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  1. I don't know to be honest. Hero and Without You (I know it's a cover) are overplayed on Italian TV. Emotions became popular again thanks to Vine though. Always Be My Baby was sampled by Fifth Harmony, the rest though. Also, The David Morales Remix of Dreamlover was very popular at parties when I was a child (This was in 2002 just sayin')
  2. Princess Aurora

  3. Gays voting Republican or Conservative are turning me asexual brit15

    1. Chris Morlock

      you know you can be a gay asexual right brit15 

    2. Princess Aurora

      that's right moo1

  4. Princess Aurora

    2011 is back
  5. Meanwhile, you’ve found a way to interact with your fans in this very pure way -- on your Tumblr page. Tumblr is the last place on the internet where I feel like I can still make a joke because it feels small, like a neighborhood rather than an entire continent. We can kid around -- they literally drag me. It’s fun. That’s a real comfort zone for me. And just like anything else, I need breaks from it sometimes. But when I do participate in that space, it’s always in a very inside-joke, friend vibe. Sometimes, when I open Twitter, I get so overwhelmed that I just immediately close it. I haven’t had Twitter on my phone in a while because I don’t like to have too much news. Like, I follow politics, and that’s it. But I don’t like to follow who has broken up with who, or who wore an interesting pair of shoes. There’s only so much bandwidth my brain can really have. She's so right. This is why I use Tumblr more than any other social media.
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    I mean her last album was cute. Aristocracy is my favorite song from that album. X was a trip
  7. Princess Aurora

    I don't know. Is this album good?
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  9. Princess Aurora

    one of the best albums of the decade? Did you make this thread after smoking a blunt?
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    Celeb News

    So now what? Poppy won't exist anymore ?
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    Surrealism at its finest. We must stan