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  1. Is it normal I'm starting to hate Tumblr ? um2 

    1. Princess Aurora

      I mean, I love how creative some people are, the gifs but then the fandoms and some people who don't even know how to relate with people in real life ruin the whole mood of the site wendy4 I feel like it's not beautiful as it used to be years ago, it's full of people who are cringy or make me uncomfortable 

  2. The thing is that singers such as her and Taylor Swift render their voices better when it's acoustic but when they try to reach very high notes they're like
  3. Worldwide : Britney Gaga maybe in the USA but that's right after The Fame:Monster even though Born This Way and ARTPOP were pretty big in Europe
  4. Ashlee Simpson
  5. Well some of my faves have great voices see : (Rihanna improved her voice a lot)
  6. Well this is what I think : If you like country music, you're gonna love Dolly's version while If you like R&B/Soul Music, Whitney's version will be better for you. It's hard to tell because they rendered into two different genres where it's not easy to define which one is the best you know ?