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  1. I- Everyone can sing in any Languages they want. You just have to learn the pronunciation and the meaning behind it. When it comes to Pop Song, they usually have a Translator and someone helping them out with the pronunciation unless they can speak. For example, Cardi B and JLO are Spanish speakers so they don't really need one
  2. Princess Aurora


    Oh wow. One of the most entertaining Interviewers has sadly passed away May he rest in peace
  3. Pandering ??? She's got Latin roots. What are they talking about ? She can't speak Spanish but she can support her roots
  4. It makes me happy that she's embracing her roots
  5. Why does it low-key look like the Chromatica era ?


  6. Princess Aurora


    An LGBTQ+ Icon I'm a stan now
  7. The Music Video looks like a sequel to the other MOD Music Video Great song btw
  8. Reupload and reedited it. I found this version moo1 The Alternative version of Twice by Christina Aguilera is better than the Album version


    1. Kirjava

      Sis, I didn't know you had such a successful YT channel, slay a bit. rih1

    2. Princess Aurora

      Thank you sis. I got three of them actually lol2 but most of the subs went to this one. My most viewed video has 22 million views rip4 

  9. So Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo are shading each other over this guy ? nicki5 




    Gurl I'm done rip3 

  10. I made this video in five minutes lol2 


  11. I love the fact that Disney is trying to revive these messy Love Triangles