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  1. Princess Aurora


    This Fighters let's unite
  2. Princess Aurora


    Dear Jessie
  3. Princess Aurora

    I haven't listened to that yet. Is that really bad ?
  4. I don't think it's gonna be updated since the whole project was canceled by his Administration
  5. Princess Aurora


    Khia was right
  6. This list is a mess Now Lil Wayne is endorsing Trump Not surprised since I remember what Khia said about him years ago
  7. Princess Aurora

    Music Video

    Cute video
  8. Her best Album along with Speak Now and Folklore
  9. Help rip2 Image

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    2. ajp

      That is actually fake. It was created by a guy who has a podcast in Los Angeles to get clicks. nicki4


    3. Princess Aurora

      I know @ajp but I still think it's hilarious rip2 

  10. Wow, What an Iconic Mash-Up clap3 The saxophone with Miley's vocals is everything