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    I'm actually living for this version of Taylor ngl
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    1. Witness vs Roar2. Hey Hey Hey vs Legendary Lovers3. Roulette vs Birthday4. Swish Swish vs Walking on Air5. Deja Vu vs Unconditionally6. Power vs Dark Horse7. Mind Maze vs This is How We Do8. Miss You More vs International Smile9. Chained to the Rhythm vs Ghost10. Tsunami vs Love Me11. Bon Appétit vs This Moment12. Bigger Than Me vs Double Rainbow13. Save as Draft vs By the Grace of God14. Pendulum vs Spiritual15. Into Me You See vs It Takes Two Witness: 8 / Prism: 7
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    Howled @ the "little girls" bit
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    Listening to Witness right now, currently on Mind Maze. Already scalped.
  5. Katy just dropped her best album ever


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    One of the best pop songs ever made! Bitch shoulda given us a sophomore a long time ago.
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    Music Video

    Only after we get vids for Lethargy, Way Beyond and An Act of Slayage
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    Music Video

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    The deluxe tracks, Jesus
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    Tough one. But I would say GGGB. In the Zone is by far the better album, that's not up for debate. Britney was also very involved in the making of the album, unlike Rih on GGGB, and people started seeing a potential they didn't know was there. Sadly knee-gate happened and her best era had to come to an early end, and then her personal life got in the way of her career. GGGB skyrocketed Rihanna to the top, had a long string of hit singles, Unbrella is iconic (a Britney reject, ironically) and basically inaugurated the most important pop career of this generation. That's about all it has, really, but that's enough to say it had more impact than ITZ. You have to look at how their careers developed after these records, and Rihanna wins by far. There's a reason her fans remind us that SHE WROTE EVERYTIME and scream how ITZney/Primeney/2004ney is back everytime there's little improvement in her live performances: Britney as a professional didn't live up to ITZ's legacy. Whilst Rihanna only kept getting bigger and better.
  13. She should threaten to leak it like M.I.A. did
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    Oh so we're doing it chronologically, how boring. BU is a 6.5 for me.
  15. The plots and acting in gay porn are always a mess, a kii, a cackle
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    Context, epoch and iconicity considered, a 7.
  17. No lie, queens


  18. That gay agenda reign just won't let up
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    TiK ToK
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    General News

    These will suck especially if Anderson is anywhere near this. They need to make more CGI films instead. Degeneration and Damnation were really good, unlike the live action films. I must say though, queen Milla did a wonderful job considering the trash she had to work with.
  21. Being praised by this talentless thing is nothing to be proud of.