era. Also plan to do some standalone singles for the enjoyment of it. See ya soon
  8. The Hawaiian Queen

    Raising Hell is a bop tho sis
  9. The Hawaiian Queen

    Shakira coming with new bops this season
  10. The Hawaiian Queen


    i want to hear Drop That sounds very electro
  11. Speechless-You & I-Gypsy-Is That Alright?
  12. The Hawaiian Queen