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  1. I was watching videos like this 

    and Woah Leave Celebrities alone for once, it looks like they're the animals and she's the meat, I'd get a panic attack If I was in Selena's shoes

  2. Other

  3. I agree, that one and That's so Raven were awesome as well and I love how there's Raven's Home
  4. More like The Internet is flopping right now due to everyone using it
  5. Oh c'mon I love Miley as well but Honestly The Dead Petz Era was cringy only two songs are good from that album except the pink wig which was cute and Nobody can deny that and despite Hannah Montana was for a different target, the lyrics of those songs are outstanding so Hannah Montana 4Ever. The Bangerz Era wasn't bad except the cultural appropriation parts and the try hard things but the songs were great, Younger Now feels more natural and I loved it and that's the tea
  6. I agree tbh
  7. I like the second picture actually (the one with the black hat)
  8. She has better lyrics than Miley's, Fight me
  9. Baby One More Time Tik Tok Crazy In Love Just Dance
  10. Since you're all bringing old topics I decided to make a thread about one of my old idols I'll always keep close to my heart despite the character who portrayed her doesn't like her at all and was a trainwreck but I'll tell you the reason why I like her and is iconic : She was the first Disney Channel star to be really popular and widely accepted by the GP before turning into a mess She was huge way back in 2007/2008/2008, I remember YouTube was full of fan made videos about her and other Disney Channel stars especially her and I still miss that huge fan video community An Accidental LGBT Icon, despite the show being full of cheesy jokes, Hannah's story made me realize I must stay true to myself and accept myself for who I was and I was 15/16 The lyrics to the song, Although Miley sings about partying,twerking,wrecking balls and getting high, Hannah sings about life,friendship and finding yourself, I mean If this is not a metaphor to coming out or self-acceptance She taught me not to forget my roots and I remembered I used to hate everything where I come from Life is a climb but the view is great Work hard in order to get your dreams just like Disney movies What celeb culture and fame is like, sure not in a literal way Dating should pretty simple 11.Don't get ahead of yourself. 12. And Last I'd say Fashion tip, If you know what I mean So do you think she's iconic or not ? I really think so PS I know Younger Now was out and that one was a huge improvement but I've been feeling nostalgic lately so I hope you like this thread Sorry for the big images and gifs but I don't know how to crop them without being deleted
  11. The feels brit2  and these lyrics are still relatable today, Gosh I feel like crying fall9


    1. ajp

      Perhaps you should go to bed. It's past your bedtime... oprah14

    2. Princess Aurora

      I know, it's the nostalgia that keeps me awakw

  12. Almost over but not yet, Is it me or I still don't understand what kind of music is trending now ? because it's really confusing at the moment
  13. Streaming would have helped instead, maybe many of them switched style and the rise of Fake Indie culture/Tropical House ruined everything, I still need to figure out why many people listen to Soundcloud rappers I mean
  14. The main problem is Why isn't pop music like it used to be ten years ago ? What happened ?