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    No But it should've been the last FF single
  2. I didn't know she has a stake at Tidal
  3. Systemagic

    How awkward of her to drop a Taylor diss track during an era that's F L O P P I N G. And the song is really cringe too.
  4. Systemagic

    They'll never top the Ed Sheeran review.
  5. Systemagic

    A P!nk's Can't Take Me Home expedition
  6. Systemagic

    Their physical albums. yes. I never buy digital unless that's the only way to get something. Then you own all the albums that matter.
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    General News

    Feud was flawless but that probably had more to do with Susan and Jessica than him.
  8. Wondering if she's even aware of this
  9. C_qIWHvW0AQA3AA.jpg

    Tbh orangu1jj4

    1. Melt Away

      2017 isn't as bad as 2016 so far shrug1 

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    Lust for Life Love Coachella All three are wonderful though. Is her best album upon us?
  11. Systemagic

    To expose the rats that don't appreciate this iconic masterwork ig
  12. I mean aesthetics, not the fact that they're visual records. Choreography style. camera work and color tones are the same. The hair too now that I think about it.
  13. Tove cared enough to rip them off ig That's my cue...
  14. Still, Fairy Crust is to The Odyssey as Lady Gaga is to Madge.
  15. What I mean is that she released three consecutive major bops and then everything went downhill. Until Symphony of course, but technically that's Clean Bandit's song. I always expect the Swedish girls to slay but Zara fell short. I loved LW in its first two weeks and then forgot about it. The videos were interesting but Florence did them better and with less pretentiousness.
  16. Oh yeah, Tove Lo as well.
  17. Ellie, even though I'm among the few that loved Delirium. Her collabs and soundtrack songs for the past 2 years have been absolute forgettable trash. Zara Larsson released 3 great pop singles (Never Forget You, Lush Life, Ain't My Fault) but everything after that was an utter disappointment. Her album deserved those sales that rival The Spirit Indestructible. Dua is still good for me, she just needs to release her damn album and then we'll see. I didn't dig that Miguel song at all though.
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    Voted LAP and everything from ROL to COADF. I love her last three albums as well but decided to narrow it down to the best 5.
  19. He left no time to regret, kept his dick wet with his same old safe bet brit12