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  1. Can I ask two questions ? 

    1. How do I get rid of BG and NHB Barrels access ?

    2. Can I use the Rep Longue as a way to post my videos or should I make a specific thread ? Thanks in advance moo1 

  2. Princess Aurora

    Well, the student has become the master
  3. Princess Aurora

    I agree. It was better than 2018 for sure
  4. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ ♥ I ♥ Want ♥ Choo ♥ Stupid ♥ Love ♥

  5. Princess Aurora


    Nice performance . I love the transition from Favorite Things to 7 Rings
  6. Princess Aurora


    It's called Talent
  7. Lana tailored her own dress, What a self-sufficient Queen


    1. Sharpay Evans

      Pls she bought a dress and took it in

  8. Yeah but it still looks pretty I really love how long gowns and sparkly dresses are becoming a thing in the latest years. Also the fact she tailored her own dress , A self-sufficient queen
  9. Princess Aurora

    Yes Lizzo, yes talent!
  10. My two faves in one picture. Also Demi's dress cry6


  11. Princess Aurora

    Honestly she's got taste She always impresses me with her dresses
  12. Princess Aurora

    Yes Ariana Yes Grammys! even though I'm glad Billie won
  13. Princess Aurora

    Web Series

    Good questions and yes, there are two Sabrinas and it's messed up She's the queen of Hell and now I'm wondering what the new season will look like
  14. Princess Aurora

    Okay, that's different then I thought they were similar