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  1. Systemagic


    A collab with Depeche Wig IS worthy
  2. http://smarturl.it/GF_OCEAN Silver Eye: Deluxe Edition is a two-disc set featuring new artwork and a bonus disc of remixes and alternate versions, including a new version of Ocean featuring Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode and a previously unreleased remix of Anymore from the band’s Will Gregory. CD1 Anymore
 Become The One
 Faux Suede Drifter Zodiac Black 
Beast That Never Was
 Everything Is Never Enough
 Moon In Your Mouth
 Ocean CD2 Ocean (Feat. Dave Gahan) Anymore (Will Gregory’s Don’t Stop Now Remix) Everything Is Never Enough (Video Mix) Anymore (Joe Goddard Remix) Systemagic (Ralphi Rosario Lunar Eclipse Mix) Anymore (Whatever/Whatever Remix by Justin Strauss & Bryan Mette
) Everything Is Never Enough (Chris Liebing Burn Slow Remix) Anymore (Ralphi Rosario Remix)
  3. Systemagic

    Ok but Céline sells more! And she put out a ballad, not an urban bop featuring big rappers (seriously, it doesn't get any safer than that) Celine released a couple of albums during Xtina's long ass hiatus as well She's not making a long-awaited comeback Loved Me Back To Life outsold both Bionic and Lotus COMBINED I think her French album outsold either of Xtina's albums as well Stop setting your fave up like this
  4. Systemagic

    Deserved: Witness, Ratpop Undeserved: Biconic, Dad of the Woods But Xtina, obviously, everyone gave her hell
  5. Austrylie what the fuck are you doing?
  6. I love how real this is, she's laughing to tears
  7. Systemagic

    Not necessary, I already like it at 3rd listen I just don't think it's "a comeback", let alone great
  8. Systemagic

    "after a good 20 listens" It's not a great song then, you just got used to it. That's how it works.
  9. Systemagic

    Anything on Lotus is better; that's how bad this is.
  10. Systemagic

    Yes! This ABOMINATION of an album is so HORRENDOUS that it ended a man's life. Lock her up!