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    She doesn't seem angry, she seems sad and depressed which is worse We love you Queen
  2. Systemagic

    Icon I joined in 2012 because they had MDNA Tour pre-sale privileges.
  3. Systemagic

    It's too early to rate these masterpieces
  4. Systemagic

    All of them are 10/10 let's be fucking honest here
  5. Systemagic

    MY QUEEN cry1 I'M SO FUCKING SORRY cry5 She should release the album on Monday, after Grammy hype all she can do now is make the best out of this situation.
  6. Systemagic

    Can you be my father? Tell me what to do You can punish me and maybe I will punish you She just took Erotica to the next level
  7. Systemagic

    "A lesson... in Sexology."
  8. Systemagic

    Why did they use that pic from How To Get Away With Leakage?
  9. Systemagic

    I love how this thread turned into a Melrose Place appreciation thread .gif' alt='ny6'>.gif' alt='ny5'> Did anyone like the 2009 rihmake?
  10. Systemagic

    it's the power of Madonna impossible to resist
  11. Systemagic

    I love your avatar @QueenMDNA don't ever change it!
  12. Systemagic

    I love everything that was described here but... how reliable is this?
  13. Systemagic

    I love Music but it's not her second best (baby) I really hope it's not her last Billboard Hot 100 #1
  14. Systemagic

    I'm so dead at Tony introducing and stanning the Queen! I wonder if Gaga's seen this.
  15. Systemagic

    Yet she stanned The Truth About Love Tour in that V Magazine thing with Katy
  16. Systemagic

    Did she already get the Rebel Facelift? Or is she waiting for the day before the Grammys
  17. Systemagic

    He better be latching onto her like a true stan And I thought I was the only one devil praying for a Marilyn rihmix And I mean Manson, not Madonnabe Monroe
  18. Systemagic

    Fake or not, the disc itself is beautiful
  19. Systemagic

    Yes Queen, teach us how to blow it
  20. Systemagic

    I'm actually here for it, it would be an iconic interview
  21. Systemagic

    Shouldn't it be "Veni Vidi Vici" though?
  22. Systemagic

    I think it's amazing you haven't heard the leaked tracks I admire your strong convictions, Madge would be proud
  23. Systemagic

    Holy water shit! 25? .gif' alt='fall2'> But watch her troll us with 6 Living For Love remixes It'll be our punishment for listening to the leaks
  24. Systemagic

    As long as Borrowed Time, The One That Got Away and Freedom get released in deluxe versions, and iTunes fixes that Veni "VEDI" Vici title mistake, I'm a happy stan
  25. Systemagic

    Hard Candy. Though MDNA had better videos. But seriously, why did they choose those mediocre songs when there was I'm Addicted, Gang Bang, etc. And Brazilian single Superstar was the cherry on top