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  1. LGBT Anti-LGBT Ohio State Representative resigns after affair with male exposed

    Well there you go
  2. Remember when a basic no1curr British band blocked Britney & Madge from no.1?

    However, That's What I Go To School For was my favorite song by them It's so catchy
  3. Remember when a basic no1curr British band blocked Britney & Madge from no.1?

    I meant to say the opposite but anyway
  4. Remember when a basic no1curr British band blocked Britney & Madge from no.1?

    OMG The British Jonas Brothers I remember them
  5. Why did Christina disrespect Whitney like that?

  6. Discussion How is Reputation aging for you?

    Fine wine straight from italy!
  7. 2017 FOTP Faves Album Megarate

  8. Fighters, Remember this ? dead2 


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    2. *Starlight*

      I mean i like there more...modern feeling, you know? I mean she sounded phenomnal on songs like "You Lost Me", personally one of her top five ballads ever

    3. Princess Aurora

      Yes, I know what you mean and yes cry6 I agree with You Lost Me

  9. Photos Full "Unapologetic" photoshoot LEAKED!

    Some of them were in the booklet If I remember well
  10. “how’s school going?”


    “any boyfriends i should know about?”


    “aren’t you a little old for cartoons ?”


    “do you ever get off that phone of yours?? what do you have to be stressed about?? your generation is too sensitive. why did you do that to your hair?  when are you going to get a REAL job?????????“


  11. This scene is iconic, I aspire to be like Mandy tbh





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    2. *Starlight*

      Oh my gosh yes Amazing World of Gumball was my show, used to stay up late to watch it cry1

    3. Princess Aurora

      My brother and I always laugh when we watch it because it's so messed up ny1

    4. *Starlight*

      It is lmfao1 Probably my favorite CN show

  12. General News Germany might legalize weed under new government

    Screaming If it does, I don't smoke and never did btw