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  1. I just found out you can get sued in my country for Blasmephy towards the Church ari9

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    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      @Darth Sidious Well, here on National TV they literally told some anonymous stories. For example, they said a few years ago someone was literally giving head under the Altar on Live TV on Easter Day. They tried to censor it but it was too late. Both stayed anonymous but it was so messed up honestly. Italy is such a hypocritical country. You'll find some LGBTQ+ Celebs even opposing their own rights. This is why I'm not involved with Italian society. It's stuck in the 70s compared to other Western European countries

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora


      Italy reacting to this:



      Jokes apart, here's what it actually says

      In Italy, under article 724 of the Penal Code, blasphemy in public is considered an "administrative offense" and punished with a fine ranging from €51 to €309. First introduced in 1930 under Mussolini, blasphemy was decriminalized as per art.57, d.lgs. n.507 of 30 December 1999. Following a ruling of the Corte Costituzionale in sentence n.440 of 18 October 1995, the law punishes only blasphemy against the "Deity".[75] Article 404 of the penal code also punishes public offenses to religion, and has been invoked against artists using religious imagery in satirical art.[76]

      At the end of July 2019, public blasphemy was also made illegal on the local level in the Italian town of Saonara, punishing alleged blasphemers with a fine of €400

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      @augustNo, God is a woman