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  1. This video is kinda disappointing but it's cute
  2. Manifesting so the regime will destroy itself in a few months
  3. I know, right? My country literally simplified Fascism by simply saying ''Fascism is bad'' but not with all the details. Many Italians don't know about Italy's colonial past in Africa for example. Some Italians think that Mussolini invented retirements when it's not true. Unfortunately the Fascist Ghost is still here. Berlusconi brought it back to life a long time ago with his coalitions, this is why we got ''Fratelli d'Italia''. I'd call them ''Enemies of Italy'' actually
  4. That's because they portrayed him as a saviour. Italy kinda has this fetishization of a big strong man leading and I think it stayed in people's mind to this day. It's like in the UK colonialism or the US past. They portray a distorted reality of it.