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  1. Rumor

    Comeback of the year
  2. Achievement

    How unfortunate it is that the album title is the same as that Ellen Page movie And to make things worse, the opening track's lyrics about luring a boy young man into her candy store
  3. Talent made the top 20!
  4. Watching the French election like


  5. Event

    I don't have my rates quite figured out so I'll listen to 80s Madge next weekend and send my votes after that.
  6. The orchestral version that's out there is really beautiful though
  7. I would've loved her featured on Holy Water
  8. Put those infected individuals that gave Re-Tard Baby a 10 into quarantine asap, they're a biological threat!
  9. The medonster burn book!
  10. How the fuck will Anymore and Systemagic calm him down?
  11. Would you really have prefered Ghosttown as #1 though?
  12. I would've loved to have the iconic @Earth Ripper here as well
  13. I still think I'm Addicted or Devil Pray should have won this.