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    Cassius and Busy P
  2. Systemagic


    I'm mean the outfit in general, not the ugly glasses
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    Serving arms, boobs, and fitness! I love her over-the-top tour outfits but sometimes less is more. It's unfortunate she ended up wearing this... thing on the S&S Tour:
  4. Systemagic

    Beautiful Killer
  5. Systemagic


    ROL winning by a landslide
  6. Systemagic


    I know! It's hard to pick from so many fillers!
  7. It sure was! True high qualiTEA music. I just hope people are able to forgive her for the mishaps and move on.
  8. I remember her saying in an interview that 2 million dollars were spent on the making of BWET She better make every penny count
  9. Azealia Banks signs a million dollar record deal with EONE music through William Robillard-Cole who A&R’s for EONE and manages Kaytranada. Azealia Banks, known for her power of speaking out, was once counted out and had difficulty getting a record deal suitable for her artistry. After delivering a great performance in her debut film Love Beats Rhymes, and offering insight on RZA, Cardi B, and Russel Crowe, Azealia has another chance to show us just how great she is. Azealia Banks tells TheBLACKMedia exclusively; “I’m grateful for this second chance. I was young my first go round and had no clue what I was doing. I thought I had fucked it up for good, but I’m so humbled by this second chance and promise to make everyone proud” – Azealia Banks Azealia Banks is an undeniable talent and professional who learned from her past mistakes, apologized for them, and is stepping into 2018 a mature woman who will walk in her path. Azealia Banks is a rare woman, unafraid to scream, yell, speak her mind, and we love her for it. Source
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    Sent, nice to see RH's legitimate true tracklist up there.
  11. Systemagic


    I got stuck on LAP, it ain't easy to pick just three legends!
  12. Systemagic


    Get those ticket sales girl
  13. Systemagic


    10. Music will always be THAT song, you know?
  14. I love lesbian tea!


  15. Systemagic

    I missed the Rihanna performance They better upload it soon.
  16. Systemagic

    I can't get over the anti-abortion dress
  17. Systemagic

    Camila Cabello looking a proper queen
  18. Systemagic


    The music video is awesome and very expensive!
  19. I'll sit this one out though. To me, Joe N is a horrible album; I only liked Dancin' in Circles, Hey Florence and Perfect Delusion, the rest are 1s!
  20. Perhaps the most intelligent thing they've ever done as a fanbase.
  21. Don't they look a bit... dead? I would throw them away too! He's very unlikeable but not because of this.
  22. That Yung Rapunxel voodoo seems to be working
  23. Systemagic

    Most people are watching this for the sexy hunty Maluma though