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  1. Does anyone now if this picture is new? or is it from the summer:
  2. I hear roulette playing at the casino I'm at it fits so perfect
  3. Out eating dinner and I hear international smile above me on the radio. I can't believe it's playing, such a bop
  4. @QUINN can you tell if she went back to black? New pic with possibly black hair: VMA pic at same angle for comparison:
  5. Pics pics please be true omg someone help us
  6. score that #1 hit girl someone has to get to the top since katy can't!
  7. Oh no wonder why I couldn't find it, I always thought it was 2007 since the video wasn't published in 2007! And yes that's it, thank you so much!
  8. Oh wow I never even knew katy was on this song! but this is a different song from what I'm thinking. the one I'm thinking of had katy sing the chorus and it was a pop rock punk type song.
  9. Kats I need help with a song name! It was a semi rock song that katy was featured on, I believe it was 2007. It wasn't starstruk or if we ever meet again. I guess it wasn't too popular since I can't seem to find it on her wiki discography.
  10. thank god, they CANNOT overtake her record
  11. 10 more weeks until the Chainsmokers tie Katy for her record for most consecutive weeks in the top 10 can anyone calculate if they'll be able to overthrow her? They're dropping tremendously on radio, but they're still steady in the itunes top 10. flop for filth chainsmokers
  12. If Katy decides to grow her hair back, it'll be close to shoulder length by the spring/summer of 2018 (hair grows on average 6 inches per year). Are you here for this look, or would you rather have her stay short and shave it off every other month What are your thoughts?
  13. Adele slaying in her true glory OT: Katy won
  14. 1. Witness - 55 3. Roulette - 55 4. Swish Swish - 15 5. Déjà Vu - 40 6. Power - 60 9. Chained To The Rhythm - 40 14. Pendulum - 45
  15. Now that we have 2 singles (or 3? I don't know what capital decided to do with BA) pat down in the era, how many more do you think Katy will mark as singles? Do you think she'll stop at 5 (like Prism) or dominate our weaves with 7 (TD style), or end the era with only 1 more single Discuss