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  1. People who have to overplay their image voice must be doing so because they have no natural appeal.
  2. The K25 year clocked! I would love something special for her 30 years but at this point I'd just settle for a single, it's been too fucking long sis
  3. Me too! It's just that the second half of her career is mostly a Greek tragedy and a lot of her fans refuse to see that.
  4. Professionally: the Britney stanbase Personality and behavior: Azealia and Bieber stanbases
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  6. Celeb News

    I loved a lot of LP's music growing up. RIP Chester.
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    Legally clock them, queen
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    I became a fossil in this era at age 14
  9. Discussion

    The careers 1989 ended are in there
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    I love this
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  12. Game

    Talent won, bitches. Should've been called "MDNA" though, a TITLE TRACK! Glad that Gang Bang and Falling WIG made it as well. #JusticeForBK
  13. Game

    7 Celebration version is horrendous
  14. I don't like it as much as Statements, but nonetheless, my wig flew!