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  1. Someone told me they wanna build Disneyland not far from where I live fall9

  2. It's true the album sounds like Avicii a bit but this joke was terrible but then you find out it's Legend Liam and then you're like
  3. Celeb News

    He was one of my favorite DJs
  4. Oh wow David LaChapelle liked one of my pics I posted on my Insta rip4 and Pierre et Gilles also followed my Insta, it's like a dream coming true fall9

  5. I like the fact she adopted the Surrealist visuals for the video and then the song is good
  6. Music Video

    I don't think this was a good idea, Never mix country and Latin together That was original though
  7. I'm glad Germany is spreading awareness about this delicate topic as usual and Trust me, people would sell their own soul to the devil for their benefits.
  8. This thread is so cringy
  9. I can't believe I like this song rip4