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  1. Princess Aurora

    My God, all of these eras There are my favorite songs of them all in there
  2. Princess Aurora

    Nicki Minaj
  3. Princess Aurora


    I feel like he never accepted himself and because of the trauma he pretends not to be gay anymore, I guess no one tried to help him such as Family and Friends, they probably made him feel ashamed of who he was and this is the result and then no HIV is not a punishment from '' God'', it's the result of your irresponsibility since Condoms and many other things exist to protect yourself from STDs. I'm glad the Pope helped him to accept himself even though it didn't work but anyway
  4. So I'm graduating tomorrow moo4 but I'm sad because my best friend isn't here 

    1. Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous

      Oh sis, I'm happy for you! hug1 

      I'm sure your BF will hear this! hug1 

      What's your degree btw?

    2. Princess Aurora

      It's Foreign Languages 

    3. H.O.N.E.Y

      Congrats sweety. I'm so proud of u, u did it! cry7


      As for the friend not being there, we are here to celebrate with u. aretha1 

  5. Princess Aurora


    She doesn't care about her career anymore and yes she had many missed chances but it happens
  6. Princess Aurora


    Don't get me started
  7. I wish Mattel made Drag Race Talking Barbies, Mine would probably say ''Did you stone those tights ?''

  8. Did you tell her you were gay at least? Anyway you should have sued her
  9. Oh that's sweet, my parents did the same to me like watching Totally Spies,Sailor Moon, so many cartoons and Disney Princess movies and playing with Barbies as well unless I shipped them with Ken or Action Man LOL but I never wore as Princess because I didn't like that, actually my mom and grandma made the Sorcerer's Apprentice Costume from Disney's Fantasia, I still own it even though it doesn't fit anymore it's still awesome and it's a shame you tore the costume your mom made for you and then as a child I never felt uncomfortable despite some people were making fun of me so I guess it's something it has to do with yourself and then Gender stereotypes are bullshit like you said.
  10. So I tracked a parcel for my best friend and we both found out it departed from Chicago last night but this morning was in Warsaw when it was supposed to be in London rip4rip4 I hope the tracking is wrong because If not I'm suing lmfao2 

    1. Princess Aurora

      Update : The parcel left the Warsaw Airport this morning moo1 

    2. ajp

      Warsaw could have been its entry point. moo1


    3. Princess Aurora

      @ajp I think so even though it sounded weird to me to be honest

  11. Princess Aurora

    I love this song but I can't compare them