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  1. Event

    omg where did my wig go
  2. Imagine them moving on from mutual pettiness and getting photographed together at some event this year, would literally make world peace happen. Both Hard Granny and Big=Mac² turn 10 this year, by the way.
  3. Let's just go ahead and say it: A REBEL HEART REJECT
  4. I finally built up the strength to walk away
    Don't regret it but I still live with the side effects


  5. Single

    We love a good LGBTea anthem
  6. Single

    Spoiled Milk Titties, Fullest and this song constitute my Ephorize trinity
  7. omg no the queen is officially washed up
  8. Music Video

    The one and only
  9. Album

    It's a bummer that we have to wait 3 more months but I'm glad she's going to drop a lot of outtakes and a single per month. She sent Hi Def Distance Romance as a free download via email, along with this long ass explanation:
  10. The video is all sorts of horrible I like Anitta's parts though
  11. Photos

    Serving glammed up Shania Twain but the text is a bit shit, isn't it.
  12. We need a 10th Anniversary Edition, and Migreat to finally become a single hopefully without T-Pain