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  1. Systemagic

    Aren't they agreeing with the OP? Answering the question, "NO, it hasn't been topped"
  2. Systemagic

    She made that the best_night.mp3 of my life It's why the Rebel Heart Tour was incredibly disappointing (and I suspect the one for Madame X will be). She'd set the bar too high for herself, which is amazing either way cause tour-peaking at 54? Only the queen.
  3. He really is an unethical asshole, so this collab makes a lot of sense
  4. Systemagic

    Actually, it's #87!
  5. omg


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    2. ajp

      Obviously tanning studio brit15

    3. Systemagic

      some of us have waited for this comeback for nearly a decade, let us be! brit7

  6. Systemagic

    Honestly I find it xenophobic, racist AND pretentious how she doesn't want it to be called "latin", like bitch if you're gonna culture-approtiate this part of the world at least acknowledge us.
  7. Systemagic

    The South Park episode about her truly hit the nail on the head.
  8. She CAN'T possibly top the original but it could still be a nice version.
  9. Systemagic

    I wish she were fully featured on HW, or that the Vogue part was sung by her.
  10. Systemagic

    as a fossil let me say you're CORRECT, it's all true! though you were too kind calling the lyrics "decent" when they're actually stupid, what a benevolent queen
  11. Systemagic


    Give You Up is out there @Unapologetic Bitch @ParentalAdvisory Safe lovely ballad, but so far my least fave.
  12. Systemagic

    Ok but Céline sells more! And she put out a ballad, not an urban bop featuring big rappers (seriously, it doesn't get any safer than that) Celine released a couple of albums during Xtina's long ass hiatus as well She's not making a long-awaited comeback Loved Me Back To Life outsold both Bionic and Lotus COMBINED I think her French album outsold either of Xtina's albums as well Stop setting your fave up like this