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  1. Nobody here

    Just decided to post this video I made because I'm really proud of it <3 I hope it'll get a lot of views because it's one of my favorite videos I ever made 


    1. Urbanov

      You’re back? nicki5 

    2. ajp

      You’re an editing genius rih1

      welcome back rih1

  2. Nobody

    It's not me saying that it's the Art World saying that. I fully respect Tyler The Creator as well because he collaborated with the King of Pop Surrealism and made the album cover for his album as well, Childish Gambino is getting recognized as well and I'm glad he is while Kanye always seemed like a try-hard to me especially him trying to compare himself to the Masters made me laugh Kanye was good until 2012/2013 but now he's just
  3. Nobody

    Yes but anyone's personal enjoyment from a poem is a highly subjective question. We all gotta remember that Poetry is an Art form too. However, there are some common features of poems that are considered by critics to be "great." the most important quality of all is a strong and distinctive voice, that can conjure a brand new world. For example in English Literature we had Keats or T.S. Eliot who brought this, 90's rap had something similar but still arguable but the current one is just shit compared to bitch It's King Kong, Gucci Gang and all those uhhhh sounds or the Cardi B croaks At least Contemporary Visual Arts found a way to justify some of their atrocious artworks so
  4. As we all know, in the past we had poets so do you consider rapper poets? My answer would be yes and no and I'll tell you why. Rappers are storytellers who use prose to build a lyrical narrative set to an external beat so it could be considered as a form of poetry but I also say no because every song is basically built like this and only the good ones are considered as such. Both rap and poetry use literary devices like assonance and alliteration. Both use words. Both are spoken. But rap is a musical-verbal art and poetry is a verbal-musical-typographical one. 90's rap like the king 2Pac or Eminem's rap could be perfect for these comparisons despite his controversial topics but rappers such as : XXXTentaction, Lil Pump and the emo rap and mumble shit or the aggressive rapping style à la Nicki Minaj or Cardi B , it's just far from the standards I mentioned before and it's turning into zero poetry and edgy attitude like Miley Cyrus tried to do a few years ago At least Post Malone tried to mix his style with EDM which works perfectly or despite his being cringy , Drake is not an edgy rapper and this is why he's popular right now same goes to Florida,Pitbull, William or Kendrick Lamar who is very interesting as a rapper but what about the others ?
  5. I'm just tired of hearing People change If you educate them about this and that, it's not True at all. This comes from personal experiences. Basically, If someone's an asshole, they will always be like that no matter what. If that person changes for better, it means that it wasn't really like that. Remember Old Habits Die Hard, I'm not saying he gotta be censored or canceled but I'm not interested in him at all, I don't even know him and same goes to him lol.
  6. Trust me, it doesn't happen. If someone's a bad person, that person will always be like that. They could repress it but they'll always be bad inside and that comes from personal experiences so Cheers
  7. Let's see If it was the same with the N word or excluding a black model, you'd see him flip out anyway that point is valid but Times have changed, we're supposed to evolve not to send ourselves back to the stone age, actually in the Stone Age they accepted more LGBT people than they do now so it sounds like a compliment
  8. I don't think he's the kind of person who wanna learn or at least respect us lol he's the example of the English expression ''Old habits die hard'' or ''Leopard can't change his spots'' but this doesn't only apply to him but in general, they could change but in the end they're always the same bad people, I could go on with a huge list including my faves and so many other people even on this forum there are people like this so I hope you get my point
  9. Listen I don't care who's doing better at sales or not, it doesn't really matter to me but Honestly I don't wanna support someone who is simply against me as a person and the community itself and that's it. This is not a matter of faves or stan culture but I don't wanna have to do anything with someone like this, I just pretend people like won't exist to me.
  10. I don't care I don't wanna hear or support people like this, thank you for your unwanted fact
  11. He sounds like he's trying to be a badass but actually he's a tryhard.
  12. Nobody

    That's it, she could get a smash hit easily and I still don't understand why she doesn't.