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  1. Tea of the year
  2. Single

    Great are Run and MS, this is just OK imo Still excited for the album
  3. Single

    I love AWOLNATION, but this...
  4. And break ratings record
  5. Almost the same songs, hashtag TASTE He'll most likely perform a new single as well, better be a good bop
  6. what a beautiful creature  oprah2

    1. Coca-Cola

      that dog is beautiful oprah9

  7. Keri Hilson too, she was in the video!
  8. CIara for Love Sex Magic and Nelly Furtado for Give It To Me!
  9. The setlist better be something like this: SexyBack My Love Lovestoned / What Goes Around... Medley Rock Your Body / Like I Love You Medley Can't Stop the Feeling Mirrors Love Sex Magic ft Ciara If he does 4 Minutes with Madge kiss my wig goodbye.
  10. Swastica is pretty much unlistenable for me I obviously live for her public image, her audacity, the SEX book... but I'm not here for most of those songs.
  11. Discussion

    The bling, not the music = this album
  12. Event

    Yes sis praying for spanish eyes you
  13. Other

    I love Jack, great singer and handsome huntea They should collab on something more upbeat like:
  14. Event

    Honestly THE female album of the 20th century whilst Ray of Jesus was more like the transition from one millennium to another