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  1. You know what ? I'd rather rescue myself than be rescued. A new me is coming FOTP

    1. Chris Morlock

      i thin kill like this new you demi1 

    2. Princess Aurora

      Yeah, I may have a Princess Personality but I'm turning into a Warrior Princess

  2. Oh yes. I want this to be a #1 single
  3. Starting to move on from you. It's happening OMG It feels amazing katy10 

  4. That sparkly dress though
  5. Princess Aurora

    Was that necessary? Anyway, F*ck U Betta is iconic.
  6. Princess Aurora


    State of Grace
  7. Princess Aurora

    I loved this song I screamed when I heard Kylie's voice
  8. Princess Aurora

    I'd like to see Rihanna shining this time after a long time tbh
  9. OMG Kim Petras just followed me on Twitter fall8 

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    2. Princess Aurora

      Good answer, Did they probably know I used her songs in my videos ? rip4 

    3. ajp

      Get a lawyer ny1


    4. Hylia

      Carly Rae Jepsen followed me back in 2012 and that’s the highest my social media game has ever peaked

  10. Me and my Seven Personalities at 3AM